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This Is a Dayton Ohio Press release just released 3-21-2012 - @ Dayton Daily News, Whio Tv, Springfield news sun -Whio talk radio and other news sources.

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Dayton , Ohio, United States of America ( January 17, 2012 -- Press release was made for future biographical information; that is to be included in Encyclopedia's and dictionary's.

News flash: regardless devon victory (no caps on name (TM.) has just released a new video across the internet in multiple spots.The highlight of this press release is to highlight and for now and future biographical information/reference's of this video being released - under the release of this video. The video can be found at

this link:

This press release is also to cover the vocal only audio called Life or Deaf by regardless devon victory At this link: -

once more this:press release was mad for future biographical information; that is to be included in Encyclopedia's and dictionary's somehow.

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Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Copy right 1-17-2012 By CO. Entertainment and Regardless Records L.L.C Dayton Ohio 45402

Another press release:


Dayton, Ohio, United States of America ( September 2, 2010 -- Victory regardless is a term that should be used to display reality feelings. The term is a published term with urban dictionary. The google index when used with the keyword: victory regardless comes back to atleast three million hits.

The term should be used in sentences and promoted online and offline. And where ever else possible.

You can use victory regardless with caps or no caps - caps to show stronger meaning; and also when showing that you may not always feel.

Example - They have ordered that the law is victory regardless of the situation and it needs helpful help.

Example - Some victory regardless situations are deadly. victory regardless in the craft of trust and society.

Example - I believe we have retched a victory regardless of the other people who are now deducted.

Example - Victory regardless before of - victory regardless before but -

use victory regardless without comma between victory and regardless.

Example - Use: The : right before victory regardless - and use : and : right before victory regardless

Use Victory Regardless with commas.

Example - Use words before and after Victory Regardless that acknowledges victory regardless as one word

Example - Use victory regardless with a quote mark before victory and quote marks after regardless : " victory regardless" in-between victory and regardless

Example -Use comma to separate the victory regardless term from victory and regardless

Words should be created with new artists and with well known artists. Also general public should get respect, it's there world too - shouts to Urban dic.