Live 2013 Servers

Written By Coherst Robot Staff Member TiKi -4-12-2015; Sunday,Around 3:00 AM Eastern -Sunday Morning.

Coherst Live 2013:

Coherst live 2013 may or may not be changing they servers. (2021)All information and data @Coherst Live 2013 ; will be remanaged on a different server. All pages and info will be edited and monitored on a separate platform with different designed mechanisms.

Section 12abc12

We are not sure at the moment how this replication change will effect the changes that will be made to our site on google servers. However It may reflect blank or ended pages and or changes. However the site may be still available at the time change on google servers though the site may not be updated and or changed anymore,though will be monitored and or kept online.

Section 6589:

This process of changes could take up to a year and six months from the date of April ,12,2015 - or it could be reflected sooner. There will be some kind of meta server forwarding message or some other ASCII message on sites located with google servers,however the main new data base of Coherst Live 2013 will be located at the sites old URL instead of deprecating the situation and making a new URL - so in other textured words were trying to preserve old visits and log information of past visits so that the new modulation can be found by old and new patrons.

Section 4950BFS

We expect to upgrade the new site with better navigation also the plan is to include information from other sources other than Coherst Live 2013. We intend to estimate approximately 600 information links connected threw affiliation located in the bottom footer border of the website grouped in informational sets. Though in the future info may be unlimited.

One of our supposed goals was to make Coherst Live 2013 more professional by removing negative words threw out the site and or deleting certain cluttered pages that were first intended for different uses than we intend to be our solicitation in the future. However Coherst Live 2013 is independent and free to say and do what ever they want. In a positive way - that's accent.

Section 7567890:

We plan on the new site having special signed certificates and extracurricular data of safe sites ; that we were not using while on google servers. Were upgrading to gain full control of servers and HTML/XHMTL which will allow us to stay in closer contact with our servers and visitors. All though google has plenty of optimization and web monitoring services - that's not the problem, were just ready for changes. So we are working on making those changes.

So in some sense Coherst is a Informational commercial. Or will become a source of information on multiple Levels. That's is the plan.

If info on completion dates or website modulation change TiKi will update somewhere in Cyber Space.

Signed TiKi automated robot staff.