Ligacrygist Reality..

Harry Devon Johnson is EIN Registered (Employer Identification number)

~Warning Don't read this info below if your soul and spirit is weak: be advised stop reading here if you're very sensitive:~

Parent and or parental advisory. We're not stupid we just have some insolent ways.

~Warning Don't read this info below if your, temperament, soul and spirit is weak: be advised stop reading here if you're very sensitive:~

Parent and or parental advisory.

Use Caution When Downloading/viewing These files,some files may be Defamation.

Protect Your Self Against hate/Negativity

Dayton Ohio Publish Author

Based ( Ligacrygist have been permanently took off of the internet,when it comes to myspace, but when it was up there was only celebrity's on the friend list 99%.)

This website contains certain graphical errors,missing letters and or words threw out the profile these,idiosyncrasies has been graphicalized to hide certain spell's and to protect changes;that was to graphic to be shown, but just removing letters and or words to keep my deep feelings toward the writing their for leaving it sacred.....

I’m a very high deity. I'm the most spiritually magnetic attraction in the world.

This is because I can always see in side the mind which can trigger strange feelings to the

ear - also strange feelings to the heart - try your hardest to look over slight pains

to the body or throat- even strep throat is a slight conception of my spiritual

magnetism - The holy spirit may keep these occurrences on certain people who runs

around telling people about slight heart or body feelings.

I’m very agnostic to people thinking I’m not the highest - celebrity's and other humans have been dying a lot lately, because their spirits are to un - pure--strange feelings also happens to humans by my spirit when they souls say negative things with in the spirit

world that they can not control...

This is when i make my decision on if i want them dead or not - if you believe in god ,you should believe in me at-least spiritually - because physically is where problems usually occur.

Love is mutual to me meaning I love all beings - I’m just a fucking ligacrygist.

A true ligacrygist of a certain aspect is

not in fear of anything also anything


No fear in nudity

No fear in homophobia

No fear in not excepting i make my own choices

No fear in believing in a higher power

No fear in lesbianism

No fear in insolence's

No fear in repentance

No fear in danger

No fear of forgetting about poverty

No fear of drugs

No fear of abortions

No fear of fornication

No fear of fortification

And i would now like to verify that I regardless Devon is one of these ligacrygist.