photos: 1Hear some of these songs on this list with the links above - song's are listed and are titled in the video: these are the albums they are from:


Visiong the mind and times changing an voice three disc C.D. not a musical discs.

1. Where should i be

2. Fealing i cant make it

3. When you think your lifes about to end

4. Ears popping and strange fealings

5. Believing in jesus

6. Terrified of skitsafrantic

7. Thinking to myself

8. What are my next goals

9. Before i trust myself agin

10. Havent i not started problems

11. People believe and here to much

12. Am i a god

13. Hearing voices messing with me

14. Traped within my inter spirit

15. Over the justice and pride

16. The past present and the future

17. To see and test my strength

18. If i could tell im dead or breathing

19. Why is this

20. I'm changing i swear


disc 2 tracks


21.i come to ask for forgiveness

22.taking controll over my life

23.what would you ?

24.can i see into my future?

25.when its time too change

26.ready to die dont need more

27.sexualy molested

28.forget about what ever you need close to g#d but so not needed

30.asking to die but not to live

31.20 degrees representater award winner i need to make kids?

33.why do you wanna have s=x?

34.cant this be

35.give me a second to hold on

36.crib deaf

37.unusal not too trust your word the portal

39.didint know i would care



disc 3 tracks


41.possible navigation purpose

42.registering my soul to an devil

43.kinda funny realizing the truth grandmother b.c.

45.definition to my heart

46.i get holler

47.young popular and wrighting novels

48.just befor i open my eyes

49.give a little time and trust

50.gohst of the night time

51.when ever my heart stop would never understand

53.did i need my life are a few things close many times i tried

57.questioning my actions and fealings

58.remember the good times

59.just dont see

60.potions of the album


imfamacy club and ambisextrous double cd

album 2/disc 1 tracks



2.i wouldint believe my eyes

3.why you keep looking at me

4.voice mail serenge afther the house

6.stay away black and mild

8.testin my anger become less considerate

10.slow days


12.i feal one to care

14.turn this up

15.who is this

16.backing me up

17.better days

18.blast of the past the radio

20.i know im dead


disc 2 tracks

-------------------------------------------------------- ho==cide de=f


23.looking at my d==k

24.check out desk

25.god and the devil together

26.seem to be all i need


28.holler back soon as i get home

30.woe your so grown

31.let me touch it

32.ill still yo girl

33.wrap me up like a fuc==ng present more shame

35.undress last drank

37.oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! hard

39.touch me



album 3 track list

analitics profficency and glistics


1.innatness lycopodium indifrences



4.flaawless post millennialisim

5.suceptibility,sistrality,and melcholy

6.prolepsis,megohmmeter,and human sociobiology


8.paroxysm,dna,or pathology

9.tropotaxis harminous

10.domesticate influency


album 4

s.l.f.or just a .f

r&b album track list


1.job's females bankaccounts

2.if i ever didint know you crazy next dialogue

5.comeing to think of it

6.lasting forever love or friendship

8.what i thought i could have to reality or fiction

10.dont let me catch you

11.just a f.

12.before i ever have to dream

13.child development center

14.w--d dranks and food


16.intro to now what what

18.back to yo p walls

bouns track

19. do your mother know

--------------------------------------------------------album 5

the crimes and trials of life double cd

disc 1 track list


1.demand on the market nasal sydrome

3.patching society

4.afther the poetry award show

5.endeavor globe stop house party

7.question mark on yo brain

8.was the game

9.please lie to me set boundry

11.if i had game


13.charged with hellish

14.back to my forcast the one

16.know this man


disc 2 tracks

-------------------------------------------------------- sorry for this

18.just to think of pain

19.please let my body die

20.girl im sorry

21.when will i learn

22.serving as royal into the spirits

24.voodoo god and nothing

25.please lie to me

26.problem with my family not law this realy happening

28.charged with murder my

30.i love you

31.give into yourself

32.the last 1


album 6.

the passion the heat the strength-things you cant touch here or see 20 volumes

volume 1


1.the never

2.better off jacking i dont care

4.out of time



7.kill the shadow

8.suffocating brittany

9.opt out

10.shut up the mamouth




volume 2 the passion the heat the strength (album 7)

-------------------------------------------------------- gone play the game

2.yet to guess your name

3.back of my mind

4.let me have u

5.give me something

6.other than my body

7.great pu==y


9.forget the next


11.playing you



volume 3 the passion the heat the strenght (album 8)


1.almost drunk

2.infered heat seeker

3.better than s=x

4.cant see me

5.begging thoughts

6.rode race

7.forget purpose

8.look great


10.problem with my self

11.stop we go agin


volume 4 the passion the heat the strength (album 9)



3.quit making music

4.i feal u

5.never agin i seeing

7.make me know

8.literal scandal

9.please live right

10.come on

11.fealing me



volume 5 the passion the heat the strength (album 10)


1.printed pages unlimited

2.time sections and paths

3.deliverence trust conpiracy


5.brave or not


7.stoping agin

8.watching my self

9.suffocating brittany 2

10.never trust you never know



volume 6 the passion the heat the strength (album 11)


1.over the mind wall

2.take me hunger

3.staying with pets

4.freaking me


6.never guess me

7.stop the press





album 12

another episode of the strange man 4 disc cd

disc 1 tracks

-------------------------------------------------------- got another thing comming

2.i better not find out

3.young and tender

4.forever or never

5.gums hauls and paste comming threw

7.better than hateing

8.tell them to go

9.where im from

10.under my address ni==as dirty

12.paid when i was paid

13.take my body


15.take off them dr=ws

16.look like you

17.better off at bed

18.possible render to justice

19.your in trouble

20.we and them


disc 2 another episode of the strange man


21.welcome to trust real

23.did i mess up

24.tolerate the game

25.cant stop me mine

27.if u new me

28.i better pay

29.hold the f==k on

30.another phenomenal

31.early in the mourn

32.get your money

33.under the mike flaawless we trust

35.count myself

36.dis charge

37.mission of faith

38.going with the moment

39.take this strength

40.unlimited tracks


disc 3-another episode of the strange man


41.hay fever

42.bells ringing

43.dont really have time

44.give me some


46.give it a try

47.another reason to respect

48.doing the next best thing

49.veronica & amy

50.never trust the game

51.kill my neighbor

52.45678 and contasha


55.under pressure not sure

57.rape my pu==y

58.ending my dream

59.give your all the days go on and on


disc 4- another episode of the strange man


61.never ending story

62.i swear i will do it

63.busy doing you

64.comming afther the club


66.quill the facts as f==k

68.forget the press

69.xm sirius

70.plug into 1 more

71.erie and the beast

72.lake n dabber

73.pause for the moment

74.better to play around

75.bold and the forcefull we go agin

77.feal my sex=al words to do it

79.soon enough

80.bout my dollars


album 13-touching my soul

track list


1.ill be allright tommorow

2.better tell them to quit

3.passages of gravity with my a=s whole

5.the best for the rest

6.turn off the mind

7.publishing brokerage accounts and calculus

8.hollering at my dude

9.reader than yellow

10.opposite positive attractions

11.verbs yater and yeast

12.most dezze ni==as hust talk

13.i aint never met a h=e ni==a

14.i dont have too count money where are you taking me

16.100 watts or higher

--------------------------------- ---------------------- album 14

flaawless recoding and products crew compilation-its on

double c.d.


pasion and candy


internet access


ashley smith

sexy and nasty

disc 1



2.stop mark and check shopping mask weed smokeing and passing out

5.dranks of pious

6.unctrolable substance

7.this is not a game

8.made from scratch

9.10 deadly things forgiving

10.making that pu==y pop

11.paranoid perpial and cancer

12.flaawless rec

13.straight from the hood

14.if i wasint that thang


16.bastard a=s


disc 2-flaawless recording and products crew compilation

-------------------------------------------------------- compaq and sony phase of crist

19.taking a shower smoking bud

20.ok im ready

21.all paid

22.pu==y d==k

23.part two

24.staying crisp

25.before i ever have to dream h=e

26.midwest that you see s==t

28.i better be the next hoe to get fu==ed

29.are you ready or not

30.look at that for now

31.library catalogue


album 15 - flaawless osn (old school name)

track list



2.cant stay the same

3.flaawless chronicles cant see me you might guess

6.personfication charecteristic and general the mutha$%#ckin chain me at fifith

9.teeth lying

10.flip me

11.rolling that chicken heads

13.what would you do

14.for i forget

15.interlude at white house

16.i just hate

17 welcome to the fifith chapter


19.teeth lying part 2

20.we out


Productions by Flaawless

Pasion and candy-Bet you wonder who we are

Philosophical-Ponunciation glistics and french

Internet Acess-Liable to cause a virus

Triolgy-solo album

Ashley Smith-I allways new what i wanted...

Sexy & Nasty- Halph naked halph dressed

Everything below this line was posted in 2003/2004


Uncyclopedia of Harry Devon Johnson: posted online in 2003/2004

Harry devon Johnson - b.k.a flaawless aka regardless devon victory (read this full)

>>> (dialouge excerpts to the three CD visioning the mine and times changing is real...)....


>>>The new era of the industry when flaawless's book about the mind, the

>>>world and life status takes over. The book that is as good as the bible


>>>as real as the world, things

>>>You should know feal and respect that man by! the book will direct to the

>>>physical mental

>>>Divinitional and prosperity, the new thing's you've never heard, the new

>>>feeling's you've

>>>Never had, getting down right into, the new days of this world and


>>>the flaawless

>>>Millennium. the most en-def precise on exactly how why and when dreams


>>>And not just having one, flaawless knowing more

>>>Eternally mentally thing's normally stated than some. Prosody shall

>>>preserve flaawless is an high school graduate graduated

>>>>From an home school professional career development center, he has



>>>I also have plans of putting my face on money and stateing "in flaawless


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