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Title:Human Sex education and Health Video (risque) Is a video about the body and body parts - however the video doesn't display which body part is which and use arrows and education caption to point to each body part with screen pauses and talking - former video name was Prime Meet - Now education meets the dark...

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Dayton Ohio Publish Author

Regardless paints his nails black to be antihuman - also to show disrespect to ignorance - and to show anger and "thugness" to the world. In the nature of reality - antihuman is about being a sole individual - one person can only ruin your life - the true source to flaawless'ness is being as one with no conflicts. Regardless Paints his nails clear because of the look - though he explains that black nail's is really deeper. It's more in the gloss - all bull shit aside - he likes black nails to leave people in wonder or hatred against him. - meaning any "spokin" words or feelings toward his nails - . means it's a form of amazement. Google Keyword: Fuck God

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