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Subject: We want to publish your memoirs

Dear author:

Have you considered writing your autobiography? You are an established author. We want to publish the story about your life.

We are offering you a contract for your memoirs.

You may already have included personal material in your previous book. That's normal and natural, many authors do this. What it says, among many other things, is that you have a colorful personal history to draw from. It's a history you'll want to preserve for future generations. Books carry that legacy far into the future.

We understand that the book is not yet written. Once we have the contract taken care of, you have up to 180 days to write it; that's six months.

Contact me at, mention this code: Autobio, and I will see to it that one of our Acquisitions Editors will contact you right away to get this going.

We are looking forward to publishing your autobiography!

PublishAmerica Acquisitions Department.

--Bryan Winfrey