Devon's Life

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Devons Life The story: ( Some Story Ethics May Be Derived Only For Entertainment.) ( Things of misspelling nature are done on purpose, for A specific Reasons)

Devon met Amber Johnson. The year 0f 1999 Devon got Amber pregnant when she was 13 going on 14 Devon was 16 - Their Child Is Name Sherrie Johnson She is 13. 5-27-2012: Sherrie lives in Australia with Her mom. Devon Say's - They separated, but they still love each other and kick it sometimes. The water is dark and the thoughts are humid.

“ Lets legistrate what the fuck it’s going to be; people coming together for shit, also the scope of every thing completed in the world. I think about that next level of urgency, and that prospect is where I commence my logics. That’s a fucking gift to some pussy touches that can’t wait to take and destroy a niggas life. It is what the fuck it is.

So you fess up to your people about shit you did, some get found out.” Said draft. I could fuck everything up and turn into a snitch, but what if that’s not how I want to live my life. “ So fuck the rules and the morals, I specifically request, to not get fucked over! I don’t do this with my mouth, I expect people to know that, they shouldn’t fuck over one.” Said Keisha.

The comfortable government inside of me breaking down the promiscuous agenda, now that every move is still waiting for that breath of life, they’ll take my fucking life, I doubt that and I doubt that I’m going to sit around worried with the backwards, reserves. All I can tell is the source of the propelled comfort looking for my bitch ass, assign'd in the streets, trying to see in a biography of my life, fuck that, Said drill ; I’m on a whole nother level.

That level needs respect, trust, and that level, that level marvels at the marvel x man comics, it marvels at the new Nike shoes. It products and reproducts the larceny in the profitable range. It blocks the negative capsules and the ridged fucked up bridge, the muthafuckas wasn’t going to do shit them -fuck - ass bitches in the world and the industry. Said Cormen

Cormen has been threw a lot of shit we talked to him about his problems and trials and he was pretty fed up with arguing. Draft was fed up with larceny – drill was a white man and had been involved with kidnapping.

I’m about to decide what’s right, and what’s not right, but that flight might go fucking air born - U.p. - fucking - s. logistics come and get me, and ship my bitch ass away, that’s probably the next phase of the reality will I live or die also, I might should think further to the contrasted belief of the dwell of permit, would I see the fucking source kicking my fucking door down a-gin, calling me pussy, and revaluation that come come give me more. They’re jeopardizing my life and I don’t like that.

I thought that the worlds laws was the way - top - go, in reality it still might could be, but I’m just trying to see the stipulation from a bitches mind, or a child’s mind, then I’ll probably bind , and then when I find myself in life, I’ll change. Now – a –days I think that people are setting there self up for death, putting there self in backwards position they’re asking to be crucified, I think that I know why, but do they know why?

I’m at a - battles - for my life, because my people hanging with all the wrong people, that would probably be my recollection and now that, the game changes, these are the same people who feel that they didn’t put they self in a backwards condition.

Its kind’ve just like happens or some shit, I bet that I don’t wont the un-even, course, but when the muthafucking game switches up, who have to hitch the histrionic? The everglades are creeping and watching for the next sucker, to look up- and then fuck up, the bucks up, they happy that they got they new slut, the door shut, some muthafuckas wondering what is up.

I look in the other room I’m like. “Keisha, Keisha, quit playing, let me in.” She was all on some hideous, hidden shit, and then I said. “bitch I know what you in there doing with my daughter.” “She said fuck you Devon it’s over, what ever the fuck we had, that shit ain't cool.” I almost smacked the bitch threw the door, but she didn’t tell me it was some sucker fae ass nigga on other side of the door with a gun to her head, forcing her to be on bull shit. I said. “Keisha I’m sorry about all that shit that we been threw you mid – as- well forget.”

That’s when I herd a gun shot and then it was silent my girl Keisha got murdered, niggas was telling me like “Regardless Devon you got to find out who killed Keisha.” I was so salty I was a muthafucking baked potato;at the "halph" way house, I was never going to make it where I needed to be. But that half shit was platonic.

I was thinking to myself what if this ever happened in my life; Keisha was who the fuck I needed. When the gun went off I went to the back door which was opened, but nobody was there, the gun was gone and Keisha dead ass was on the floor.

All I can say is that’s some fucked up shit to go threw in life, so they want to take my fresh breeze or one of my love ones fresh breeze, I aught not be the real nigga I am and continue to live. I’m the next elevated choice and this is the compromised epilogue, and the sine grave is the fucking pressure that is right at my nasty freaky black ass. But I can ricochet the fucking air. My nigga ken said “agh you know them miggas, I was having a problem with them niggas deserve to get paid back. I’m not bull shiting- , I want to kill them.” Said ken. I was feeling to myself like damn, agh so this nigga wants to get me involved in going to get this nigga and kill.

Another deep phase in which some people go threw, so they were under cover and that municipal game. I had to make a decision as Devon to decide if I wanted to help ken. I sat there and listened to him I was weighing the whole situation, like fuck these muthafuckas, kill all these crusty muthafuckas, then off your self. That’s how fucked up, life can make some people feel, I feel for them, and now that the game is the grenade, that waits to puncture the fucking wound’s, of the cursed, verse that’s the reality of the focus, and that’s the real deal and I can stand up and be somebody else but, them winds, are there and faint and faithful, so the genetic logic is about the rendezvous of the frantic thurst, and that precious air could be token the fuck away.

I started this first chapter off about life because that’s what I have a life. The evolution files, are real, they will be, filed, out to only what humans go threw in there reality life, with out a fucking book, only the exact real shit that goes on in life when it’s really happened.

The overrated texture of the " devionous" that contrition could not be what changed sin, or what the fuck am I saying? I don’t know, but I will find out what the reality is and how it will be filtered.

I was at the park with my daughter April, she was like “daddy Devon.” she called me that shit because I was her step daddy, so we was off at Ireland park in Dayton Ohio, she was 11, and she was all fronting like, keep worrying about where her mom was, and shit like that. Like I killed the bitch or something. Don’t get me wrong me and April was cool as fuck, I just couldn’t understand her. So I tried to rekindle her trust I said. “You know your momma is at work, so why the fuck you keep crying.” “April said some shit like I’m sorry daddy Devon ,I just have been having dreams about my momma dying and shit, I just feel kind’ve funny. I was sitting there listing to her like she must feel she grown cussing and shit, but I’m a trill so I over looked that.

But I told her. “don’t you worry about your mom, she handles her self in a excellent fucking way, maybe god was just trying to tell you something, some shit like make you and your mommas relationship better for she die.” She said. “Devon just shut up she’s not going to die what the fuck would you say that for.”

I replied ‘that’s not what I’m saying I’m just keeping your mom number one, and you should be keeping your mom amber number one.

I was on some other shit but muthafuckas in this world do experience shit, which can make them have feelings, rather its reality or not, rather it’s what’s going on or not. Like that shit that happen between me and April. People goes threw things in life some shit is deeper than other shit and others have to live or not live around this other shit. The evolution is the possibilities of these parasites or should I say us parasites. I’m thinking that life is going good. It’s a lot of shit going on in the world. Events,rape,robbery,larceny,homicide,petty theft, gold digging trumpery, player hating united trumpery, child abduction, kid napping, arguments, dramas, violence , I revolve around all this and I don’t mean that I have to go threw this to revolve around this, I mean that this is my universe and shit goes on, and I could get caught in that bullshit web at any time, and that’s the

choices they choose and that’s the - worse- way to be. I could, just bargain that close so precious, but what if life doesn’t permit me to go threw the harsh reality's.

This is about the dread and the non dread it is the water that is quercetin,and that covered platter, is there for the taking , it’s fucked up and it’s also not fucked up.This is why the monocle is there, the double monocle, I rate the same muthafuckas that rate me, because I’m meaning humans. In this deficit game the receipt might not be the, right "receipt" but I can understand the fucking air, I‘ll probably be close to that fainting prospects, but I’d bust back quick they’d be like, he don’t have what it take to be a man. Fuck that quit patronizing me for I patronize these got damn slugs in your ass.

I would honestly not trade my life in for anything, except maybe the after life, I’m ready, on my own be-halph, to trade that shit in right now, I’m accepting it as good not bad.Shawnna was asking me like. “Devon do you want to go shopping, I need to go get some new shit.” “I was like naw Shawnna fuck that, I don’t feel like going, you mid-as-well take the car and go by your self.” Shawnna was like.

“See there your fucking ass go, always not ready or trying to do something; why don’t you start thinking about us and quit being pressed on your self.” I was so salty. We were sitting in Shawnnas apartment in Northland apartments in the city of Dayton the state of Ohio. I was like why don’t you take you’re ass to the greens mall in Beavercreek Ohio, and quit fucking with me.” I wasn’t even mad, it was just she wanted the belt to spank her ass, and I was not sure, if I wanted to spank the bitch, but she was like. “Yea nigga, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, I’m gone go to the greens, and a long the way I’m going to get me some new black dick.” I looked at her and kind’ve just shook my head, as I played the video game; playstation, and then she went out the door.

See this is another phase in life some muthafuckas needing more time, wanting that special new dick, and that elevation, is the next braze. I think that I don’t just want one sex partner I like to explorer and I like it young. I’m trying to see where my head is at in life, but the "omnificent" focused is catapulted, in to my fucking heart and then fucking changed in. I believe that the evolution files are murder, grief and deaf, it’s also happiness, joy and felicity. I could let that part-focal but the muthafucking joke might be on me, once a fucking gin **** Once a fucking choice ****once a fucking option****once a fucking goal****once a fucking moment****once a fucking virgin****once a fucking gin.

This is the realm of the deciduous air raft, that wants that demonic feeling, that roster is in the possible section for the affection, the protection, the retrospection, I don’t need what’s hurting me – the *effection, my recollection, moving toward intersections, for that good 'perfections, of my own fucking detections.

I am not willing to take to much bullshit, being done toward me in life, I’m sorry but this shit is not going into my fucking personnel evolution, so fuck the belief, that they’re sending threw retribution. I’m not about to move into the "plutonic" files unless I decide, I’m actually about to remove the segments that are not clear to me. There is a "hundread" subjects in this book, each subject having five pages.

One hundread time‘s five is five hundread pages plus, the thirty page’s revolving around the content’s.Ok life is still the giving option, if making kids, and if not deciding, to make kids, and that, register better have the exact amount I wont, or I’m robbing that shit, I’m about that dollar, and if not so fucking what, you ain’t me, live your life. And to you fucks creating kids and thinking I asked you to**** fuck you and them, yeas that’s harsh, yea yea,yea –I – bet –it – Fucking is .

Now life is really about more than being fucked up, so let me face that….. I’m just culprit to the ways, that the laws creates ==== you got to have a cousin, you got to have a niece, you got to have a mother, you got to have a father, you got to have a uncle, you got to have this, you got to have that. I’m talking about the shit that some fucking***fucking not caring muthafucking created.

They could have at least asked me what did I wont in the world, or school me to what was there before I came into the world, can I make a fucking got damn fucking decisions, before god molest me a-gin, and then also send me to hell

I’m going too face this; everything that I’ve done and excepted, I’m not asking for forgiveness, of sins I‘ve committed, I’m not looking for god to ask me as Devon to look toward him for forgiveness. He should be asking me for forgiveness for all the heart attacks, strokes,Parkinson, and all other diseases and belief of negativity and violence, now that the real shit is filtered I’ll change.

Ok let’s just be cool with each other to something, or we can keep destroying our life, our strides. And now that the passion is mandatory, and that the frenetic are the compel, that, will be the Society’s. The palisades is the over rated piece, that I will soon hide, it’ll be the air that wants to show me what, new hands, break it down in a way that,it is the next elevated passage, that is increased threw the portcullis, and that the port ship and the brave Endeavour ,will fucking blast your bitch ass’s away, if your bitch ass is that sentimental, that probably left you scared. I don’t exactly get sentimental, if it was a direct statement or writing toward my name, god better pray, that I don’t be around these frolics in life cause, if it was needed I’d take somebody’s life for this exact shit, and I don’t care why.

Any way, I’m about to let this gravity be the real passes and that this is the leverage of the ways of the world, and I honestly have the wing worm inside of my pussy pathetic body, and that the rare casualty is the rare, better be fucking rare, and I don’t mean medium rare, like meat, I fucking mean not usual, or common or some shit.

So it’s about the levels of life. I could contrast the reality facts. And then a-gin I could get into something not so reality and maybe rated P.G.13 not so insolent, but advised parental guidance for ages 13 and older ****XG meaning**** xplicit and general at the same time. XG meaning; where porno movies get x, and where family movies and what not gets general. Who ever wants to get into this kind’ve of reading... will be why it’s rated XG. Now that I can feel that I have the real loose, knot in side of me, I’ll break free from god’s bondage, which probably means I’ll be dead. Let’s come on in. Just take a seat. Just come on in.

Melissa was cool we worked at Burger King in Huber heights Ohio together she was like training me, I got a job there on some like secret shopper shit, where you go to a business and check up on them and shit and then write logs and send the logs, to the head *ceo’s and shit," of the chains and shit. Well, any way, we were working here, Melissa was like showing me how to make a sandwich, and shit like that. I was like getting her name and shit like that, just too really be cool and shit like that.

I asked her did, she have a man and she said no and shit like that. ,Any way, Melissa showed me everything she needed then she left. I was like going around questioning asking people, shit about her and just making normal chit chat, and that’s when * multiple people was telling me about her x boyfriend which just happened to work there, but they all, was like making sure, the boyfriend was in the past meaning, they broke up. I was like. “ok, I was like that’s cool.” so, any way, I finished my day up went and got some beer and shit, any way, the next day I got to work, my mystery working job, I like to call it.

I was looking for Melissa I just had a bone to pick with her, I made up a decent story and told Melissa, some shit like, “why the fuck did you lie to me and say that you didn’t have a boyfriend, I said every body keep telling me about him”…Melissa replied angry and agitated like. “Ohh get away from me, your not my boyfriend, we're not even dating!” That’s right when she was going into the freezer at Burger King right "afther" she said that.

I walked off smiling thinking like damn, I just fucked her head up, by telling her that she was a liar ,when she just didn’t even lie to me in reality, any way, she told the manger, I don’t know if this was strictly hate or not she; could ‘ve just told the manger. ‘any way, the manger set me down and was like can you not harass Melissa, I was feeling like this weak ass bitch Melissa, but naw I see her game, any way, later we was cool a-gin then I like quit the mystery job.

But, any way, this shit in life haves many obstacles and foundations, this shit can get you or it might not can get you...The evolution files is about the fucking world, I’t’s about shit that’s possible for us humans to go threw. I know we don’t go threw the same shit, I’m basically basing this on the fact that each human is not me, so its not exactly the same…so if you sacrifice you make sacrifices,this is the real world and the real shit, that we have to go threw, and the propagation is there, but will it be excepted into the greatest portions of thine heart and body? Will it be there or not? we’ll fucking find out, or we’ll already fucking know, and now that the crime cold addictions, this legitimate game is the way I chose to go to the store grocer or conventional, drive threw, or you bitching hoe.

I think that if I was At The movies, I want it right, unless I was the reason, shit was fucked up right, now that, I can kill the fetus of thoughts, I’d watch the news and see all types of crimes that are being committed, but are there, but are not there, I can believe in the next chapter which is the chapter called sex, exploring sexual dignity and shit like that. Now as I get to the summing up of this chapter called life. I hope that success overwhelms nonsense. I hope that higher over rates lower, I believe in the world going and going lasting and lasting. What will it be, when the logics concludes the, even game.

Will niggas and bitches keep killing each*other?

Will I ever forgive myself for what I lived and believed in?

Will I succeed and make a profit for myself?

Will I keep succeeding and respect the ways of the world?

Will I kill a pussy bitch ass mutherfucker?

Will I start going pussy in front of my, people? (Hell no)

Will I become or stay wise – in the evolution files of my life…

mghmm, mghmm where do I start. I think that sex is a remarkable thing, but I think that sex confuses god and that he can be what I’m not, I don’t know what the fuck, that got’s to do with me being made in the image of god, but I do believe it is excellent and he is excellent and sex is excellent. I can easily believe in the retrospect of shit, before I would exchange, and go with some bull shit. But I didn’t really understand my anatomy for a while, so the reality, you pussy muthafuckas is mad about, is some bisexual shit, which is where I can do what the fuck I wont in reality, and which is where, you can stay away or get killed, for fucking with me. Now the measures of the freak in me is really deep, I’m a freak and I know that. I *can't coun't * how many sexual things,that have happened to me, on five peoples hands, that’s 50 fingers that’s including thumbs. I think that every one like having sex ,or either they are to young to understand. But some younger ones starts to enjoy sex earlier, they are evaporated into the fucking reality of gods freaky nasty ass, he put that vagina and buttocks their for the sexual feeling of him feeling this.

The next measures are about to have me getting, at another bitch, and now that the game is not necessarily a game, it will be there, now let me see why. why would I want to rape? That’s right, I fucking wouldn’t. But shit happens and that can be the freaked up bull shit that,could be the worst ways. These muthafuckas better enjoy, what they feel and got, and now that they can play another, one of there friends and play a game with they, pussys, tittys, vagina. But this is worser than I expected, if the drought on pussy is that real. So the united could make me think about changing and settling down,I feel that I ‘ve settled down multiple times, but I refuse to be in a real relationship, but in the ending, I’ll find out if the verse’s of the world and now tell me why these muthafuckas ain't shit to me, this is fucking with me.

And I bet I will cultivate in my own happy moment and tell the reality of the made man laws, I could not be mad at myself. It’s useless to me to use sex for nothing, there’s no such thing as sex for nothing, what the fuck is busting a nut, what the fuck is pleasure, now that the yield could end up being in the frequency of the globe profits, how unaware am I of my own stability, is it a curse or some how reality and now that the graphs, and now that the air masses, are not to be reduced, the fucking sex is better. That's me worrying about,why I’m sedated, to a re’addiction. But in reality I’m seeing the levels on scales of violence and the hate in me really just wants me to think about love. The success is the blank move, in the now in ,nature that could be in the harvest of my cold condition, I’d probably fucking look up at the sky a-gin and fill happy, but disrespect the earth. Let me get some pussy and ass that's real great I can remember the first time I felt ass at ten…When I was 14 and other person 10 -

I’ve always like ass and that it was what, I’m about be aware of, this is the now in reactions of my nature, I could see the real excellent immoral, she would except me, if I respected her, so would a nigga, and now that muthafuckas body could be out of control. I like the way some girls got it petite and still be cashing out hot on physical habits. I like the way I trust myself around females and niggas. But in my heart I can't necessitate the evolution that I was thinking about, the realm and the grams, are in the portable, and that portable, could bring marriage.

but what if I only wanted sex, what if I only wanted complex, what if I only wanted, suppress, what if I only wanted, friendships. It’s depending on the laws and rails which I would choose. I think that I can be what ever the sex make me believe I am ,that four play is just another aspect that can get me to that next level how is that next level bad, it’s bad if you make it bad, it’s bad if you want it bad. Let me get in side, you and make, you feel good, don’t be afraid, that’s what I wouldn’t mind; every one in the world feeling sexual toward me, but I think they’re all scared, but I’m not, of any kind of sex, age, retribution, trust, looks, beliefs, or any thing else, that’s why I said that, they are scared of me, not me being scared of them..I would love to take into the account that the pieces of ( s) ceman are just doing there job, if they had to suppose into somebody’s home with a temerarious belief.

I could contract the inside sage and spice that fucking trinity into that advection, the convection ,will, probably be in my mind, to be what I like and wanted and then ,I’d be in that fallacy, in the malice of conception, using love as my confession. Is it in me to be a solid match? or a solid piece of bull shit. what the fuck do I care, I’m aware of the freaking deaf of that killer pussys, I don’t want the ref or the supplement. I can see the version of my Gnostic grieve, but it’s all apart of what I wanted ,I guess ,I mean sex, I mean, like, that, it was created. I rebellion the facts of drums that could be the in active charge, that got me in a solid car pass move of feelings, that grave of see flower weed, could break me into that covert, un cover that just hopes too vanquish my body.

The invisible anguish that makes me yield at the prospect, and take camera * flashes of the gentility. Now that the free danger is in the proper winds that are in the**that are in the** fucking in the** fields of the fucking, give me a break, quit making me read this shit! I ‘m now in that forest that has planted me in that whole, into that blanket of reality. I’ve been staying away from sex to me, like I know some people in the world do. But I have had great masturbation times, and now that the re-live in my conquest. will I protest further or will I be inside the empty bottle, I guess that I’m not in reality, and that yalls reality, yall might have thought that, your reality was my reality, and that I was taking a tour of your thoughts, telling me some bulls shit, but all I wanted was sex. This is now the area of the belt I felt it only in my mind only for that partial time that I’d respect my sleeve for that even part of sleeting into that venomous, and that creep is the red rum, and that cold blast, got my ass into some shit that wasn’t real.

Now in these phases of what I believe and respects. The Nile river amid, that steps out of my fucking boundaries, and yes I guess, I have enjoyed younger people coming on to me, and then sticking my dick in these nine and ten year olds. While I was a kid - And that’s why I’m a G.S.I vet and I’m mailing that note to god and the world.** And now you can be mad, because of the way, the world has taught, your piece of ceman ass** I’m not about to play god's game on welfare, and I’m not about to play god's game on social security, and I’m also not going to play my on game on this shit neither.

I’m not all the way uncomfortable, with the reality, I’m just not trying to keep peeing thoughts out there, about god or the word god,in a negative manner any more, that's that!!…now you can elevate the paretic conceive, that could be the reticule or the pesticide, lets not be so up tight, or so be it. But that, I could understand, that fraction of belief and now that I can, be-rate the other sources ,that’s *a * given, to love and respect.

Let me interject the focus...

Amber was all on me trying to give me some play, and I was in my right mind, not to mind. She asked me like. “Devon don’t you want to fuck me and quit just looking at this body,I know you won’t this shit.”She said. "I was like damn girl, I ain't got any time for this, I got to like go handle some shit but I’ll fuck you later.” She was like. " nigga, what I need, I need that shit right now, and that’s what the fuck it got to be."

As she was rubbing on my body and shit. The next phase will be the probable sex mode, for all I know, somebody would’ve jumped on that chance already. I left Amber and I was riding down the street, I got tired of that bitch, leaning in my car, so I was ridding and shit, and then I felt like I had to piss. Now I was closer and closer to McDonalds and I wanted to use, they restroom. So I parked my Lincoln four door, slick shit, and went in the bathroom,all I know is soon as I got in there I wanted to masturbate,and it was such a great orgasms that I was, just like damn, this shit was good. So 'any way' I cleaned my self up and shit, and then I hit my cell phone up. I was calling this girl named Erica, she lived in the view in Dayton Ohio, she new I had shit when I come threw, I came threw right, hot vehicles and hot clothes. So I go over in the muthfucka, they like having a house party and shit, muthafuckas but ass naked , some in they panty’s, muthafuckas on the living room couch, masturbating and shit.

I was like." damn Erica, I didn’t know yall got down like this." She was like. " nigga this that shit, and we the shit. we always get down like this." Now Erica didn’t have as much as me, but you could consider this bitch a baller…music was so loud and protrusion. I was like just thinking about bondage, and all types of shit. I think that I was hallucinating, because I seen somebody pissing on one. So Erica grabbed me she was like, pulling up my shirt and shit she said. "Are you ready?" I told the bitch.

“Hell yea.” But I was not sure if I was really ready. So Amber said some shit, like. "are you uncomfortable." as she whispered in my ear, and was moving me, toward the bed room. This bitch was thick as fuck, I was wondering was I going to drown or some shit. So we get up stairs and she, sucking my dick, I’m just sitting back mesmerized ,listening to, System Of A Down , she looked at me weird, when I popped the c.d. in while she was sucking my dick,shited I like rock, what the fuck did she expect. 'Any way' I was so high and comfortable in this muthafucka, every thing was so *sexualy right.* Next thing I know some dude, I did not know, came in whose name was Alex; I was like just looking at the doorway,like what the fuck.

Alex said." yall got any room for one more." before I could say anything, Alex was over there sucking her pussy, while she suck my dick, it felt great as ever in this threesome,then Alex stopped eating her, afther a while. He said. "now I wanna suck his dick."

I thought about stopping him, but it seam like everything was cool, with Erica, she didn’t mind, so I like let him suck my dick, until I came in his mouth. Alex said. "do you wanna fuck me." Erica was like don’t be afraid regardless, Just go ahead and fuck that nigga, nobody is going to know. so I fucked him... that was when I realized I really loved sex. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking having sex with man, but that was logic. And it was also the last time I kicked in Dayton Ohio with Erica or Alex ,that was even fucking logic…

'any way' on another day, I was out profiling the streets, for a nice new young bitch, so I decided to go to place where I new it would be easy to talk to a young female, with out a problem coming up, so I went to Dayton Ohio main public library in Dayton Dayton,I was peeping the scope and shit, like I know this is going to be easy, to pedophile into or what not. So I’m off up in there, like sitting at a desk, this bitch walked by, she looked at me, with sexiness in her eyes, like she wanted my fucking, dick to rise.

She disappeared in-between bookshelves and shit, I got up and was looking for her and shit. I was just going to approach her, I was going to just watch for a second. 'Any way' I ending up going back and sit down, she ended up coming back over and then she sat next to me, I was like.

"what's up" she said. "what's up" I was like nothing much. She said some shit like. "so what was you looking at me for, when I was walking past, I was kind of like exasperated I was feeling to my self like, she was the one scoping me, so I said. "How old are you?" she said ." 16." I was like. " I’m 24." She was like." oh and I like older men and I got a cousin who is fourteen who is fuckinng already to.

My thoughts gasped like-- damn!!!!!!!!, I was feeling like mghmm, is this normal or common or am I really raping these pieces of semen. 'any way' I said what**" it’s like that, so you just the type of young girl that, just puts your self in these position. I said. "I can honestly get into you."

But I was really on blowing, cause I did not feel I could handle these bitches, taking em shopping and shit ,being there for them and shit, that’s just like some shit you do when you cool. The evolution of come on’s and shit, is way deeper than just one situation. The prospects of this shit is reality. That last girl named, Octavia she was that shit on looks, and everything but, there's a time when you do things, and theres a time not to do shit. This how ever was the wrong time.

I rejuvenate this chapter and I think that I should "mghmmm" make it a way for me to change, something that was there but then hidden. I was watching in the levels, of the source of the ever afther affair ,they was all idiotic and jubilant, but I was honestly, about to watch my ass, and don’t get blasted, so you and me are cool, but that’s not always reality. so I worshiped sex, and I expected sex to never hurt me, I did not want a reason to be the bad morals.

The fucking thunder came so suffice, from the window, I was like can this pendulum, be the covered ** and that I can just rate a fucker in the world, but it’s more to life than sex, or is it ? Shited sometimes I may be feeling so freaky that that is all I need in life, and that’s not the wrong amazing, but I think that it is the good amazing.

So I was just like surfing the internet in the line of some new product, when I peeped an invitation in my e-mail from instant cast, which is an online company that places people in movies and shit. I could not figure out that I wanted be in a movie or a reality show for all, I knew. But I was really looking for something international, not U.S.A. and independent.

Tyler Briggs a casting specialist over at instant cast, sent me a invitation letter , and they was trying get me to audition for multiple shows, movies like, Tyler Perry's color girls x- men : first class, a reality TV show called, friends on face book, Queen Latifahs comedy, called cheaters,Stephenie Meyers the host, hosting my own show on the Oprah network, mean girls two, and scream 4 with Nev Campbell. 'Any way' I was not for it, but I was most def in the ending going, with porn movies, and that plench.

so we could easily say some muthafuckas is on that other shit, some wont, I think that sex is a remarkable thing, even if its, pissing teens and or scat pornography. If someone is that freaky and willing point, fucking blank, I’m in…

So where ever your freak level is, is higher to you or average to who you be around. The next magnificent capsule is right around the fucking corner; I could see it so peculiar it was that fresh breeze that had me ready for the world... I rode with my ear phone on ,god smack, then I changed the station, to pearl jam, and I was just listing.

So I wanted and had time to think about what my future would hold, and I also though about how I wanted to be around other people, so the stratification left me with writing entertainment, and I was like ok, bet, that’s what I’ll do, until I find my self in another sex act, that I so fucking needed very, very bad. I was the rejoice for myself, but it was mental demons** so there knocking *** on my door *** trying to fuck with me in my stability.

Ok so this is about the summing up of chapter two and then moving on to chapter three, and you know what time it is.. so I cherished, and I’ve not cherished, I felt reality and I didn't feel reality, I trusted and I also not rusted, I played and I also not played, I fucked and I also not fucked, I joked and I also not joked, I had Fun and not had fun.

I was honestly – am - about to blank out, but then I came to my:::


summing up of chapter two and then moving on chapter three, and you know what time it is..

So here we go a-gin, exploring the manifestations of the way’s some people can be and the way, others people can be.We concluded the facts that some people rage king of a fucking fetish, they make them fucking choices and get’s in peoples minds and have them except that shit. This is not what it’s all about, but being righteous to me, is about standing for something and being, some one too the fuckers you’re around. It’s my new wish.

So I was off in Pickaway correction facility in Orient Ohio, I was like sitting on a bunk bed in my dorm, I was watching the door, something normal to a level of when I can see on my own surroundings,muthafuckas in the correction, never fucked with me, they was all alright, I mean, every person in every dorm I was in, unless it was the fact that I did something to them. , Any way, I was just sitting on my bed, and I seen like two niggas come in.

The first thing I realized was like, they not in this bay, something is up, because they had laws, Id’s and shit, which states exactly where you was supposed to be and if you got caught slipping, you’d be in trouble, but that’s an understatement to, because it’s not illegal to go to other bays. ,Any way, the two, that came in was talking to, one of my people who lived in the bay with me, I was looking, at a glance sitting from my bed listing to music. ,Any way, my dude came over and he said. “agh krazy k” every body called me Krazy k, in there afther another one of my niggas ,said I reminded him of krazy k, from the movie tales from the hood,that nigga trend that name quick as fuck, everybody jumped on it.

,Any way, he came over, he was like “ agh, krazy k come here for a second, somebody wants to holler at you.” So I hoped off of the,top bunk,and went over to the dude,that he pointed out to me,me and the dude started, walking toward the bathroom,I was like what’s up, he started coaching me to quiet down by holding one of his finger up to his mouth..Then we moved on into the bathroom, the nigga said. “ah what’s up with your Bunkie, is he straight, is he cool.” I told the nigga, like. “ he alright.” he was like. “naw is he cool, because we want to rob,that niggas box and we just making sure it’s cool.” I paused for like a few second then I was like. “fuck it go ahead, I don’t give no fuck.” “ so it’s cool.” and I said. “yea.” we broke up…

Now I stayed away from my bed for a minute and surfed the area or what not, now it was 59 mandatory people that lived in this bay, I was just watching. They waited for a minute,then they soon went over to the box. These muthafuckas was so trill that they had a master key, that could open up ever lock box, in the whole Entire facility.

So they put all my Bunkie’s shit, in a see threw, net bag, and bounced. Afther they left, I went back to my bed, and started listening to music . Then I waited for my Bunkie to come. When he came I was on, the top bunk, like damn, I wanted to say his shit was gone already ,to him, but I forgot I was not suppose to know,so usually, when my Bunkie comes ,that’s the first thing he’s going to do check into his box,so he opens the boxed, it’s like I could just see his whole feelings drop, while I semi looked down, he looked up, and he was like. “they stole my shit, they robbed my box.” I just said. “damn that’s fucked up.” Then I kind’ve just started listening to music,then my Bunkie tapped my arm, and said, “ they got your radio too.” I was like. “ok fuck it.”

I let him use one of my radios, because he didn’t have one at the time.. then next thing I know, some of the head in-mates in the bay broke a cardboard box out that was shaped like a business card, that said business commissary recover services,so they said to my bunkie don’t worry we gone get all your shit back.

So the niggas who talked to me about the still, got what they wanted and my Bunkie ended up getting all his shit back, threw commissary,That’s some righteous shit.

Now let me go into this, it was this one white dude named S), that's what i'll call him - he came to my bay and shit and it was the first time,that I saw him in the facility or met him. We did a what up gesture. ‘any way’ one night I was sitting up in my bunk bed, I was hearing voices and shit, the spirit was talking about having sex with the dude named S ,shited I told the spirit,I don’t want to have sex with him, the spirit kept going, I was like ok fuck it, I’m get at this dude sexually, on some gay shit and then I’m going to beat his ass.

‘Any way’ he was laying down in his bed, below me,I sat down on my box, and which was right by S bed,under our bed . ‘any way’ I’m sitting there attempting to rub on S, legs, but and arms,he felt so warm.

I herd the spirit. But I was in my right mind, I was just acting as if I was not. I just had to show the spirit something. ,Any way, I touched on him sexually, for about an hour, off and on.

He woke up one of them times and said can you please not touch me, while I’m sleep; I immediately got up and decided to get in my bad and felt a sleep. Believe it or not, this is word by word and exactly what happened on everything wrote. ,Any way, I wake up the next day, I was in the bed, I remembered what I told the spirits about S. So I decided to right him a note ,the note said, I want to fuck you and ,I want to suck your dick, do you like me. yes or no, and it was signed with the signature Devon….

The first time I seen Seth, that day,I was not in the bay, then when I came to the bay, I saw him that first time that day. So I was like, feeling like damn, did he see the letter under his pillow. ,any way, I got on my top bunk, and was sitting with my feet hanging off the bed Seth came over and stood on my box,he was now like kind’ve the height I was,by standing on the box,while I was sitting on the bad.

He said. “did you right this.” I like took it out of his hand, I already new what it was, but I was kind’ve like, stuck. He was still there, just looking at me. Then he said. “did you right it or not.” I paused for another second, and then I said. “yea I wrote the shit.”

Seth stated. “well I ain't with that gay shit, but all I could, remember was my spiritual plan that nobody new, then he bounced off, we wasn’t talking, but the next night when the lights went out. I was sitting on my box again,in the same way that I had, when I first started touching on him sexually, except last time, he had his back facing me, this time, his face was facing me, but he seamed asleep. So ,any way, I’m sitting there listen to this poem I was writing ; everything I wrote hallucinated in my mind and at the same time, I was like playing, as if I was casting a spell on him - I kept writing and speaking in the sprit,on voodoo shit, I could not see Seths, spirit at the time.

Then I set the pad down,right then I saw Seth, grabbing on his penise and playing with it,I was like damn it must be fucking time for part two of my spiritual game, so he pulled his dick out, and I sucked it. So he busted a nut in my mouth, I was done! afther he came, and then I got in the bed and went to sleep, it was slick, I did not even have to talk to him. Three weeks passed with me and Seth not talking or anything,but he was there every night,sometimes off and on he would stop and ask me what the fuck you looking at – afther we did not speak foe a-while and then he would sit down.

He was doing that shit because I was not talking to him, and he was scared to tell about that littles sex shit cause he did not want to be known gay unless the fag was sucking his dick I guess. ,any way, one more week passed , I was laying in my bed and Seth came over to me and whispered shit in my ear like. “you fucking fag ,ass, bitch, Fuck, Nigga, you,pussy,nigga,fuck.I ain’t with that gay shit…

I’m like damn, I already sucked his fucking dick,and was throwing myself, off my own fucking ,gay boundaries and besides I was not talking to him four like five weeks. Because I had the spiritual plan to get him involved in some shit against his will, even if he had done nothing wrong to me. some how, believe it or not.

I fell right into sleep afther he said, this whispering comment. The room was so calm, and god would not let me get out of that bed, I was laying in when he whispered this to do any thing to the man. The last thing I remember, was him sitting down afther he spoke this, so when I woke up the next morning, afther about 6 A.M.

I felt, Seth moving, then I seen him walking off with his towel, going to get in the shower,right then I removed myself from my bed and walked behind him and started throwing on him,when he didn’t know, but he knew when I attacked him.

So I fought the white boy,for some reason, he never threw, one blow, so I pieced him up about 30, or 35 times estimate, i dont count shit like this, then he lost his balance and fell, and when he fell, I went over there and layed on him, like it was a wrestling match.

I just layed on him, I didn’t hit him or stomp him or nothing. Then two niggas was like break that shit break that shit up, they told each other in ":aggreance," then the both of them grabed me off of seth - each dude had one of my arms, pulling from the ground, moving me off of top of Seth. They was trying to like keep the peace and stop violence.

Afther that I went straight to my bed, and set on top of the muthafucka,with my back toward the way I had just came from, that’s when I seen a black leather belt come out of the sky, soon as I seen it in the air, I was already off the bed, then next thing I know I was just piecing him up a-gin another twenty times or what-not, a-gin he wasn’t throwing.

,any way, some time afther this, a minute or two, somebody asked me.” was I alright.” soon as I hit Seth, the last time, I went straight to sit down, I was breathing kind’ve heavy. I think god set me up to breathe wrong, cause it was not shit to me,just a little some-tin. I was like. “yea I’m cool.” So any way, Seth got a black eye, that he had to carry around with him for a while.

Some people made believe that the belt was a lock – matter fact I wish it fucking was.

About three hours later, Seth was below me he tapped, my leg which was hanging off the bunk - bed, he said. “come here.” I got down. he moved a paper off his bed and said. “sit down.” so I sat down. he was like. “I’m sorry about what happened me and you shouldn’t be fighting, I want you to forgive me.”

I kind’ve like nodded my head. But i was not really trying to care, he probably seen that in me. Now two months pass with me and Seth still Bunkie’s, afther the fight, with no talking, hold on lets say a month in a halph first, then afther that I’ll add the other months. Seth told me.

"you know that somebody is writing letters and sending them to the psychic ward and are trying to get people set up.” I looked over Seth cause he made no sense to me, so the next day I was at my bed, Seth was gone and five cops came, the first thing they said was. “pack up your shit.” “I was like for what, what the fuck I dO” the C.O.’s where acting all un-talkative.

They just wanted me to get my shit,so I ended up getting everything

,I owned in that bay,and took this shit, and went with these C.O.’s they get me up to the psychologist, and they showed me a kite; a kite is used to prison staff to, attention for what ever you need. So they showed me a kite with my prison number,name and bay,number and they told me, I wrote this shit,talking about blowing the building up ,killing people, beating asses, selling drugs, all types of shit. The doctor asked me like. “did you write this.”

I said. “ hell naw I didn’t right this shit.” then she said, “well have you been having any problems.” “ I was like naw.” She then said. “any fights.” I was like naw.” Then she said,afther she questioned me a little longer. “well I think that you did write this note, so I’m putting, you on suicide watch, I had to get but ass naked ,I was naked for like two hours ,then a different doctor came and talked to me and asked me a bunch of mental health questions .

I gave the answers and the doctor said .“I’m going to tell them that you’re alright to go back to the general population, I ended up going to the same bed,that I was at before this bullshit occurred, I just got my shit and decided to go back to the exact same bed. They didn’t tell me a new bed and I was not giving a fuck, if something changed during that hole time; or if they gave my shit away, so I did not check.But every thing worked out alright, it was for me.

,any way, I get all my shit back there, and i seen Seth he was like what happend - I was feeling like he knew what the fuck happened, but I was not mad I just figured seth was trying to get me away from him,cause he was scared of me being by him. I told him what had happened, now this is where the other two months pass afther that, I was talking about earlier…….Story subject to be finished…

Chapter 4 enemy plaza:

I know what it is all of my enemy's wanna get a gun and kill me because they scared of what I’m going to do to them. they’re scared of reality and that focus can and probably will get some one killed. I could just let every part me be pussy and go for some sucker shit but in reality I’m not - the real pussy nigga you just wanna step too and not kill, because the problem will get real graphic and I want deaf and I am the most high god in this world - I can cuss - I can not cuss it’s in reality what you believe not what I believe. On the real I’m just about to see the justice and that is the worst way for you to be, to your self I’m guessing.

In some books available For Sale In Some Books: Poem Below;


Written by Harry Devon Johnson

October 4th 2010

20 lines

Mars and October are going with never table

Clothes bed - love – watch bread get a – likes, take in

Room for water, plots ego conditions

Entries become percent seventy, rules contest

In the back of my mind scalp skin

Clear field into the wood canvas,place,door

Combine fluid in leaked,unleaked maneuvers

Cost love, embossed comfort – move words

Caught promo – join focus – good monocle

As I do the source the source is done

As I see into the pace the source is done

As I see into comfort the source is done

Love and trust comes; plus. The source is done

Fun,tun,run,tumble – get some. The source is done

Plague some how good should stood the source is done

Broken into rich fantasies the ameture is done

Bust - I’m busted - locked never lock bridges

Burned justice, into good laws, pause cause just

Open room even more

Antonyms love synonyms even metaphors