Corporations needs :

First off - a lot of sells when selling books and Cd's come from ; Major/Independent,Business Company's. That's why rich people have best Seller already on they books is because they have had all Business's and such buy they books & Music and other products ahead of time; to some instances.

Once upon a time a Large Flyer Invitation was sent To Harry Devon; Which told him how sells work and how the strong possibility's are if it's not done. Which is Radio TV & Internet Report: ^^^^ Another educational reference is at online stores like Amazon & Such You have to pay to get reviews, or reviews won't come in this educational Algorithm.

That's also including paying for book reviews/quotes about a book being good. Also no book sells according to the industry education that if you don't have a publicist then you mid-as-well hang up your written career.

The Front:

This message is too all book sellers; Any one who owns a company;Buy books from Regardless Devon Victory and give em away free. That's what

alot main stream rich people do. Have Sony,Warner brothers, buy they music. That's why Columbia House

and BMG was so popular :12 CDs or tapes for 99 cent. And they would mail all tapes and or CDs with out

the human having to pay. That's cause all physical stores and some online buy the books full,they never

really supposed to return the product. Once the store owners pay they pay. Just like grocery's, all food and

everything in those stores are paid for. Meaning regardless if the product has been sold or not the sellers get paid. And the pantrys get what ever did not sell in the stores. Rather its about expiration on food dates.

Or just having a large order extra; pantry it is. id=1424865105&sr=8-2&pi=SL75&keywords=regardless+devon+victoryMP