Invisible Services

Coherst Live 2013 - Invisible Services: all services are for adults 18 and over. View our Policy/Privacy statement

1. Friendship & Life services

2. Relationship Counseling, with Harry Devon Johnson counseling you. (Adults only solo/groups)

3. Coherst Live 2013; crisis hotline- talk to Harry Devon and others about problems in your life. (adults only solo/groups) 18 or Older

4.Coherst Live 2013 Book clubs: read books together and enjoy each others companionship (groups)

5. Hypnosis talks, and spiritual conversation

6. Movie time services : spend time watching and discussing movies. Intellectual services

7. Companion services: Go out eating and talking and relaxing in public with Harry Devon Johnson and others

8. Coherst exercise services: Harry Devon Johnson the instructor. And Others

10. Dance class eu·ryth·mics taught by Harry Devon Johnson & Others

11. Adult modifications Services

12. Educational classes taught by Harry Devon Johnson & Others : psychology, parapsychology,English, Reading, General Practice, Website Development

13. Coherst Live 2013: Change world and or dream world services: learn how to live forever.

14. Weather watch and sky study services

15. Police Radar watch services: watch over crime and discuss educational measures to help the universe

16. Online self research services

17. Shopping and Eating services groups going out to eat together and doing other things together