Life Time Achievements And Sets

Harry Devon Johnson have accomplished many things threw-out his life. His obsessions is success. He consist of success. Every since school days & more. These titles below is a list of trophy's and awards in Harry Devon Johnson's Name - based on his world wide life accomplishments: These awards and trophys are in the hundreds. Everything on this page has trophy's and certificates to each theme and genre.

School Attended Trophy's And Certificates -

100's of Trophy's & certificates all together, some that represent the fact that Harry Devon Johnson, has accomplished registering to go to each school & that he

is successful in these life endeavors. And Many, Many Many Others.

1. Penn Foster school

2. Sinclair Community College ( Dayton, Ohio)

3. Ashworth College/High School ( Atlanta Georgia)

4. Patterson Career Center/Campus (Co-Op)

5. Ruskin Japanese Magnet School

6. Stivers School : For The Arts ( Dayton , Ohio) Dp District

7. Residence Park ( Trotwood Ohio) TM District

8. Olive Hill School

9. Hocking College ( Orient Ohio)


Certificates, Awards And Trophys

1.Harry Devon Johnson Has worked, Street Safety patrol during his school years and lifetime. That is a popular aspect and a intelligent person that makes it to this kind of success during school. Wearing a orange belt, that went two inches width diagonal across the chest and connection 2 inches width at the bottom to go around the waist. With multiple earned bages/stars/awards. Behavioral science in helping and protecting humans get from destination to destination safely.

Stop traffic to allow student to cross the street, and give directions. A trust from the adult social community with-in the school.

2. Harry Devon Johnson was the leader and head of school flag raising; Thats daily taking the United states of America flag down from a large pole at the end of the school day. And also putting the flag up on the pole at the begging of school morning. On a daily basis, Which was a American school ritual. Harry Devon received this job threw one of his school principles.

Hobby's paid/non-paid hobby's - That Harry Devon Johnson - Has accomplished.

1. Making Music - Hundreds of writings and beats

2. Drawing - he has hundreds of written drawings

3. Writing - He has lots of blogs, articles,books, shorty story, descriptions. He's been writing since 2000 - a 13 year veteran as of 2013

4. Painting - He has understood & mastered painting internal property's, and external property's.

5. Flooring - He has laid floor tiles threw out his life.

6. Cutting Grass - He has accomplished cutting grass in multiple ways.

7. Concrete Laying - He Has had experience mixing and pouring concrete for sidewalks and driveways.

8. Brick Laying - Mixing mortar then applying bricks to a foundation and building to it.

10. Making Kool Aid

11. Making Paper Mache

12. Tops - having the actually item on the front cover of the rolling paper's called spinning tops & using it. You hold it in your hand it's Red, Yellow And blew - you hold it with both hands, turn it with your hands fast; then drop it to the floor and it spins simultaneously.

13. Using Metal Jacks toys :

14. Spades

15. Casino


17. A French & Italian Album with no dubbing - - no processed machine changing English to the other language and physically being spoke with Harry Devon Johnson Natural mouth.