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This Award is the third Award from this area - in 2015 awarded September 30'th 2015 Received October 6'th 2015: For Sound & Video recording Services.

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Famous: implies little more than the fact of being,sometimes briefly - widely and or popularly known. Renowned: implies more glory and acclamation. Celebrated: implies notice and attention esp. Being in print. Noted: suggest well deserved public attention. Notorious: means and or frequently adds to famous on implication of questionableness or evil. Distinguished: implies even greater prominence for outstanding equality or character.

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Devon Victory - Just Released June 2013. @ AmaAmazon

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Harry Devon Johnson

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This Is Brief billing Note's Of Coherst Live 2013 Energy Usage In Dayton, Ohio - @ at least two of their registered address.

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Old address from 2007

Coherst Development l.l.c (Government Agency)..............................

211 South Main Street (owners office)

Government Rep. Harry D. Johnson/regardless devon phone # 1-840-(coherst)

New address for 2011and 2012 :

Coherst Coherst Live L.L.C 1-800-COHERST (by phone abc's)

117 South Main street: The Reibold Building

P.O. Box 2643778 ( coherst by phone abc's)

Dayton Ohio : 45422

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Fire Heat Coherst Development Income,2003 Income 50,000

Pre Approved Cash Card - Unlimted Cash Advances/ Unlimtted Cash adding


Pre Approved : Business Credit Card in 2004 : 100,357 Dollars

Representative over 55,000,000 - 2003 & 2004 Census

Commercial Business online Name in 2003: wwww.flaawlesspimpitok.tk

Commercial Business Company name online in 2003: Fire Heat Coherst

Devolopment L.L.C

Coherst Coherst Live Holds 8 million Dollars in Contingent Millions

Fire Heat Coherst Devolpment Changed Too Coherst Coherst Live in 2008

Harry Devon Johnson: Invited to tour USA White House In 2003

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Coherst Coherst Live Impression Rate as of 2013 is 50,000,000

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Dec 2012: Mobile Campaign Impressions: 4,777

Oct 2012: Impressions 121,378 total cost for 121,378 Impressions 30.02

Oct 2012: Mobile Campaign Impressions: 52,862

Sep 2012: Impressions 189,156 Total Cost Of 189,156 : Total Cost Of Impressions 25.9

Sep 2012: Mobile Campaign Impressions: 75,016

Aug 2012: Impressions 150,281 Total cost of Impressions: $24.02

Aug 2012: Mobile Campaign Impressions:32,969

Jul 2012: Impressions:164,064 impressions Based On Top Per text ad

Jul 2012: Impressions: 170,394

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