Live 13 * Rules to life *

Coherst Live 2013: Rules To Life

1. In order to become rich and famous you must stay on the internet daily entering contest and such. You must make business contacts and stay informed of industry laws. Go to public places;travel - Start from 16-18 or anytime before those years.

2. You should always check your rear view mirrors when driving often. Especially at each intersection/& each block (when speeding) Most people gets Speeding tickets by not paying attention to their surrounding while driving. Always pay attention when crossing intersection for authority's and such when moving.

3. Too be finacial secure at 18, Skip 1000 -5000 dollar credit cards and get higher loan credit cards and get cash loans @ 50,000 or more. And or get Pre-approved credit cards and or loans with no credit. Most people in credit card debt doesn't have any verification of ever having at least 50'000 dollars one solid time in they life from 16-25. You can't get pre approved for 50'000 dollar plus Credit Cards unless you have connections. Once in debt,its over,except maybe filing for bankruptcy. Teachers and Entertainment industry people knows how to get you Pre-approved threw regular and business banks for Credit cards & loans.

4. You should always pay'attention to your surroundings;when you walk in bathrooms and other rooms,public and not public. Briefly check trash cans sinks,floors and stalls always be careful and safe is the best way to go.

5. When walking up and down the streets: Live 2013 believes you should stay aware of your surroundings. If you are walking in a area that you are not to sure about;stick with a scenic route. If you come to a area and there is a large group of people outside;the best thing to do is go in the other direction. Always remember Postal Workers are cops,Trash Men Are cops,Delivery drivers are cops,School *Bus'S * are cops. Most any vehicle with a logo is a cop. And you're always safer at these times. IF you ever feel unsafe walking and someone is after you. You should try to knock on any nearest doors,or get to a nearest building.

6. In Anthropology,when humans first wake up they should brush there teeth. Also they should take a,wash up,a shower,or a bath. Coherst 2013 teaches to take showers over baths;to wash the dirt off of your body;rather than sitting in a bathtub to have the dirt stay on your body. Showers means simultaneously having water run over your body each time you wash. Baths means sitting in filth that you've just washed off your body ; even if you can't see the filt. But soaking in baths with Epsom salt and such is good.

7. A proper etiquette' to taking showers is:using at-least three rags. Preferably color rags,for easy remembering; of which one is used for the face only; which one is used for the body only; and which one is used for the genital's. The face rag should have no chemicals "onit" because the face is very sensitive to bumps and other facial flaws. Some soaps are better for the face than others; though water alone has many natural elements that can keep your face healthy. You should not wanna use the same rag that you use on your buttocks or other genitals, with the same one used for your face. If you ever see bumps on your face,you may should just leave it alone, cause this agitation could break your face out sincerely. Though it maybe safe to use just a little Vaseline or lotion because bumps naturally. Come and naturally disappears.

🎧 I'VE BEEN doing this since the internet was first released to

the general public. Like, sort of, the year 1996. Though

the internet was in the making for a long while. (making

web pages) that was going on in the industry before the

internet was released. 🎥 I have a lot of industry

connections,if i ever needed.📺 Wikipedia has a long;ratio of internet creation dates and about how the net was created. I myself have entered a lot of contest.

The year 2000 - i had a lot of writing on yahoo and

google. THOUGH, I was freelancing when i was in

high school. In reality i was a positive guy. Though a lot of

my music writing REFLECTS ; like a hard side to me. Im down

to earth🎬 and away from earth... I'm very *mythological.* I have read and learned alot. " I'm self educated;and i'm very

proud of that fact."Θ_Θ That and the fact that i've read a 4'000

page finacial book, all the way threw, in one week.Θ_Θ Only

stopping to eat breakfast,lunch,and dinner and too take

showers. AND i also have read a '500plus' page Private

Investigator book.😈 ALL of my definitions i have written has, 1000 plus up and downs on certain websites (not urban

dictionary) I WAS an editor with Urban Dictionary in 2008.😝

Actually;i'm pretty popular at urban dictionary. My name

in search engines reaches CELEBRITY gratitude. 🚻There is

info about me SCATTERED all over the internet. At 2 many

websites; Under alot of different keywords and for DIFFERENT reasons. I respect myself. The word regardless is

just sometimes used so inconspicuous; my name is

*regardless* - but so is some other people. Google keyword:

Regardless Music - Proves that. 🚥 I believe in success - no

matter what, i'm successfull no matter what; any body

feels. ™💸 If you read this; THANKS. If not * then * how * could you be reading this now. Oh yea : view my Social Community

you can find it at the official *regardless* site: Coherst Live