Air in music corrections

We love Internet Archive. But will expand to digital distribution fuller later too more websites and online companys. We coming. You can help but keep waiting. But no hate against any of you. But you can help Coherst Live 2013 - by giving donations. We cool. But the donations are to make sure your not the only ones that know about Coherst Live 2013 @ and Regardless Devon Victory. Thanks to ever one who been reading on us and or catching our name on search engines and or at least just seeing our name at companys and or hearing our name in songs and or on multiple websites - even if you did not realize it was about us in the begging. Thanks.....THANKS too THE PLANTE EARTH RULES... And BEING MADE OUT OF seman and SHIT ---YO UNDERSTAND being actually a human beingCALLED CEMAN: Being mad out of sperm.... the earth rules. THE EARTH RULES -- RULES.......... YES IT RULES....... IT FUCKING RULES.... YES IT RULES.

3-30-2015 - statement:

Use generators/plug-ins - like dehissing too remove air from Regardless Devon victory songs. Put the whole track or video in the upload section of the generator and play with the settings until the air is gone and the music is crisp. The rest of the engineer was already perfect. DEHISSING TAKES THE AIR - I DID THIS AND IT WORKS. IF IT DON'T WORK USE A DIFFERENT DEHISSING GENERATOR. BY A DIFFERENT GENRES company. WHICH EVER:FL STUDIO GENERATORS USE THESE KINDS. ALOT OF THESE GENERATORS WORK WITH DIFFERENT MUSIC MAKING SOFTWARE. ALSO USE EQ ON REGARDLESS TRACKS AND SONGS. REMEMBER REGARDLESS DOWNLOADS VIDEOS AND SONGS ARE DESIGNED TO AUTOMATICALLY TAKE THE AIR AFTER BRIEF HEARING ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES AND EAR PHONE SETTINGS - if the air was there to ears. Sometimes it wont be there. BUT BIG SPEAKERS SHOW AIR FULL the way we engineered. But be aware our technical skills understand mastering music to the full industry crispness in great sound. SO USE MOBILE HOOKED UP TO BIG speakers OR EAR PHONES AND BANG REGARDLESS. Some internet laws on engineering state that if a human don't realize it the music sound different on different devices (based on the way they mix and engineer...) ... and ear phones and if a human that engineer do not know that they sound engineering is not gone sound the exact same on all devices So its not professional. We know all ways at Coherst Live 2013.