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Harry Devon states:

Have you ever been afraid of what would happen if you die. In these days and times that is unpredictable. We have to trust once life is homogeneous it is and always will be. Did you know that if you die that your dead body can be frozen for a certain amount of time and then you being brung back to life* - This can happen threw Alcor and other company's also threw cryobiology. Did you know that its also possible to donate a living body to science for scientific study's like being a lab mice? Did you know that most people only believe in dreams when they go to sleep at night? So they miss that they are dreaming on a 24/7 basis? (don't ask your self these questions.) Did you know that if you was living your life on a normal day and then you accidentally was shot or murdered in a public place - That it would be possible to wake back up in the last bed that you were sleeping in and then keep living normal to you and your surroundings - but be dead; have obituaries and never feel your dead** - (Now how does it feel to never worry about deaf & not worrying about health; cause your a healthy living citizen with no health problems - We would hope not.) Signed : Coherst World Medical Section Incorp.

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