World Poetry Movement

World Poetry Movement Is releasing : ( since this first posting; book has been released)

Thanks To World Poetry Movement: For Giving me A free copy of this book;how's that for a scam.LOL (Thanks World Poetry Movement)

Yall People need to realize when a company like World Poetry Movement is not a scam - all rich people got to pay for they awards and reviews posted on they books - and everything else they got.

I have read enough scam's in the world - because they just don't understand whats good. They have to pay for they on hotels, clothes and food - remember advances are not free money;so yall scam writers must be missing. You should want to pay for your own plaques and awards - how do you plan on waiting on other people - when if you paid for a certain amount of things in life - you have payed for your awards - alot of awards that come for free are scams - cause they are only dependent on if the person giving the award have something - and dosen't focus on the person who needs to handel they business alone - in order to be successful; you have to have a certain amount of money - and just not be a bum.( always asking for things)

So far: if yall want royalty's, and yall saying some company s don't pay you royalty's ( they are only trying to make you more notable in your life and get you fame) then it's something you need to do to get royalty's - travel a-lot - go to major city's- go to clubs that's owned by rappers - realize when you watching movies that them places are somewhere in the world and any one can go there. Realize that each store you see a celebrity @ - for instances is still there. Realize that you can go to any television,magazine company or radio station and fill out an application to try to work. ( get real people on your scams in general)

Star's in Our heart - Scheduled for release April 2012 - Harry Devon Johnson is in this book. I love being creative, and i love amateur contest's, though I have Multiple book's published - which is supposed to be what people are waiting on a contract to make a solo book For, when entering an amateur contest.. I have been staying very active with in poetry online every since 2000. That's why to many celebrity's and other people has wrote me and made me notable - to my self at-least.

It's because I've been hitting them search engines hard, by putting my own ,material in them since 2000.

Book called Stars In Our Heart : Impressions ;ISBN: 978-1-61936-037-2

with World Poetry Movement. ISBN-10: 1619360373

I have this book now and it is good to my likings, I like companies that keep they word. And keep publishing culture. This book has a-lot of good writers in it.

This Is A Picture Of Devon Holding The Book that he's featured in called : Stars In Our Hearts :Impression:

Devon Holding His Book Novellas And More That Is Coming Out In The Next Three Months @ Amazon & More... 10/29/2012

Too Remember This Human:

I Have Decided To Let Publish America, Publish this book. Sample Contract was signed 10/22/12. Not

Reading Virginity 1.1: ISBN:1604748087

The Bridge Of Destruction And Terror: ISBN: 145600736X