July 9Th


This is one of the pictures of the doodle that was Live @ www.google.com on July 9th 2015 also it was posted 2014 and 2013:

Regardless Devon In Wikipedia Hyperlink - July 9'th - Birth day of Independently Celebrity Regardless Devon Victory AKA Harry Devon Johnson.

Flaawless Alias Statement:

Flaawless Alias is Flaawless Cause he has no flaw’s to his-self.

The people who can flaw someone is people who are not they self.

Real Artists like Regardless understand multiple ways of creating things.

He has no flaw on his character.

Only you could have flaws on your character;for how you approach other people.

Then again no-one could flaw Regardless Devon Victory --

It’s impossible---Only you can control your imagination.

I’m Just A Real Ass Nigga-No-one-can-change-That.

Here is a list of all google's past doodles - Harry Devon is so happy because of July Ninth 2013,14th &15th - he became a doodle. The doodle displays birthday cakes and cup cakes and when clicked "WENT" too Harry Devon's; google plus profile. The Doodle may be hidden @ the July Ninth spot on the list of doodles below for (Logical Reasons)

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