What Regardless Likes

My Name Is Harry Devon Johnson I'm a published author -from Dayton Ohio - I have a-lot of accomplishments -

Great Music:

I Like Mostly 90'ty's music and early 2000's if you check me about my music collection.(I Got all Music) I have 7,000 plus downloads on my computer. My Lacie Drive Is so powerful it's explosive. So I like Outcast early albums like at-aliens. ILike Kelly Clarkson - I like Tela Album A Piece Of mind -I like Fantasia Barrino -I like Wu-Tang Especially The double CD Called Wu tang Forever - I'm not looking forward to meeting them - though I love music that they created All I can Say Is there some people I wont Meet. Music Is Apart of the world. Fugees the score - I like Mia X And Mr Serve on All No limit - early albums. Big Pun - Yeaaa baby -Ruff Ryders - Amil - Brandy Ginuwine and many many more.

Great Movies:

I like alot of movies - I like Bag Head: a Duplass Brothers movie. If you haven't seen it you should,the movie is good. - I like splice,The Host - That creature in this movie is good. All i can say graphic wise, and concept wise it's over. Korean Monster movie.Dream catcher 2003,Dreamscapes -I Know what you did last summer, Gremilins, (1999),I saw the whole intire Goose Bumps Series, The Amityville Horror,Dead Clowns,Repulsion (2009) Curse Of The Zodiac (2007),Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, Pumpkinhead 4 (2007),The Mist (2008),Bug (2007),The Eye (2008),Feast (2006),Eden lake (2009),Pumpkin Head (2005),Vacancy 1 & 2 (2007),Dark water (2005) Jack Hills Spider Baby(2007),Shaun Of The Dead (2004) The killing floor (2006),Eraser Head (2005),One Missed Call (2008),Funny Games (2008),The Blair Witch Project (1999),Creepshow 1-3,The Craft,The ruins (2008) Holloween (H20),Ed Gein The Butcher of Plainfield (2007) Dead End (2004),Killer klowns from Outer Space (2001)

Great Books:

I have read Atlest Thirty Novels Plus...Some of yall weak people can't be smart as me to read this much. ( I know How Some Of Yall fronters is when you ain't did like someone else- saying someone didn't, Do what they did.) Pet Sematary which the novel was written exactly like the movie. I have read the whole series of, V.C Andrews The Orphans -,Terri Woods - True To The Game - John Grisham:

Great TV Shows:

Jamie Foxx Show,227,Seventh Heaven,Beavis And Buthead,Boondocs,Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers,Cosby Show,Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,The Golden Girls,Married With Children,Mammas Family

Great Games:

Final Fantasy,Final Fantasy 7 and Final fantasy 10, Hugo House of Horrors, Mario Kart 64,Zelda 64, Street Fighter alpha plus EX 3 - This is My favorite street fighter of all times ,i won't change. Geruda And skull -0-mania. Also Akuma - Female wise on this game I'm going with Sophia.

Great Quotes:

"How to Be How To Not Be" "Justice Is So Lame" "Give Me Want me" "fresh New Meet Mghmm" "Expload Let Me Expload"

Great People:

All people Should Be Good - so I don't @ Wanna Use someone to lower the Others, That I didn't Mention...