Coherst Live 2013 Publishing

Note From Library Of Catalog. Gov Approval Date 10-9-15

We have received your request to participate in the Preassigned Control Number (PCN) program. The information you provided indicates that the titles published by your house, Coherst Live 2013 Publishing, are eligible for the program. Your account number and temporary password are provided below. To access the Electronic Preassigned Control Number program:

1. Go to the EPCN homepage:

2. Click the "EPCN Login link" or the PCN icon.

3. Enter your account number and password in exactly as it appears

below and click the "Sign On' button.

Since this is the first time accessing the EPCN program, you

are required to change your password. Enter your account ID and

temporary password. Then enter your new password in the "New

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