Ghost Towns

Human Phenomenon & ghost towns Written By Harry Devon Johnson


12:24 PM

Ghost Town Wikipedia Deaf:

Harry Devon's Deaf of Ghost Town:

GHOST towns are actually dreams where dead people and non dead people can live. People who dies in strong disasters may not articulate-dead to their selves. Ghost towns are pretty much similar too any-town on planet earth. There are some circumstantial differences which are included;which are:

1.Growing up in Ghost towns

2. First time realization of ghost towns

3. Making kids in normal towns

4. Making kids in ghost towns

5. Never realizing ghost towns

6. How ghost towns differ

7. Things that happens in ghost towns

8. Getting out of a ghost town

10. Being sent to a ghost town by a higher adoration

11. Never being able too leave a ghost town

12. Killing in a ghost town

13. How to tell the difference from a human and a actual ghost

14. How humans and ghost are the same

15. Rebuilding a ghost town

16. Getting rid of ghost in a ghost town

17. Talking to ghost in ghost towns

18. Spirits appearing as apparitions

19.Changing Ghost towns

20. Important reasons why ghost towns were created

21. Ghost town mono- where humans are living and dead people are living;the living things are at a specified time period in the past; and technology and things stay awakened in the past.

22. Ghost town stereo: Where humans and dead people/ghost stays in the same town and all technology reflects present time with living people never realizing they deaf meaning they haven't died to there selves. And information and technology stays in order.

23. Ghost town periodic

24. Ghost town mirage (merage)

25. Ghost town ghost only

26. Ghost town spiritual

27. Ghost town underwater

28. Animal Ghost Town

29. Ghost town movie

30. Picking your own looks

31. Déjàtri Dreams

32. Written words become reality

33. Spiritual Hurricanes : hurricanes that happens in the spirit that happens threw sounds and heavy noises and words. Which may cause a certain amount of natural causes and heavy sicknesses.

33. Spiritual watch-a-ress /25 - a setting where you can only see threw your eyes and keeps seeing things for hours and or days. Not minutes and or seconds.

34. Spiritual watch-a-ress

35. Counting dreams and counting sleep without dreams

36. Spiritual survellence.

Different kinds of sky and air bows some educationally known ;some new!

37. Moon bows

38. Water bows

39. Sand bows

40.Fog bows

41. Ink bows

42. Electric bows

43. Dust bows

44. Cloud bows

45. IMAGE bows

46. Reality bows

47. Casual bows

48. Shape bows

49. Line bows

50. Horizontal bows

51. Vertical Bows

52. City bow

53. Animal bows

54. Rain bows


Normal vision

Antigular visions

Hexamo vision

Dissarray vision

Closed eye soliction vision

Night time B vision

Night time A vision

Night time C vision

Night incubus slide

Pitch black sky res

Day night Antigular

All white day sky res

18 cycle cloud res

Purple reflect res

Rainbow def res

10 G star ress

Phone convo res

RBG ress reflect

White/or red res

White/or des s threw v

Setteration dreams

Block dreams

Eye dreams

Full body dream

Insect dreams

Watching dreams

Multidreams horror

Multidreams fantasy

Reality world dreams

Ghost town fiction

Ghost town moral

Ghost town natural cause

Ghost town acts of adoration

Body deterioration