Visioning The Mind

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This will later in reality be in the education of mythology.

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This passage was took from the full book called: visioning the mind and times changing by Regardless Devon victory

Visioning the mind and times changing

The boy’s clairvoyance That changed the whole world And spiritual world With attributed behavior and protagnant Manner Knowing how: how to; why and when humans Ears pop He also knew how to make dreams occur; Regardless knew humans ears was popping And making funny feelings Cause he had been inside the mind; That’s also when you’re in a sleeping manner When you try to wake from sleep And your eyes won’t open right off Forcing you to shake out of sleep Which usual happened the first time? At 15 or 16 But can happened any time Regardless knew how to allow the soul Too travel outside the body Which allows a shadow figure standing over you? Holding you so can’t move but you have to fall into Sleep for this to happen. Which usually only happens When you are alone; and about the age of 15 and 16 But could happened any time Regardless was; is the most power fullest Mind god This is also in Clairvoyancy, divinitional, pshychic and medium qualities If you don’t respect regardless as a god You or him shouldn’t be living This passage Is real this passage shall be respected This is about how regardless affected humans and spirits In the world (Visioning the mind and times changing)