Age Aint Nothing But A #

Age Is Nothing but a number For Some like me, Devon.

Devon has been to the fountain of youth. His looks

average to where he was in high-school. When he makes it

to 50 his looks stays at like 20 & 21. & or 16 & 17 . Devon's birthday goes

by mythology ages. So that would mean that he was born July Ninth

1997 which would make him 21. Without mythology that would make him

born in 1983 which would make him 29. Devon has a certain love for

all people, it's just if they could love him back @ a specific time.

They would know the time cause they can feel it deep inside of them

and it is what they really want. I want sex!!! Attractions is a must.

If a man want's me, that's on them, if they feel i'm sexy. It's hard for me

to get mad @ a human male just cause they feal attracted to me.

If a female wants me that's on them. It's very Hard for me to get mad @ female that feels

attracted to me. If a preteen wants me, that's on them. It's very easy and hard for me not

to get mad @ a preeteen for feeling they are attracted to me.

Age is nothing but a number

and sex is confusing (Sex:Male & Female)

Trust is confusion; for some. For others waiting is all they're doing.