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Invitation Sent To Harry Devon Johnson - CEO OF Coherst Live 2013     From A International Company in Africa - Harry Devon Makes Major moves, In Africa, United Kingdom,Japan, Europe & U.S. Virgin Island.

Herald Journal of Geography and Regional Planning (ISSN: 2350 – 2185)

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Herald Journal of Geography and Regional Planning ISSN: 2350 - 2185

Everything About Coherst Live 2013

The Bible Of The Site: Plus 3D Map


Fonts Used - and how fonts were first created 
How Many Words On Pages And Over-all 
Kinds Of Pics Used
Color Schemes And Graphics Pages
Sub Pages
Website URL
Songs And Writings
Creation Rights
Privacy Statements
Link Arrangements
Page coordination
HTML Editor Specs
Special Services
Technicality in site
How Google Sites Works With Coherst Live
How Coherst Live Site Map Was Created
How the internals of Coherst Live Email Database is connected to Coherst Live 2013
Algorythmytics too external sites on Coherst Live
Search Engine Basic's of Coherst Live
How web pages at Coherst are made
Coherst Live And Alexa Ranking Data
Coherst Live

Plus More...


The Map of Coherst Live: Which is a digital map like google maps that connects the coherst live site to other sites threw map coordinates and other measures. Say for instances areas of coherst live that are about Dreams go threw numerous process's that comes back to city states and names and pictures of things and people about dreams and how dreams works. With special enhanced graphics and other data channels. Also you can view Coherst world map threw other planets as Jupitar Mars and so forth also see USA Places would look like if they was on other planets... The 3d Map is digital software and a digital website - though there is a coherst Live World Map that shows physical atlas data of the map of coherst live so - in other words its a paper map of the digital map. And so forth...

West Side of CL 2013
East Side of CL 2013
South Side of CL 2013
North Side of CL 2013
Guide Index
Desti ation Points
Time Frames And Lengths
Grid Circumference
3D Map Preferences
Traveling Threw Data Parts
Informations Parts
Frequency Of Data on Math Scales
Coherst Sphere
Coherst Domisphire
Coherst Letter Sphere
Coherst Rotation Sphere
Globe Mode
LINK Verification Mode
Each place and move made has a periodical time frame
Periodical Table Made
Coherst Latitude 
Coherst Flowers
Change frequency of destinations 3D flower scheme
Coherst Places in Planet Longitude
Planets in Motion
Signs and symbols of Coherst 2013 Maps
Coherst Mountains
Coherst Stars
Coherst Air
Coherst Wind
Star Mode
Coherst States
Each Link Has Its own state. There are 90 city's in each state.
TRAVEL times based on reading times

Coherst Lanes:
There are one hundred plus map Lanes:

Coherst Lane 20'4
Coherst Lane 60 L
Coherst Lane 90 C
Coherst Lane 100 B
Coherst Lane 80 R
Coherst Lane 50Z