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Coherst Live 2013 Address will be switching to Ohio;September/October 2015

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NH Department of State, Corporation Division;

Email Address:
Principal Office Business Address: 29 Temple st #209, Nashua, NH, 03060, USA
Principal Office Mailing Address: 29 Temple st #209, Nashua, NH, 03060, USA

Article Second: Principal Purpose
171-Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation510-Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers
244-Retail Trade142-Electronics Stores
381-Other Services (except Public Administration)311-Human Rights Organizations
431-Manufacturing999-All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
551-Information130-Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

Article Third: Agent Information
Agent Business Name: Coherst Entertainment
Office Address: 29 Temple St # 208, Nashua, NH, 03060, USA
Mailing Address: 29 Temple St # 208, Nashua, NH, 03060, USA
3057 Idlywilde Blvd. 1A Dayton,Ohio,45414 - United Stated Of America

Article Fourth: Duration
Duration: No specific date

Article Fifth: Manager/Member Information
Management style:
Manager Managed

Article Sixth: Securities Regulation Addendum
File NameDescription
Coherst Live 2013 Services.pdfCoherst Live 2013 Services

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Effective Date: 08/24/2015 
Authorizer Signature : Harry Devon Johnson Authorizer Title: Manager

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 5113-28 Paper Products-Retail (25)
 5192-11 Books On - Line (50)
 5192-25 E-Books Sold On-Line (31)
 5211-35 Electric Equipment & Supplies-Retail (20)
 5231-07 Paint-Retail (21)
 5399-01 General Merchandise-Retail (65)
 5411-04 Food Products-Retail (34)
 5411-05 Grocers-Retail (99)
 5421-01 Seafood-Retail (17)
 5421-03 Frozen Foods-Retail (14)
 5451-01 Dairy Products-Retail (9)
 5632-02 Fur Business-Retail (9)
 5699-27 Hats and Caps - Retail (31)
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 59 Miscellaneous Retail (56)
 5900 Miscellaneous Retail (76)
 5914-08 Invitations & Announcements-Retail (15)
 5921-03 Wines-Retail (24)
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 5941-09 Tents-Retail (14)
 5945-07 Kites-Retail (3)
 5999 Miscellanous Retail Stores, Nec (58)
 5999-18 Retail Trade Managent Books and Software (24)
 5999-99 Miscellaneous Retail Stores NEC (33)
 6794-10 Copyright For Music (3)
 73 Business Services (361)
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 7300-01 Business On-Line News (27)
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