Questions About Regardless

me,myself and I in 150 questions! by klesa
name: Harry Devon
nickname: Regardless
birthday: N/A
height: 6'0
weight: N/a
hair: Black
eyes: brown
any piercings?: no
tattoos?: no
any siblings?: n/a
what do you like to wear?: 3 XL
book?: True Crime Storys
color?: blue
movie?: Making Music/Not Movie
celebrity?: n/a
place?: Australia
food?: PIzza/Chicken/
dessert?: Cheese Cake/
alcoholic drink?: red-bull/Hennessey
non-alcoholic drink?: Goat Weed
day of the week?: Monday
number?: 13
month?: July/December
city?: Dayton/Indiana/Columbus
country?: United Kingdom
animal?: Lion
time of the day?: 3 AM
smell?: Cool Water
tv channel?: Court TV/TRu TV/Lifetime
song at the moment?: 90'tys and early thousand
friend?: N/A
place to be?: Jail
time of the day?: n/a
day of the week?:
song/music gender?: Country
animal to you?:
food?: Harmony Corn
*have u ever...*
been so drunk that you cant remember?: How 2 Forget
cheated: N/A
been cheated on?: N/A
been in love?: Maybe/Maybe Not
been on TV?: Yes
stolen anything?: Yes
been on stage?: Yes
passed out?: Yes-For Fun - Hold breath for 30 seconds, while someone press your chest.
had a surgery?: N/A
broke the law intentionally?: N/A
had a friend pass away?: YEs
been lied?: N/A
been dumped?: N/A
*do you...*
do drugs?: Hell Yess
get drunk?: Hell Yes Of Course
dance?: Yes/Choreography/And More- feminism and non-feminism
party?: Yes/ Sometimes
sing?: Yes
play an instrument?: Yes/
get along with your parents?: N/A - Don't Need 2
think you are attractive?: Hell Yea - I'm sexy than Shit.
swear?: Fuck Yea
smoke?: Yea
get motion sickness?: N/A
wear contacts/glasses?: Yes/NO
get good marks?: Yes
watch cartoon?: Yes - Some Of Them Tight
drink milk :3 ?: N To The No - Sometimes only with cereal and unusually not even then
write poems/stories?: Yes
take a particular medicine?: Yes/NO
go to psycholog?: No
have a pet?: Yes/No
are you allergic to something?: No - I Only Believe In Natural Causes
play an online rpg?: Yes
get online on msn a lot?: I Like MSN - But I Rarely Use them - it was that shit around the year 2000.
google a lot?: Hell Yea - every second of the day
have fights?: Yes - I'm willing to fight someone - I'm not scared
read magazines?: Maxim/For Him Magazine/ Black Lust Romance Magazines/Hustlers
read comics?: Yes & No
how many hours do you sleep?: Never / 4 0r 5 - never
how frequently do you go to hairdresser?: N/A - I should
get along with your teachers?: Some Of them I DO/did
What's your preferred genre of music?: Rock Music When I listen - Rap & R&B When I Make Music
All-time favorite band/artist?: I Like Alot Of Music Equally
All-time favorite song?: I Like A Lot Of Songs Equally - Just imagine me listing to one song only daily - and saying that's my favourite.
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have?: I have thousands of albums on a general level/POP/RAp/ROck/techno/R&B/Gangsta Rap
What's your favorite radio station?: Lots Of Stations - Music Choice/Sirrus
rock?: Lots Of Artists
blues/jazz?: Lots Of Artists
classical?: Lots Of Artists
rap?: Lots Of Artists
pop?: Lots Of Artists
country?: Lots Of Artists
emo/screamo?: Lots Of Artists
heavy metal?: Lots Of Artists
techno?: Lots Of Artists
reggae?: Lots Of Artists
r&b?: Lots Of Artists
time you cried?: N/A
movie you watched?: I have seen hundreds of movies - keep in mind i'm talking about only good movies.
person you talked on the phone?: N/A
cigarette?: Supreme Blend/Kool/
song played?: Myself
thing you ate?: Ham/Macaroni/
time you took a bubble bath?: A while A Go
time you got drunk?: I always get high as fuck - I can always compose.
time you read a book?: Recently
email you get?: I get lot's of emails - from no telling who
person you got a fight?: Cant tell
time you hugged someone?: Cant tell
time you kissed someone?: Cant Tell
time you met someone new?: Mghmm
time you went for a date?: Cant T\ell
*do you believe in...*
God?: yes BUt Not As A good god
religions?: Yes: Agnostic/Eschatology
aliens?: Yes
ghosts?: YEs
afterlife?: Yes
yourself?: Yes
astrology?: Yes
karma?: Yes
magic?: Yes
*in a girl/boy*
hair: Black
eyes: Blue
hobbies: Making Music/Drawing/Writing
style of clothing: Any
kiss on first date?: Don't Matter
love at first sight?: Don't Know - What the hell this means
who do you wanna slap?: GOD
who do you wanna kill?: Someone in the world
your dream: Don't Have any - got everything i need.
do you want to get married?: No
love?: yes
i wanna be: Myself
all you need is: All i need is where i live & Be and everything i own in my name - i don't need shit else.
identy yourself with 3 words:: Sexy/Strong/Crazy
what is your worst characteristic?: I love Myself - what do someone else think about me - which is of no concern to me.
what are your fears?: I Don't have any fears.
what is your weakness?: I don't have Any weakness's
favourite quote?: N/A
cartman or kenny?: What the fuck is this - neither.
shoes you weared last time?: House Shoes - Don't you play
what is your aim for this year?: Stay to myself - and keep everything that i need for myself.
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questions never asked :):
Odd Questions :)
X or O while playing tic tack toe?X
What do you think is the most popular name known to man?God
What is your favorite word?Bitch/Nigga/ And other great Cuss words
What is the color of your fridge?White
How many people are around you right now?0
How many childeren do you want? If you want any.N/A -
Which word do you think is stronger Love or Hate?Love
Have you ever jumped up & down on a bed before?Yes
How many days till your Birthday?340
Do you think men wearing braclets is a good or bad idea?Good & Bad
Is body hair attractive or unattractive?It's Depending
Which is funner elevators or escalators?escalators
How high is your Johnny?7 - inches
Maury or Jerry?Jerry
Bare feet or socks?Socks
Have you ever had a dream that you were flying?Yes
Favorite physical part of the opposite sexs bod?Braests
What makes your day?Drugs
Zoo or aquarium?aquarium
Peter Pan or Beauty & the Beast?Peter Pan
Do you like being asked questions or asking questions better?Neither
Hands or feet?Hands
Ever been crowd surfing?Yes
What is your favorite room in your house?Bed Room
Ugliest name?N/a
Your favorite joke?N/a
Can you say the alphabet backwards?I Knew Someone who Could
Does chips & dip sound good to you?Yes
Boxers or breifs?Boxers
Would you rather be a Police Men or a Fire Fighter?Police
What is your worst habit?None - What Other on
Odd or even numbers?even
Favorite letter?A
Last song you heard?Drop Down
Hate when people talk like "dis"?Asking questions and speaking negative to my face
How many people did you hug today?NOne
What is your name spelt backwards?Nothing - Hell Nothing - it spells nothing
Ocean or Lakes?Lakes
Pfhht Do you really think Jared lost all that weight from just eating Subway?N/a
Do you like your first name?No
If you could change your name to anything what would it be?Regardless
Which do you dislike more your first middle or last name?First
Taking pictures or getting pictures taken?Both
Loud or quiet people?Depending
What is your favorite color on you?Blue
Chocolate or Pumpkin?Chocalate
Favorite dream?Don't Have One
What bothers you more people that get all the attention or cocky people?Cocky People --- - give others attention - just don'y involve me - while it's going on
Favorite design?
Favorite day of the year?N/A
Worst month?N/A
What color is your phone?Black
What is your dogs name?N/A
Snookie or Vinny?N/A
:D or :)?;)
Sharpies or crayons?Both - Depending
Doctors or dentist?Both - depending
Floor or bed?Bed - Depending
Heights..good or bad?I don't know
China or Japan?China
If you could add any question to this survey what would it be?I don't know
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