How The World Was Made (Dreams)

...for a better learning experience read definitions to each word...( Read def to big words;Prefixes,Suffixes Understand and except multiple definitions be synonymous/and antonym toward words)

Dream Years at est. 13-14 years old: where you live the whole day normal - then somewhere in the day preferably night time: you go blank and wake up in another room and such late in the day (unlike Déjàtri dreams where you realize you were in dream after a est 35 seconds; then you appear to wake back up in the same bad you was sleep in. (Déjàtri dreams) -

Blank Years:

Threw age of Baby. Threw age of 1-3 - are the estimated years that the holy-spirit keeps the human being blind : not able to see they surroundings as a human being 100 percent; even if they eyes are open and they are moving, crying, walking or talking - though the spirit still knows;and the humans around them still knows. No human in the world can remember what happened to them during those blind years.

Sub Title: traveling into the science of thought.

Article book:Introduction Eschatology Psychics:
Written By Harry Devon Johnson

 In the comprehensive book Article – you will learn what cause's
 sickness and disease threw most often sections of spiritual
 anatomy. This book is strictly on parapsychology levels.
 The influences in this guide is retrospection.
 The reality we teach in this book is about the
 prominence of reality and body. It's the decadence that
 profound, the factors of reliability the conception of eulogy.
 How have body and not have after life.
 This book explorers and tells all and numerous things
 that's going to go on in the afterlife.
 Also In the physical life. The prospectus
 in the regional rectangle, thus forth the
 measures of magnetic influences.
 The True source to this world is the spirit,
 the reason why this "derogative" (Suffix de: Away,off)
 (Suffix change of "pre" rogative to "de"rogative)
 belief is true, is because the humans that created
 the bible gave the spirit the name god, because they
 found out that the spirit is the true source to all
 pains and diseases and feelings and emotions.
 They could've chosen a different name than god; however,
 it would've meant the same thing as god. I am nautical
 in the presence of the nauseated process.
 The Reality wars are concluded. The realm is of conception.
 The diatonic scale of spirit –
is not the mind, this is pertinacious, it's also
 realization, and in that, it is prevaricated.
 However, it is gratuitous to be relevantly perspicuous.
 The world mass's are in that sight full – they are there
 and they are real. The conclusion is not concluded.
 Some sources say that no people that have died will
 be judge, on if they were going into heaven or hell
 until the world ended and then they would be judged.
 Though the fact is entwined that each person who
 dies are already dead – with this centurion belief –
the palisades would be someone being dead for three
 hundred years and R.I.P.
 There is no such thing as resting in peace –
once dead this is complete.
 Being dead means in this book means "receptory".
 It means being within your body and realizing what
 you're going through and never resting because there
 is an ongoing process of "receptory" – Resting in peace
 in this book means being dead and sleep with never seeing
 anything as a being. Body can be cremated, though in reality,
 body never dies.


 The measures of the reticule, is that warts of reality
 are bias, to production so there for in that production
 is bias to spiritual anatomy , and that within body is
 conductive of invisibility – so therefore body is
 transmigration use.
 Transmigration Use (TU)
 is meaning that when a human is conceived that their
 body was transferred into a spiritual being; Spirit
 is in control not human – and with that in protis
 and with that in conductive energy. The natural cause
 law's states that a baby must first start crying – that's
 the natural process of birth. Baby has no intelligence – baby
 is spiritually transmigration.
 We're not using mother, father and family in this book
 as reason for baby's too learn , which is because – they
 mother and fathers have been transmigrated also at birth
– and the transmigration has been going on for so many
 years that – we have to diabolically judge them the same
 paranotic (para ; above or beyond) (notic:nautical) sense
 that we do the newborn. Our indecisive reasons are inept.
 In reality humans created sin –
the humans somehow transmigrated spirit –
to go against their ways – that in a rhetorical
 sense that spirit created the water, ground, moon
 and stars and all feelings and emotions and all
 things that's possible to be said and done.
 However this book show's that part of the spirit
 has been transmigrated to human – with that such
 relevance Human transmigrated sin back to
 the spirit – in such that when and how sin is wrong:
 Making Spirit Believe What The Human Believe Is True.
 That's how deaf is transmigrated.
 Therefore, in such ways what humans believe
 in is the propellant truth and will be what
 spirit believes in which leaves spirit higher
 than man and more powerful.


 We Have 30 chapters in this book, each chapter has
 25 lessons. Lessons are sub-chapters with sub-chapters
 heading. The self-residue – is what includes in the purpose
 of the relocation of earth, the source of grave is such in
 which heart is atmosphere. The rather is dependent on
 constitution of hemoglobin. The rest of the scientific
 clauses is the evident breath – the measures – of the
 logic's – and he is the nature of the frolicsome – and
 they can be what is relates to the course methods.
 We designed this book to step out of normal writing.
 Medicine is no longer real and is a hallucination.
 Spirit is the only real true nature.
 In addition, will always be – humans have
 no control over the body – rather it be writing,
 talking, or anything else. This solitude is compacted.
 Not Reunited. Just incapable of strenuous cause's.
 The Reality VIEs (Bridal Glossary) are pretentious.
 How be the solvent but then be the irrelevant.
 How comatose, these first phases are.
 This first production is a patriotic commencement.
 The world's soul is now becoming challenged.
 It was always challenged.
 The chalice of thought bewildered the desiccation of
 the world's choices.

 Transmigration Use:

 The Transmigration use was perilous and
 that is why the world wouldn't
 end –
the "temptuous" heart is what's not umbilical.
 We'll study with in this writing the spiritual
 causes of redemption.
 Will timpani but thus into the grasp will be dormitory.
 The reflection of each human is only mere concise.
 Though with the perspiration of ecology with the
 corrective abrasion of ambiguity.
 This is why the masses of land seam real,
 that, in its in-formation contention.
 The walls of equator.
 Now we can have sense on why other planets
 as simplistic as Planet earth.
 The dichotomy for the ways of stress,
 which would be of the precinct to go
 against the ways of the world.
 It was all "minoritie" created and distinct
 from what reality each separate being would have wanted.
 However, the secretion of gratitude
 is based on heuristic clause.
 The wind is the projection of delusion, how can
 I say this - it is very easy, you just have to
 understand parapsychology as we teach it in this
 book by Harry Devon Johnson. AKA REgardless Devon
 The mere dark pass's will be shown.
 The implicit bacteria is not really their
 as we stated every humans life is a dream;
 how did these dreams occur and who had the first dream.
 Mediocrity is in the bible - that's why this is clairvoyant
 over everything. There is no GOD – only spirit with exact
 powers that's as in used as why they use the word GOD
 as higher. The reticule has been sadist – the frequent
 game is never really about dying to each being who has
 passed. The truth is conscientious that and the fact of
 pretentious. That's now intravascular.
 So we rise in it's intense moment.
 That's the culprit – now that we only stick to
 clairvoyant aspects in this book; be parlance and
 vicariously warned.

 Not For The Meek:

 This book is not for the meek or the judgers.
 This book is for beings of a higher predicament –
cause the ones who won't understand usually never
 stick with having Christianity degrees and reading
 a lot toward eschatology and having degrees in
 Though everyone who reads writing as
 this is not adequate to what we decadence may;
 could understand; The Path Is not of judication;
 so the imperial fraction is noted in the revolve
 that mind state is temperament has to be temperament.
 The re-inclusion. Some state that when a human is first
 baptized that's when they spirit is created and appears,
 though if that was true that would mean that they spirit
 was only resting - we'll say in sole mode, until another
 spirit see's it. However we believe in this book that
 baptizing should be horology only at 18 years of age
 or never.

 Transmigration Use Explanation:

 When each human is baptized,
 they are selling their soul to the spirit.
 In other words the birth transmigration
 where each human born becomes property of the spirit.
 As we spoke of in this past passage, this is human
 transmigration use, where spirit adapts to what humans do.
 Spiritual transmigration use, which is when spirit knows
 everything and controls the human.
 The human body is not yours your only using it.
 The resurrection just told me that it was real.
 The real reason kids get baptized is because
 Common Human Transmigration Use ;(CHT) which is
 when humans make's other humans and teaches them and
 forces them to go through whatever they been through.
 Now we have ominously grasped three transmigration uses.
 Spiritual Transmigration Use, (

 STU) Human Transmigration

 Spirit Use (HTSU) and Human Transmigration Human Use.
 (HTHU) The Ambiguity is the crest of a bigamist,
 vouls of such and more. STU really wanted lust and crime
 and it was good, that's why to this day sex and
 crimes are commenced.

 owever, HTSU has been commenced to look at what spirit
 created as wrong though never blaming spirit and blaming
 Satan. In this book Satan and God is the same – there's
 no one or nothing that can get over what the highest
 spirit has created. HTHU has changed this,
 not necessarily changing it bad,
 though it has exponential influence on implications.
 Words created by humans are not real in this book.
 These are being used because, that's the only way humans can understand.

 Seeing Greatness & Vague:

 Optometry is when the occlusions are
 premeditated now the diffusion is on replication,
 seeing is understanding though passion is destruction.
 Charms are clarity where in curses are passion.
 Water is fake where in weather is stronger.
 Heart is fake where in soul is probable.
 These scale's of life is gratuity, because deaf is not deaf.
 Though power of fainting and taking humans is
 higher – dreams are shorter – though deaf and dreams
 are ubiquitous. After life is fuller. Though you dream,
 living dreams are not after life.
 Though when you're dead dreams are now afterlife.
 Though when you dream you wake up, when living .
 When dead if not dreaming you're blank as in times
 when living and being sleep and never having a dream
 that night. However, when dead if not blank you're
 always seeing.
 We'll be exploring these areas in fruition
 in the future of this book.

 The Five Senses':

 The deepest part of the world is there,
 you just can't reach it, and you may can't get to it.
 Also, what we'll be talking about and learning in
 this book is Physical and spiritual deaf – spiritual
 deaf is separation of man from his soul and spirit.
 Physical deaf is separation from the soul and the body.
 Original sin (inherited sin) is the total corruption
 of our whole human nature. Man by nature is without
 true love and trust in god. He is without
 righteousness, is inclined to only evil and
 is spiritually blind. The penalty for original sin
 is spiritual and physical deaf. Spiritual Deaf is
 the separation of man from god. Physical Deaf is
 separation of man's body from his soul and spirit.
 Actual sin is every act committed against the
 commandments in thought, desire, word or deed.
 It includes the breaking of god's laws, omitting
 or neglecting to do what is right or going against
 the dictates of god. What is the penalty for original sin?
 The penalty for original sin is spiritual and physical deaf;
 spiritual deaf is the separation of man from god.
 Physical deaf is separation of man's body from his
 soul and spirit.
 We'll be exploring these areas also in this book.
 Now the fallacy is that constitution in the ruff
 draft of spiritual consequences. These rules do not
 look down on people who curse negative – this
 is because STU – however that doesn't mean someone
 won't die, because of this – Harry Devon has "know"
 belief in this. Though there are known scriptures out
 their that talk of this. We're Not logically using
 other humans writings. This is from our educational
 experience. If you prefer to know on other authors –
I think that you should be studying Christianity and
 other areas of this sort. After all this book is
 really for the intuition of people on this level.
 This very, Very, HIGH Intelligent level.
 Into the after affect in chapter one: Earths Creation,
 we learn how humans and the whole entire universe and
 other universe's were created threw dreams, which is
 just a different dream than the dream that everyone
 that lives on planet earth is having right now.
 And which is different from the dreams that the
 people who have lived on planet earth and that
 died and have - and or is and or will be going through,
 The conjunction is self deprivation how is this convalescent.
 The destruction is not real.
 We try to teach that pain and fear
 is not real. Some sources say that when
 people die they can't feel fire so they
 can't burn in hell – so the sources say that
 they hell will be in back to back horror dreams.
 We Believe in this book that pain is not real
 in dreams though fear is – you can be scared
 it's like a subliminal – it's a natural cause
 thing where you must fill scared it's no way
 to escape it unless something of a higher power
 release's this. In reality the world you live in
 right now is a dream – so if you die anything you
 feel and go threw while living can get to the way
 you feel and or felt in the normal world.
 This is the pass's of the reality of the sanction –
you can become dilapidated into some seen that is fit for you.

 Keep In mind that this is an on going process – and
 this delivery is the residue and that most passion is earth.
 That is "soblank" – that's the institution of the mind.
 You can't just say and think of what you want.
 This book will explore this area.
 The more you can create and substitution for reality – you
 can have wiser wisdom – and this is not stopping for
 the increase in dissolution.


 Lesson One: Birth

 In congeniality we see that spirit consit's of
 multiple things. Those things are supposed to be
 fictional and invisible – they are not real.
 For the hemisphere of the mind is there.
 The percolation is insignia.
 The level of creation threw modification.
 How did the humans come into play.
 The real tertiary force – is association also dissociation.
 The breath of man made things are all mirages
 that are supposed to be excepted as real.
 Thus forth challenging this may seam – they land
 and the world was created threw dreams.
 Some can say how is this it's very very complicated –
this universe from some sources say that the universe
 have been their for years and years. Millions of years.
 We can say if the whole world was a dream on
 and you had to stay woke when you wasn't sleeping on
 a-day-2-basis -
 no mater what, and that's a dream.
 If that's the case Then explain why
 if we were human and living ,why when
 we sleep and dreaming why don't we stay
 in the dream instead of waking back up
 on a-day-2-day-basis.
 That's Two interesting questions that will explore.
 For instances you never really wake up from each dream –
the spirit is just smart enough to remember everything
 that you last seen before you went to sleep.
 So it appears that you we're only dreaming and now back
 to a-day-2-day basis.
 The rates is how be at one with this pre-temp.
 That's why a lot of people pray or believe in a god.
 The sorority is really in it's digestion – for the
 rest of the people. Now that the reclusive justice –
for the dreams – this fortification. The real source
 to life and the after effect – it's not at this stage
 if you read this far with-in this book that you don't
 understand how humans were created threw dreams – it's
 probably about a CHT on a level of understanding
 everything to control your on dream and what you go
 threw – it's impossible. Though you may can pray for
 the spirit to change something.
 The spirit is ignored toward humans especially humans
 that are forced to look in the spiritual words.
 In this universe today there are only three worlds
 which are and consist of – The Physical World – The
 Dream World and the spiritual worlds – any time there
 is educational books that spiritually talk about other
 worlds that aren't these top three,
 them other worlds are included in one of the top three
 to something. It may consist of worlds of only monsters
 worlds with anything not of norm or different.
 More for education that is fiction or mythology.
 There is "congestively" so many, many "Know" things
 that can go on in each world.
 All worlds even if I didn't use them all.
 We believe this though in this book – since
 everything is a dream in it's entire'te some aspects are

 This writing is on a real level By regardless