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Harry Devon Johnson is EIN Registered (Employer Identification number) 
Dayton Ohio Publish Author
Uncyclopedia of spelling,emotions,deaf:

Stores where reading virginity 1.1 can be bought...  


Other books by regardless Devon victory - his cooking books plus more..........





Regardless Devon victory is a political figure/DELEGATE for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT... 



I own at least 1 voting district for the Republican National Committee, voting district code # id48-09. Registration # 1593-v2003hd  I have been owning that district's since 2003, Honorary – Co - Chairman of the 2003 U.S.A President Dinner. I’m in at least 25 anthology’s, some of these titles may include but are limited too J.M.W. Publishing, Famous Poets, American Society Of Poets, International Society of Poets. I have a new book called Reading Virginity 1.1 came out February 30 2008.You can expect Reading Virginity 1.1-2.9 also 1.1.1 and 1.1 crucified...


  I’m also suppose to be having a release party in Columbus Ohio on April 28 2008  - we will be hollering back about that event later. I also am C.E.O. of the independent recording label Coherst Developments L.L.C. (recording science, recording government intelligence, and recording choreography, recording of multiple genres ECT.) C.E.O.: regardless Devon victory,.




We are going around to colleges, talking to the students about laws, of the world and trying to add - some of them to my G.O.P - R.N.C. team I have passed several laws before including the law of stopping partial birth abortions.

 In 2004 certified by the Republican National Committee. Also having the 2001 taxes that passed made permanent in 2004. 


I also am working to help the R.N.C. to build a blue print for the government, which is strong and private; the blue print have already consisted of all TV’s going digital February 2009, and also stimulus checks of 2007. I was invited in 2003 to take a tour of the white house/discuss political business, I have spoke at  least 30 public events, including the doubletree hotel, Colleges and other public places, involving politics, philanthrophy,education social security,. And helping juvenile delinquents...


Also the International Society poets have a new book anticipated to be coming out
Published date of fall 2008,( now known as lulu poetry) they asked me to be within this book, they stated in the letter
Over the past year or so, we have been reviewing the thousands of poems submitted to us
As well as examining the poetic accomplishments of people whose poetry appeared on the internet and in various editions released by other poetry publishers in America and Europe

The name of this book is called the best poems and poets of 2007 but I will tell you right now my name is anonymous in the book even though I have been with this society for at least 5 years and out of them five years I was awarded with the nomination of poet of the year at least 3 time out of five years and I’m certifying my self for nomination in 2008 too But I am not no amateur and some people are going to  respect that?


Stores where reading virginity can be purchased:


regardless devon victory The legal name change... Regardless Devon victory... This is not just a pseudonym like a lot of rappers do it in the industry, this is an exact legal change in his birth name as in social security numbers birth certificates and identification cards..Plus he has secrete pen names at least 10 on ten separate novel books, and ten separated pen names on anthology’s, that’s on the low at least for now we plan on not being anonymous in five years...


Success is his last name and he will let nothing stop his Endeavor. He stated he named his self regardless because one of the definitions behind the word, regardless means ignoring set backs and hindrances, he also states that he will never Wright or put dirt on his name and he will do anything to stop flaaws and he also stated that’s why his aka is called flaawless, cause if anything its some flawed individual trying put flaw on him because of what he has and become and wants to stop him from being a flaawless individual. Also this there that more, the two a’s in his name represents a trade mark and it is illegal for any one in the world to Wright and or use his name with out his permission, that’s as in search directories newspapers, magazines ,search engines, any publication what so ever etc. also the same thing goes for his name ;Regardless Devon victory and his label recording name(recording-paper-info-music-catalogs Ect.) Coherst Developments that’s not stating the words in his name separated (regardless) (Devon) (victory) ----- it’s in its entirety when it shouldn’t be used.


No matter what this dude could and or should be paid...? From 10,000,000 dollar audits to million dollar awards , to 5,000,000 plus credit cards with a platinum credit line so high just at 50,000 dollars plus 98 percent back from each purchase, that most normal citizens rather poverty or not poverty cant even see, cause its secretes to the education of these credit cards for instance if you went online to fill out an application for a credit card that was 1 hundred and twenty five thousand dollars on the credit line you would need to own a business to cop out at that……

I rest my case…R.D.V. received a tax deduction to the full extent of the law by P.B.S. Dayton Ohio’s branch--- public broadcast station, in 2004 he have helped P.B.S. develop some of their programs. 


He also worked with Antares vending machines In his Endeavor to become C.E.O. of his on vending machine company with in around 2002- 2003 ... He also worked for the Montgomery county job and family services on and off for three years we’ll say from 2000- 2003 as a freelance. During this time a probation officer he worked with at a company called building bridges which is in connections with Montgomery county job and family services who’s name was Gary Miller asked for his help because he needed him to be their when one of the other adults was suppose to help out and couldn't make it - so he called me on the phone and asked me to help him out.


This was a trip to Canada it was at least 8 juvenile kids and three adults regardless Devon victory and Gary miller was two of the adults we camped out side in Canada for two weeks canoeing, mounting, climbing, jumping off cliffs into water…the adults at this function guided them and showed them a way to respect the world and their selves better………you can find more information on building bridges at this link click the second link after first link... 

I started taking dance classes within the year of 2000 at Stiver's middle school for the arts. And we also have helped show other people dance analytics …

I started singing in school when I was in elementary when I was about 12 - I had already published and copyrighted at least 12 songs, I always had good grades in my music classes, singing in class rooms almost every day, and having teacher begging me to sing in front of the school every day. So things like this made me popular in school… also I have dj'd stivers middle school lockin when I was in the seventh or grade. At this time celebrity Toccara Jones and Erica Neal : daughter of Former Dayton City Commissioner Idotha "Bootsie" Neal went to this school. ; a lock in at school is where students and staff spend the night at there school, and commence activities as far as hide and seek threw out their school volleyball  - tennis ect. We’ll say during middle school And also food I cant forget that we ordered whole lot of large pizzas ….and I as the D.J. definitely wasn’t about too play no rock / country at least there, So it was strictly rap /rand b...........