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Harry Devon Johnson is EIN Registered (Employer Identification number)  
Resetting Profile View Accounts: Poem

Sunday March 25'th 2012: "This Writing is A poem - Pretty Crazy"

I think that every company that deals with counting website views in any way shape or form. Should have the possibility to reset their views if they choose.

It's obvious that some people would prefer to show that they have a certain amount of views.

So if it was the case that somebody reset they views they must be assure that they are comfortable with their view settings.

My space had a lot of settings good with Tom being president/Owner. But when Justin Timberland took over ownership of the company. ( according to Wikipedia) They fell off and changed alot of thing's. Matter fact I had at least 30 thousand views and my views reset back to one.

That's on them - i'm not mad that's their achievement - though I think it should always be possible to have privacy settings on all company's that allow you to keep your friends private if you choose.

Also people who use privacy settings @ a resolution to not receive mail from company's or reply's telling when they have comments or any other privacy rule's they don't except,should be automatically deducted: meaning not telling they exact profiles views because of this. Because they won't privacy.

Also I think that all company's that deal with comments should allow each being to choose if they want to be commented on or not.

I also Think that they should have options to ask each person do they wanna provide the face book like me link. And other links like this on all company's that makes these links and automatically place's them on all profiles.

Far as i'm concerned all of my profiles online hide how many people that have been to my profiles by views on every single one. Including but not limited to: Internet - Book - Spoken - any place that's more for consumers not celebrity's is where this is happening and i consider my self an independent celebrity while using only General Public sites.