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The cameras are blind to me: written By regardless devon victory(no cap tm)

The cameras are what Demar thought would be there for him. Until he found out that Alicia waters was the supervisor who would kill him. The recording’s she kept on his life, were so suppressive that even his job as an actor in movies, would not hide the reality, that she seen - exactly what happened and tried to hide the facts.

Then he instigates and promotes the situation as if it doesn’t matter.

More things were being seen than what Allen prefers. Even though he did not commit the actual crimes. His life is at a resolution, but can he realize, that what he need’s to do is, stop trying to be the bad guy; and actually start thinking about - what it is that he’s going too end up having to do?

Demar starts receiving tapes in the mail and, when he see’s the tapes, he realizes that he and some of his people are in deep trouble.

 He tries too depicting fiction for reality. However, reality is so much more ecstatic. He finds the dead body in the dumpster and he starts to realize - that he has been replicated.

Now what will he do – when he can’t be his self any more. Then he finds out that the cameras may really be blind too him!


 The story starts

What have I done to get into this felt Demar? – As he layed provoked in his vehicle – awaiting his supposed deaf. He was so shocked at the person that he saw walking away from his vehicle! He was in a black suit just coming from an audition to be in a movie called: Seduce the logic’s.

He was a black man, 6” foot tall, he kept his haircut and faded.

He felt his car racing at high speeds – as his assailant followed closely behind. Demar picks up his cell phone and calls his girl. “I’m in trouble baby get the packages and the double welfare - meet me downtown at the Grandiose Hotel.” Said Demar.

Shelly his girl stated. “What’s the problem, why you seam so out of it?” Demar stated.” “Don’t worry about that just get what I asked you to bring and quit asking so many fucking questions." Shelly said. " Ok".

Demars mind was racing; it was etiquette for him to realize that what he was seeing in his rear view - had stopped. He was in a debt that he could not get out of, and the debt didn’t involve money.

He drove and drove and then when he made it to the hotel on 24’Th Street – he was being watched and he was not aware of the affair. He noticed that it was idiotic to where a suit to an audition, so said some of the people their.

He was not ready for the dubious game that was at hand. He looked into the walls for subjections, but the situation was frail.

He goes to his room since he had already reserved a room and lays on his bed.  A few hours later, he awakens - so stipulated that he could’ve had this parlance with time.

He was checking threw his cell phone wondering where Shelly was.

Shelly was being followed by Demars x girl – they have been having a vendetta toward each other.

Shelly pulls her car off the rode into a Shell gas station – the girl behind her suddenly pulls behind her.

The gas station was packed,most pumps were in use.

“ Bitch I know you just didn’t think I was gonna let you lay on my dick that I was with - for ten years of my life and that I had two kid’s with. “ Said Chantae. “How many times, I gotta tell you that I had nothing to do with who stole from your house, every since then you been after me?” Said Shelly. Look bitch, all I want is my clothes out of my house, that you moved in, because I will kill you."  Said Chantae.

“Damn - now that I think about it - we threw all of yo shit out – so you must be mistaken.” Said Shelly. " Naw that ain’t what it is, Demar told me that he was going to break up with you and move me back in with my kids! Who the hell do you think been pushing them promotions for him Shelly – with out me and my funds - bitch – that nigga is canceled.” Said Chantae.

The situation at the gas station was becoming perpendicular, Shelly new that she was messing with the wrong one. She felt why the fuck would I get with a man with kids and a long ass pass relationship just to hurt myself?

She saw visions of her and Chantae kissing each other! She was so deranged and she wanted something that she was not going to get.

Chantae launched out and grabbed Shelly. The two females were tussling back and forth for a while. Then someone who was just an innocent by stander broke the fight up.

The cashier who worked at the gas station called the cops.

 The cops made it to the local Gas Station and took Chantae to jail, for a domestic dispute.

Shelly continued her journey to the hotel some how?

In dispute of the reality that dilated her ingenious belief, was now hypnotic. She was trying really to get over what Chantae was trying to tell her. Now she played the game but she didn’t like the way the game was played. She saw several calls from Demar and she was on a look-over agenda.

She was light skinned she had long hair – and might I add - nice asset’s. She was a high school graduate and had a degree. Therefore, she was not trying to jeopardize her career.

When Demar soon found out that Shelly had played him, he never suspected that she could come up with a good reason – to be arrogant - but she was into a dolce belief –

But hold on wait a minute

Let us rewind the story

And let us start the story again.


Demar was in his Buick Lacrosse driving down the street. he had just left an audition to be in a movie called Seduce the logics. Demar was a single man who was not facing any fatalities. He was going to his condominium in Columbus Ohio. Where he usually slept. He was dedicated to the realms of fertility. He just all of a sudden couldn’t take it.

He made it to his house condominium and checked the mail. He had about five envelopes in his hand and also he had a UPS priority mail envelope – he makes it to his room and look’s threw his mail.

That’s when he see’s pictures of him choking a girl; then he see’s pictures of him dragging the girl, then he see pictures of him breaking into a car!

He feels casted into bewilderment as he sits on his bed looking threw the portfolio. His concession was manipulated. He wonder’s who have sent him pictures of things that he never did. He then finds a video showing him that, this person actually look’s like him. He’s devastated and he realizes something is not right. He watches more of the video, which displays what the pictures showed in fuller segments.

He then finds a letter inside the UPS envelope that was requesting him to come to a specific address. He was articulated by the profane annunciation of his next conclusion. That’s when he read’s on and he finds a phone number and a message that said call me at this number, which was signed by a person, named Misty.

He didn’t know who this Misty – was. He decided to call the number. The phone ranged several times then a female answered. She said. “Demar I know what you’ve been doing and I’m in a position that could save you.” Demar said. “I don’t need any one to save me I’m innocent.” Misty stated.  “ Yea innocent like all them time’s you had your friend Shelly make those illegal moves, or maybe you mean innocent like the way you killed and choked that one bitch – or it could be innocent like you are being framed – but no one is going to believe that, tell me how the hell could they believe a criminal?” “I’m not a criminal, I’m an actor and that’s all I’m trying to do is commit to my career - I don’t know what you saw, but these pictures are from one of my movies.” Said Demar.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Laughed Misty – " good joke. I know what the real deal is and why you killed them people – I saw you with my own fucking eyes.”  Said misty. “ Ok look Misty, I don’t have time for no games” – “ This isn’t’ a game” – “ like I said, I don’t know what these pictures mean. “ Said Demar

“So are you willing to meet me - so we can discuss a way out of this, I’m becoming very belligerent over here, I could do anything to you – for instance, look at this” Said Misty. That’s when Demar saw the lights flicker and the TV turn off.  Misty said. “Did you see that - what I did to your lights and TV?” “What do you have some kind of special software or something.” Said Demar. “No actually.” Said Misty. “I’m at the exact hotel your at in the control room we have special illegal cameras watching you - do you like understand my drift.”

“I’m not to sure what you mean.” “Ok meet me at the address in the package I sent you, it’s a building not a suite. You need to be there at 8: o clock tonight. It’s now five o’clock, and I will explain everything to you then.”  Said Misty.

“Ok I’m gone do this, I don’t trust you, but I think that you may have valuable information that can help me, and I don’t mean by crimes that I’ve created – I really need a mentor in my life.” Said Demar. “A MENTOR - I’m far from a mentor. I’m a psychological problem, and the only cure is deaf, now isn’t that fucked up Demar?”


“Ok I’ll see you at eight.” Said Demar

Meanwhile, Demar went to a function at a ballroom where they had - Nice drinks, food, music, and a seminar. Demar had a lot on his brains but he ran into multiple friends that was at the same function. They were awarding people for being accepted after auditions.

Demar new that he was getting an award because he received a letter in the mail explaining this to him. He sat at one of the hundred’s of round circle tables – with cloth on the top of them.

 A man spoke from the stage acknowledging what this event was for and was configuring what the awards were going to be. This was an independent event being thrown by casting specialist in Columbus Ohio.

 He witnessed plenty of people just like him leaving there circle table and walking up to the stage. He was agitated by a female that he didn’t know that kept looking at him.

He decided to go over to her table to talk to her. When he made it to her table, he stated. “Is it something the matter with you, why do you keep looking at me a lot?” He stated in his so - called sexy voice?

The female feeling good about his approach states. “Well when I see new face’s that I have never seen I become viral.

 That make’s me feel something that touches me all over.”

“Well you know that I’m a businessman.” As he hands her one of his business cards. “And might I add a single business man – I like exploring new things.” - As they could see the other six people sitting at her table with her. He stood on side of her.

“By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”  – “that’s because I didn’t give it to you.”  There was a breath of silence as she reached in her purse and pulled out a business card that said Frost Studios and displayed her name as Executive Supervising producer: Alicia Waters.

She said. “Demar Jennegan, I have heard a lot about you and I have a position for you in a new movie called The Cameras Are Blind To Me – call me so we can discuss this.”  “Ok.” Said Demar. As he could here the fake intermission finishing and him walking away.

He watched more of the show then he left, when the show was over.

 It was now 7:30PM and he was on his way to see Misty. When he made it to the door exit, he saw revolving door’s that wouldn’t move.

On the far left side of the doors was a finger print scanner that said visitors scan fingers to enter. He scanned his fingers and then the door opened automatically.

 He was wondering how could Misty or any one have his fingerprints, he felt maybe it was authenticated to be opened by any ones fingerprint’s.

He walked threw the first hall, which he could see, a security desk. He then noticed where the elevators were – he was not sure where he was going but he was going; He hops on the elevator not knowing where he was going. He heard the elevator say. “Welcome - the time is 7:50 PM.”  He then hit floor number 22 as he was going up, the elevator stopped on floor ten. He heard the elevator say. “Floor ten.” – When the door’s opened he could see nothing but gold elevators 15 on the across side and 15 on the side he was on. When he peeked out of the elevator he was, feeling too scared to step out of the elevator, because he would be in a hall with dim lights and only elevators. So he did the best thing he could think of which was go back to the first floor.

He still didn’t see security, so he called Misty back and she gave him the right floor, which appeared, as a normal floor; unlike the other floor he was just on.

He went into her office doors and she was coming for him before he could think of anything. She told him to come with her.

She took him to a room and when they made it to the room, she said.

“What I’m about to show you is a secret.” She opened the door and there was body’s in special see threw tanks. The body’s was covered in zip body bags, she unzipped one of the body’s that were in the bag and the human in the bag spoke as if of a soul struck-in - human – he stated.  “I’m here to serve you and be your master – I can appear to humans as normal and complete any task’s that are needed.

Demar stated. “What is this?”

“It’s a new protocol, this protocol Can be hooked up to a computer and visualize everything that this human see’s, when the human is unaware. These protocols was made from human ceman and D.N.A of exact humans who live somewhere out there in the world.”

“I don’t understand what this protocol mess has to do with me, I came here for answers and I still haven’t gotten any answers.”

Misty paused and took a deep breath. Misty zipped the body back up there was at least 10 tanks in this room all with doors on their apparatus.

“Well any way - some one has stolen one of the body’s and their trying to use it against the scientific study, however, the body that was taken comes back to your D.N.A.

You are a perfect match.

You are the reason why.

You have to change what is going on, in order to do that you have to obey my rules.”

“I’ve heard enough of this, I don’t believe any of this shit for one minute – you could easily be telling me these governmental lies to fuck with me, it’s obvious. I’m going to the authorities and tell them about this.” Said Demar. “ Before you can even try - these body’s will be gone and you will be played as a fool, that’s not the way that you wanna play this game – trust me, I’ve had a lot of experience in theses fields; the outcomes are always bad.

Who ever it is is probably watching you right now and that’s the first problem, we don’t need though. however I have a special room that we’re about to go to right now, that blocks the signals of all cameras.

However, human genetics are different from electronic genetics and the people who stole the body don’t even have physical evidence of the software or computers that runs this shit.” “So this is meaning.” Said Demar. “ So this is meaning That everything they see, if possible is blind to you and me, that and the fact that the footage I sent to you, was you to some instance and done by the perpetrator.”

“How do I know that you’re not involved in this?”

“I’m involved just not in the way you think I’m involved. I think that you should seek out to find your self – or should I say your replica. You have to find the replica and bring it back to me. If you don’t kill it first. even if you do kill the replica, we need to have it back in order to close the scientific study. – Oh one more thing, the replica has a tracking device built into it’s back.”  “ Oh so that’s what you been holding out on?” Said Demar. – “Yes I guess I have. Now lets go to that room I was telling you about, that’s where the tracking device is.”  “Tell me something,why didn’t you just go track down the replica yourself ? ” “Well since you were the human being replicated, I figured you would want to know that you’re out committing crimes.” Said Misty hysterically.

“I don’t think that I can handle this position.”

“I think you can and will.”

“I have too much going on at work.”

“Just still go to work, we’ll find the time to track down the replica.

That’s even though it’s mental is synchronous to your’s. So therefore, it knows what you know and it may go where you go.

Now this tracking device states that the replica is in Grove City, that is not to far from Columbus. But it’s on the east side. This tracking device gives nearest points by telephone boxes, which concludes about a diameter radius on about 10 mile’s. So this thing could be anywhere. However I have a portable device that tells exact compass coordination – so when you do get to the exact telephone box, you’ll have somewhere to go from there.” 

“So does the device have any alerts that tell when you’re getting close to the replica? ” “Yes it dose and it tells how close and how far away – but it’s not one hundred percent exact. So now you have to take the device and study it, I will have three men to help you out - here are their names and numbers.”

 Demar was into an insidious proclamation that could legistrate the future. How was he going to go to work with this much stress on  “his brain’s” and now that he could choose to be what was in the forceful constellation was fiduciary.

Him and Misty finishes up, there tour of several more rooms that were there to help multiple scientific study’s. He could only grasp what the air let him grasp. He was intrigued to find out, that next mourning that he had no problem sleeping.

Then he started imagining that he was the replica and was coming for his human self to kill him. He saw his self-waking up next to the replica and the replica stated. “ Hi.” He was so devastated that he removed his self from the bed – the replica stated. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  Then the human said. “I don’t want any part of you - how did you get into my room?”  The replica then stated. “You cannot destroy me. I can only destroy you.”  The human then said.  “I know why you can’t go further; I have no real emotions or feelings to harm my self.”  The replica stated. “That doesn’t matter - now come on over here so I can be you and you can be in a blank state, but I swear, I’ll wake you back up as soon as possible.” 

“Yea right.” Said the human. Then the replica launched off the bed, grabbed the human by his neck, and ended him.

Now all the replica wanted to do was live a normal life.

Then he woke from his hallucination.

In reality, the replica got to smart for its on good, he new he was a replica so he was trying to hide his self. Misty told the lie to Demar That someone had stole the Replica. That was not the truth.

Demar was just waking up when he decided to pick up the phone and call Alicia. She told him to come in to visit her, at a downtown Columbus suite. He made it there and they talked.

Alicia Stated. “Demar the position I have for you is not an acting position. I know that you’re looking for that kind’ve career, but with the focus I see in you is different than what you may see.”

“That sounds all right but right now I have a lot of stress, I don’t know if I can take on this kind of job.”  “So there for you don’t realize that I’m offering you a director position for this movie.” Said Alicia. “What kind of director position.” “The kind of director position where you tell people how and what to do based on a circumference I choose.

Then you will keep up with all the logs of data and other pertinent information. I have a job portfolio that explains everything that this job is about and what your position is. I just need your social security number, well at least a documented file stating that it’s legal for me to view your background – this is a business you know.”

Demar agreed to that and told her the number. Then she stated.

 “Take your time and read this, but get back to me by next week with your decision.”  Alicia took Demar around to meet some of the faculty personnel and showed Demar to where the restroom and eating areas and other offices were. She told Demar that He was going to be the next best thing – by working on the new movie called: The cameras are blind to me.


 He new what he wanted and that filament was negative, but he would soon remember everything that he was facing him. In addition, the ways of the world was not on his side. 


The replica of Demar was out on the streets walking, he was looking for a vehicle. He didn’t know what he would do with out one. He was walking up and down the streets of the city as if he was normal but he was not normal. He looked into things that were against the lords will, and then he did it? He went into a store and robbed the store. This was a convenient store where he asked the store clerk to give up the money.

The store clerk was panicking he could not resonate the tedious breath of the devil that was before him. They were annihilated to the replica that the store man thought was the real Demar but he was not in reality committing this crime. He was just not his self.

The replica get’s the money and leaves but not before killing the store clerk – he couldn’t take the chance of the store clerks infidelity. However, he was casted into the reality realms of the after life.

Then Demar was going to his next illegal operation was not correct- he was just into his new passive actions, and his aggressive actions. He could commence what he was going to hate, now that he indulged the fatal episode, he could commeasure the reality that he didn’t want to know.

They reputed the real Gnostic fact’s in the vile of habit the car’s irritated him, though he was not supplicated to the memoir.

He looked and looked then he stole a car and he was in the car riding. He was on a mission to find his human as the replica.

He looked and looked and then he kept looking. He went to his thoughts but they were vague. He summoned the belief that he could’ve taken another route out of the crimes he committed and went to the bank – but he didn’t have his verification or any other identification.

Variances were caught up by the multiple valences’ that were coming to block what he always imagined. As he drove he consaplated that he was going to make a stake with his self or should I say his human him being the replica. Now that the jettisoned perversion was duplicate he would soon find where the human was and without the fancy technical equipment that the human had to find the replica.

If the replica only new that his human was going to be the last thing that he needed. Therefore, he finally made it to his human’s condominium.

Good thing he new the people there cause he had to find away to get into his condominium.

Now that he mastered this challenge, he stayed within the room until his other came. He waited and waited until he seen him. When it was that he heard the door opening, he went to the bathroom then he bounced out on him. The replica stated.  “I’m here to get some of my personal belongings, for instances my wallet, my car. I’m tired of stilling cars when I should be using my own cars. How do you think I can make it in this world with this set up?”

The human stated. “I don’t have anything of yours, I’ve been looking for you because someone stole you from some one that I knew and I have to take you back.” The replica stated.  “I’m not going back anywhere, I left there because the people there are not aware of the spiritual laws that they broke, and I became to smart - I knew exactly everything they knew and with-in a second of me being on planet earth. It’s a curse.” Stated the replica. As he sat on a couch in the condominium – and the human sat in a chair.

So - now what should we do?” “We should work together and expand, that’s what I think about the situation.” Said the replica.

“I don’t think we should travel together if you know what I mean. You can stay here with me until I figure out what were going to do. I don’t think it’s safe to stay in this world with your magical thinking.”

In the reality morals they were not the same but they resigned into a compunction and they were going to start doing things a different way.

“Do you think that Misty would know that you was the replica if you went there as me?” Said Demar. " I think - she might not, she is pretty smart - but I and you are smart also.” Said the replica. “So when can I see her?” Said the replica. “ I don’t know when you can see her, really they want to capture you but the more and more I talk to you the more and more I always wanted you in my life and that’s why you have to go to my new job for me. “ Said Demar. The replica stated. “Why do I have to do all the work, I am the illegal immigrant you know?”


Meanwhile at Frost Studios in Alicia’s office, Alicia was having a talk with a producer named Ken.

 “ Look I’m tired of you keep allowing these other producers to be over Me and making the high decision’s, why do you think I can’t be the head to handle this production? ” Said Ken.

“Well Ken, you know somebody has really been messing up your head - you need to think about your career and higher expectations’ because this attitude you coming to me with is not acceptable.”  “Neither is having sex with your employees but you had sex with me." Said Ken.

“ Look Ken, I don’t know what kind of black mail this is but I’m not standing for it, you’re only producing music And clothes your not the main thing in this budget.” Said Alicia. “I would be if you move up my position to be the head of all producers like we talked about."  Said Ken.  “ I’m just waiting for the right moment to bring in Demar to take over shit.” Said Alicia. “Demar! " Stated Ken - who is Demar?”  “ It’s this new black man that I’m hiring to be the director of this movie, you'll like him he’s a cool guy.”  “But what about my position.” Said Ken.  “What are you willing to do for this position?” Said Alicia. “Anything!” Reputed Ken.

“I think that we can have ourselves a deal.” Said Alicia.

Mean while in another area of Frost Studios there were audition’s going on by the casting specialists. They were having multiple people come in to read lines and act a little to see if they fit the position, after these rehearsals was going on for a few minutes.

Alicia appears out of nowhere looking eerie and watching. She was thinking of a way to get rid of Ken for show and she was not going to care about what his feelings was. She could see the pretty girl reading the lines; she wanted this girl so bad that she told one of the specialists to keep her; I will find something for her to do.

Then Alicia goes to the old file room in the basement to find old files that could prove that Ken was making backwards transaction and that he was making these transactions stick to bring here business to a close.

She new that he was a problem, it wasn’t that she thought he couldn’t handle the job of being Chief Production Officer but it was the fact that she hired a con artists and  a manipulator and a woman antagonizer.

She should know because she used him several times to lie to the IRS and make it work – he even shot the stocks up illegally and what do I have to show for this manifestation; is a bunch of files that were set up to seam as if appearing legit to many people.

Hell I’m still in business.

Deep down inside I was on my self, that’s when I heard Ken call me from the basement door. I hurried up, put the files into my brief case, and went along with Ken.

We went to lunch at a fantastic restaurant. Where he begged and pleaded for the job, that’s how he was - on top of all the nasty things that I’d said about him – he was also sweet. In addition, he could drive my hormones anywhere. We ate and made it back to the studios.

The lighting crew was setting up the first murder scean that was shot at Frost Studios and at another location, which was a house in the suburbs.

 When Adam the star of the movie comes home and finds his wife murdered, he has a sense that detects murder even if there were no cameras he knows, but that didn’t save his wife’s deaf.

 Therefore, he’s done for. I made my way to Mr. Cunning Ham’s office: which was our chief financial officer. We sat down and had a talk.

“I’ve been looking threw the monetary files and were missing one hundred thousands in assets.”  Said Mr. Cunning Ham – “Are you sure, that can’t be to true their must be a mistake." Said Alicia. – “ No Alicia this is real, I do have a PHD in mathematics – so therefore I think I can count.” Addressed Cunning Ham. “What accounts are they missing from business accounts, payroll accounts, or personal accounts?” Questioned Alicia. “No the money was missing from petty cash accounts.” Said Mr. Cunning Ham.  “I can’t believe this.” Said Alicia. As she sat in the chair with her hand on her head.

I couldn’t think of the reality any more, I needed to face facts!

  “We need to get all the employees together as soon as possible and have a meeting about this, I don’t want the IRS or any banks or any other financial people being involved, that are not automatically involved, do you understand me? Said Alicia. “Yes I do.”  Said Mr. Cunning Ham.

“I’m going to tell ever body about the meeting that were going to be having tomorrow - which is a Tuesday at eight o’clock.” Said Alicia.

Alicia walked around telling every body what the ordeal was and most of the people agreed to come - hell in reality they had no choice. Now when Alicia got off work she was feeling bad about what she was going to have to do to Ken.

Not only that but I think that Kevin has been stilling my money, he quit just two weeks ago and all of a sudden my shits gone, I can’ t believe this. I was trying to be polite and he just went off.


Meanwhile at Demars condo he was talking to Demar 2  - that’s what he started calling his replica, so from now on their names will be Demar one and Demar two. “So how did it feel when you first felt you was human? Said Demar one. “It was a rush I never knew what I was going to do when it first happened but I knew that it was something that I was supposed to do.

So I came to the reality that I had to make a decision and be someone and that’s when I became a real person, I’m still having problems with some world aspects like when I stole - that’s not even what type of person you are, so why did I act in these ways As  your replica? ”  Said Demar two.

“ I guess that you just wasn’t self sufficient, so you had to find other means of survival and then when you came to me you just wanted to talk, not do anything illegal - it’s now twelve o’clock A.M. and we should be sleep getting ready for work. And I have to check my phone messages.” Said Demar one. Demar one was happy to know that he had a role as being the boyfriend to the star girl: in Seduced the logics. He was going,there tomorrow to start the role they was just doing sizing and practicing scenes and roles and going around to visit all the places the movie was going to be set at.

Then the day would end and they would do a week of practice runs at each scene, then they would start really making the movie.

Then when it came to it - they probably would have never new and or believed that this was a genetic replica playing these roles.

Demar one was on a run from his self. He was wondering how I could just let the replica be I and act as if it’s me? that’s not normal or natural. So he talked with Demar 2 more and then he went to sleep.

Now that it was easy for Demar 2 to seep into Demar 1’s life, it was easy to realize. Then when Demar 1 woke up, he realized that Demar 2 was gone and he didn’t leave a note or anything stating where he was, he was in the profitable gustier.

So I ended up going to my movie shoot or what ever they were calling it today. Every one was so cheerful and happy on the first set where we practiced some lines. The first set was supposed to be on a beach, a nude beach to be exact. I didn’t know that I was going to have to get naked.

They helped me overcome my fear and that kindred just like did it. If only the cameras would’ve new how deep my life was and what was hidden. The real amplitude was in how I caught myself when I sometimes messed up lines – they wanted me to remember to soon – then they found out that I would be using captioning screens so that I can know my lines. I didn’t mind it. I thought that it was a part of show business.

Any way, we moved on to a new set which just happened to be 20 miles away in a congruent deserted place and I wasn’t even in the scene. Matter fact, I wasn’t in any of the scenes at this place, but I watched the other actors act and they tried to make me a part of the show, even if I was not part of the show.

We were at it all day for eight hours. Then it was time to go home. I went around looking for Demar two and when I finally found him, he was telling me that he went to Frost Studios and handled everything.

  I told him that I wanted him to go somewhere else but not to where he went – he tried to tell me he was sorry but deep down inside I know that he did it on purpose.

Then me and him rode together in my car I was only paranoid a little, but I had to face the fact’s that it was normal to make twin’s, so this was just my twin but if the wrong person found out about my twin, this could hurt many people.

Now as we rode down the street we talked, I tried to tell Demar 2 that. “He should be locked up somewhere for his own safety.” Then he asked me.  “Could he please stay with me a little while longer?" I agreed.

“Since I have two jobs, that I have to do now, you can do the one you went to today and I’ll do the other job.” Said Demar one.

This is great, this is what I always wanted and now I’m going to have it with you.          


Meanwhile at Frost Studios; Alicia was thinking about how the mourning meeting went and about her meeting with Demar 2. She knew someone was lying at this company and it wasn’t her and she was going to get down to the bottom of this one way or another.


Meanwhile at Misty’s spot, she was stumbling upon the fact that the replica was seaming to appear to be too close to the transmitter and she was getting very suspicious. She was wondering should she take things into her own hands since she could not handle the trust she used to have for Demar 1.

She thought and thought. Then she called Demar 1.

 That’s when Demar 2 answered. He said.  “Hello.” She asked Demar 2. “What are you doing with the replica?”  “I don’t know what you mean.” Said Demar 2. “I haven’t seen the replica.” She said. “The device in its back is appearing real, real, real, close to the tracking device, so he has to be near you.” Spoke Alicia. “ Well if I see him I’ll call you and tell you – and I’ll be to see you the day after tomorrow.” Said Demar 2. They hung up.

When Demar 1 got out of the shower. Demar 2 got in the shower after he told Demar one about his little talk with Misty.

He told Demar 1. “That he was going to have a talk with Misty the day after tomorrow.” Demar 1. Then said. “Ok.”  Then he told Demar 2. “Not to answer the phone any more."  He told him, that he was telling him this to keep him out of harms way.
They then departed from each other; when Demar one went to the bar to have drinks - which was three or four blocks from the condo. He walked to the bar.
He was trying to get away from things, living a solitary life was crazy for him.

He was not trying to think about what he had at his house!

What was it - the government would for-show be mad if they found out what was scientifically backwards – though he was not in liability to tell any one. He was formulating a plot to play Demar 2 or he would have to live with this nightmare forever – it had to end somewhere.

On his walk back home from the bar, he heard moans coming from the dumpster. He looked in the dumpster and that’s when he seen another replica of himself in the dumpster. He started running and running - that’s when he found the dead replica of himself waiting to be crushed by the Dumpster truck and token away to the trash plant.

He ran all the way to the condominium and he asked Demar 2. “What is going on, I thought that I just saw me or you in a dumpster, I don’t know what it was but it was a deadly thing?” Said Demar 1.

“Just calm down.”  Said Demar 2. “There has to be a logical explanation to this.” Said Demar two.

 “Logical like what?”  Said Demar 1.  “Maybe me and you should go back and check out the location.”  Said Demar 2. “Why should I do that? Said Demar 1. “We have to see if what you were seeing was real - don’t we?  Said Demar 2 –

“Yea I guess so.” Said Demar 1.

“So let’s go.” Said Demar 2.

They walked very slowly out of the building, people didn’t even question why they all of suddenly seen two of them. It was justified that they walked together that’s when they committed there first crime together.

The crime of murder:  both had the same fingerprints: both touched the body: and both were at the scene of deaf. Even if they didn’t commit these crimes.

So now that they were petrified of the reality measures they would consist of what was being hidden was now back for the draw - but would one of them draw.

“This is not us.”  Said Demar 2 – “It was about 15 minutes ago." Said Demar 1. " Now we need to get to the real source, you killed him Demar and now you’re trying to bring me along for the ride.” Said Demar 2. – “ Naw seriously, I didn’t do anything, I was just at the bar and then I decided to take the long way back, that’s when I heard noises from the dumpster. Then when I looked in the dumpster he was already in the dumpster.” Said Demar one. They made it back to the condominium unharmed, and then they had another discussion.


 He was now ready for what was eager. He was blind to the facts that he never really acted a lot, the cameras never seen what he did. Though he was in a fiendish setting, he was in the jubilation to regret anything that came out of his mouth.
He noticed that the skin on Demar 2’s back was pealing. He asked him.  “What happened?”
 And Demar 2. Said. He fell - he just had an accident that’s all. (quote n quote out)

 Now Demar had been in the road of the envious. He trusted the way that Demar 2 was their when Misty would have never thought that this was the right thing to do. Now that opposites attract he was now on that mission.

Demar 2 asked Demar one to tell him the real reason why he’s letting him live there, at the Condo and Demar 1 was baffled.

He then said. “At least you’re here, just quit asking so many questions!”

“Ok, you didn’t have to be so mean.” Said Demar 2.

The night went on and the mourning came and they went to they job positions - all they could feel was that this was a normal society and that’s what normal people do go to work. Now that they were in the condolences of another 8 hour shift and a 24 hour period.

They separately felt trapped and they were not sure, how not to be trapped, so, they were in reality watching.

Demar two was at work at Frost Studios getting everybody ready for the shoot. He gets everyone gathered they suspect nothing of the person not being who he really was, so he guides and help's the crew. He feels that he never wanted to be this normal, luckily he could know and remember everything that Demar 1 could - at least to a great enough extinct.

So " know" here Alicia comes, congratulating Demar on his aspects and knowledge. He was excepting this from the film producers, managers, and the consultants - everyone admired him.

Demar one was still going threw his week of visualizing and practicing, getting ready to record his new movie called: Seduce the logics.

He was so happy to be doing this job. He expected all his family to be happy for him, his mom was still living. She just lived in a different state than Ohio but she would sometimes come visit him and he loved his mom. He called her every week. She didn’t know that he had a replica of him; she probably would have loved the replica as she would have loved her first son. Now that they were both separated from Demars father because he died in combat he went to war for his self and his country.

Demar was not the type to believe in the war but he respected his father. Any way.

They day just kept going and going at the production building for Seduced logics. Demar got into an argument with one of the actors named Tom. Good thing that none of the highest people saw what was going on in their argument to fire them, but they ended up hearing about it.

They were too rapped up in the fake reality of the movie, but Demar was not exactly like his character in this movie.

Therefore, it was going to be castrated to a municipal game, when the devil catches up to you, he really dose and there is no way to escape what has happened.

Now that they were back on the job traveling to more scenes, doing more acts. Demar 1 felt that this movie that he was in was boring and that he was doing it strictly for the money.

That’s what he was telling some of the people there.

 Demar 2 was still making fabulous impressions on the staff of Frost studios. In addition, they were already thinking about giving Demar 2 more than one position at this company, if he could handle it.

That’s why he said maybe he should just stay the director for now and that’s what Alicia accepted.

She didn’t want to put too much of a burden on him. But she was doing what ever that it was that she needed to do for him, she gave him great parking, free tickets to movies, free gifts and a Frost Studio van and multiple other things. He had his own office. He loved it. He was a director and a consultant.

Now he was threw directing the cameras are blind to me and now in his office doing paper work and consulting with television networks and radio stations.

That’s why they decided to be different and that’s what was confusion the people like Misty and her friends. Demar 2 realized it wasn’t what he was always going to want - was to  work for Demar 1. He just was in the mood to play this little game and he didn’t want the game to end ,so he tried to escape the reality of humans in the world. They were going to talk to Misty and she wanted Demar 2 and even maybe if she had to destroy Demar.

The streets looked so dark to Demar 2, when he was coming from Frost Studios, in his Frost Studio van, he was going back to the condo after work and he was thinking of something devilistic to do and he was not challenged in this world by happiness - he wanted to destroy someone so he started stalking this one girl. He didn’t know who she was but he was watching her all the time. He followed her to her home and on other errands, she ran.

He wanted to do something to her and his thoughts and reactions was racing and he was feeling I know she needs this problem, cause so do I.

I know she wanted me to chase the dream but I wanted everything in reality - not fiction.

The way things were looking is that she was getting things out of her car. She was a white woman about the age of 20 she had nice golden hair and she had on a sweat suit.

The angels that she maneuvered was seaming pretty to Demar 2.

He was jealous of himself and he didn’t want the reason to be devastation. However, in reality he was breaking laws and not caring about what he was going to do next.

As Demar 2 removes himself from his car, he walks around the girls house and try’s to look threw her windows. When he registered the belief that the girl was alone, he starts to break in. What was he going to do kill her, rob her, and rape her? – What ever it was, it would not be right in the authority’s eyes - because they would’ve just wanted justice and the way the game was being played was decibel.

Demar two might’ve figured that he was normal; in reality he would not had normally ran up in somebody’s house and molested them.

The seconds and minutes kept passing and he recollected everything that was on this girls mind. As Demar 2 watched from a far, he could see her going up stairs. Demar two was sticking with being obsessed with watching her only. He watched her in the kitchen then he watched her in the living room!

Then she went upstairs and he watched her undress. He loved the way her body looked. He was not going to stop this; she then went into the bathroom to shower.  Demar two was peeking threw the bathroom door. He was subjected to the belief of killing this girl.

He then felt he wanted to leave this girls premises, so he leaves unaware of the breaking and entering crime he committed and he was in the devolvement of sneaking into Demar 1’s mind. Demar one thought that the replica, which was Demar 2, was a good person, but in reality, he was a mean dirty man that just doesn’t care sometimes and iterates out to harm innocent people.


Alicia Waters was at her house having a little group function when she receives a call from Ken. He states.  “I did it.” She states. “Did what? ”  “I know what you’ve been doing with the files, I know what you are trying to set me up for, and I knew what you wanted me to do - then I came to my reality.”  “I’m not trying to set you up.” Pleaded Alicia. In reality, she was trying to set him up.

He told her - that she had better watch her step - and he told her that he quits – he told her he is moving on to a new job.

At this group meeting at her house, she was telling everyone one about canceling the production of the movie the cameras are blind to me.

She telecasted the belief that she was resident of the hurt she new  that she wanted to take time off herself – and she also had to tell Demar that he was going to be let go because their not making the movie any more.

And she would call him after the group function. She was fed up with what was the real ordeal. She contemplated the worst understanding of what the reality was and she accepted it. What Alicia needed was a reality check. She was coming up with envious ideas and games that she was going to commit. What was her obsession and what was her measure? Her measures of watching Demar all the time, she took the pictures from the cameras of him walking down the halls - at Frost Studios. She took the camera recordings of him in his office and the recordings of the outside areas.

She had this hidden obsession since day one and she added footage of them at the award ceremony.

She made slide shows out of the files, she created the stimulation’s of what she wanted, and she was upset at the fact that Demar didn’t pay attention to her sexually and the gratitude was not serious. She concentrated on the dignity of the man and then they were in the reunion of the past of Alicia Waters.

She used to always get abused by her mother and father. She was remembering - and with that, she wanted to abuse someone else. The group function went on for three hours.

 They discussed many of the changes at the meeting about Frost Studios and explored multiple strategies to keep the operations of Frost Studios running good.

Alicia couldn’t wait to get rid of her friends that came to her house for this group meeting, which was to satisfy her on morals as she went to her computer to study the recordings of Demar for her on fantasy.

 She was satisfied with the abrasion of filter but that was not going to deploy the real settings, she watched and watched. She was going to send this anonymous video to Demar and he was going to be feeling something is not right. He’d probably expect that Misty sent him this video, since she did it once, but this time he would end up triple regretting it.

If he thought that having another human as him was the top priority of negativity, it wouldn’t be anymore.

However, with the oppressive body he was going to not understand what was going on. Alicia could not accept Demar working there and having this obsession at the same time. She wondered to her self-how would I get more recordings on him with out him working. She had no choice but to break into his house and ad cameras in there  - the shit she was willing to do was fucking pathetic – and some how impossible.

She wanted to put a camera in his car, in his bathroom; she wanted the cameras in his soul. Moreover, she was going to locate the exact way to handle this concession.

So she thought it was what would win Demar over but in the ending, she was going to pop up out of nowhere and talk to Demar. I’m guessing to set the mood of her ignored thoughts. Then when the realms changed, she would try to actualize everything she fantasized.

Demar 1 was packing some of his things cause he was going to his house to start staying there instead of his condo. He asked himself am I making the right decision and with that he remorse the belief of his replica. He figured he could trick him - to get away from him, but in reality he wanted more of the sick game and he wanted the sick game, which was Demar 2 to be at his place of residence.

He received the call from Alicia and she told him the making of the movie had been canceled and that he didn’t need to come in any more for work - he couldn’t believe this was not normal just to get rid of someone this way.

He was so upset with the situation. It wasn’t as if he was the one going to work - it was Demar 2 going in his place.

 Demar two was just going to have to find something else to do.


Misty was discussing tactics with some of her friends on how to get into Demars life, enough to take back the replica, because they figured that Demar was keeping Demar 2 against they will.

So they was going to seek out to follow him and see if they can get some solid information on Demar but it wasn’t everything that Misty expected.

The other replicas were being destroyed, she didn’t want one of them to come to life - also she wanted the retaliation of deaf. She was a lot smarter than the negative beliefs of her job. She was a scientist and she had no reason to be this twisted – she should have never used this kind’ve scientific DNA modulation, but she did and what she would do is pay for what she went threw and that would be what was going too happened.


It was now the day that Demar 2 was going over to Misty’s spot to talk to her. He was supposed to be Demar 1, not Demar 2. If they would’ve new that he was Demar 2, they would’ve had everything that they needed and that’s why they didn’t find out.

Demar 2 talked to misty and she was shocked. He made up lies about why he was still looking for the replica and with that, he had more tales to tell. In one of the rooms at Misty’s building the tracking device was going off, that would’ve meant to Misty that the replica was at their building and that would’ve been an easy capture.

Demar and Misty came up with times that they would go out and search for the replica, they would also use the three men that Misty was telling Demar about.

They talked and Misty told him about the belief of him knowing where the replica is.

He benighted the accusation.

They also talked about the danger that Demar could be in if he didn’t protect his self in the right way.

The real reason was to try to get into Misty’s mind enough, where he could tell her about the replica and not be mad. Where he could tell her about the replica and she agrees that he can keep the replica for his on personal study.

He would go to Misty’s building as Demar 1, this time instead of Demar 2. Then he would break it down to her that this is what he new would be the order array.

Misty really just wanted the replica off the streets that could set her mind straight, if she just new exactly where Demar 2 was and that would leave indignations now overcastted.

She would not be mad at Demar 1 in the ending but that’s what Demar thought she would be.

 Misty wasn’t their to hurt him – the way he saw the pictures of his self was just a coincidence to the belief of harm coming from Misty but was not a reality coincidence.

Now that the reasons were set up for why everyone was acting, the way that they were toward each other was casted. Demar two didn’t spend a lot of time with Misty he covered everything with-in thirty minutes.

Then he rushed out of there to talk to Demar one. Demar 1 told Demar 2 that they were going to have to tell Misty the truth because he didn’t want to keep having to deal with her and that’s why they still would. Even though he told the replica it would be in the way that he could still stay out if she agreed - Demar 2 said.

“She will or we can kill her!! ”  Demar one felt a demonic rush go threw his body - he had never killed before and this was what was crazy to him. He found the right reason to say. “We can’t kill her “– “oh yes we can and it can be easy.”

Demar one was still trying to understand himself.

Eventually the replica was going to talk him into committing crimes and destroying people’s lives. The replica would convince him that everything is going in the right notion but he was not caring.

That’s when they heard a knock at his house front door. Demar one goes to answer and the replica leaves the living room where they were sitting.

Then Demar 1 finds out that it was Alicia and he let her in. They set in the living room on the couch. She asked Demar out on a date even though her obsession was to watch Demar with her cameras - and she was really there to case the joint. Then she would think of an exact time to break in to install the cameras somehow she was going to pull this off.

They talked about the movie and why it was going to be canceled. Alicia made it seam like that was the real reason that she came was to talk to him more about why the making of the movie was canceled.

She let him know it wasn’t him - it was the whole production staff and everyone else.

The true reason was that she was becoming someone different and that different someone did not thrust into the belief of working over the obsession. Demar agreed to go out on a date with here that night. He was not trying to get into any kind of relationship, he was just counting this as one time thing that he wouldn’t continue, regardless of how the date went – rather it was good or bad to him didn’t matter.

He was trying to be the good person, but all he needed to do was turn bad and not care. He would end up doing this because he was cursed and he realized that it was fiction.

Therefore, he started wrighting a book called You Are Blind, which was an ovation of his life in the story commenced into fiction prose.

He would soon face all his fears and threats to have something human come take over his life.

 He new this was not normal to happened in the world but he didn’t care. He was actually going threw this, so that pushed back all of them fake lies about what cannot go on normal back. He would be wrighting off and on daily - and he would finish the task. Demar one was peeping around the corner while Alicia was in the living room and he just kept watching.

Then Alicia lifted her self from the couch and she left. She was over Demars house for about an hour then she went home.

 Alicia lived by her self because she was scared of commitment. She was a black girl with long black hair pass her shoulders, she was brown skinned. And pretty petite.

Alicia was in the mood for some more video - she new that the video that she sent to Demar anonymous would be arriving at his house tomorrow and that’s when things were going to get crazier for Demar.

Things were already crazy and they all was becoming and or going threw things that they should have never went threw. Demar 2 was into what he believed was passion and him and Demar 1 - set their talking. He was obsessed with talking to his replica, that’s all they fucking did was talk.

He had envisioned this sick disease and he dosen’t “realizes” it’s a disease, his replica asks him to commit crimes; he weighs this now, but in the future the replica will have enough power to over joy the posterior of Demar 1 and he would obey and be in this sick game for the rest of his life. Alternatively, something adequate to seaming real long.

They chatted and they had an argument about Demar 2 going out while he was on his date with Alicia. The replica didn’t want to stay in the house so, what ever it was to the replica was that he had a free will: meaning he was a free mason in that meaning he was free to travel anywhere he wanted to go.

Now that he could secretly hide, what he was really doing and or going threw. He would need to be in the hidden morals in order to complete what he really wanted as a replica.
“He didn’t understand anything.” Said Demar 2 and he was going to go out soon as he left with this Alicia character. He was admitting to his own feelings that he was going to do something bad very bad and he was not gone care about what Demar or any one else felt about this.
So he gets sicker and sicker it all starts out as something to do because you’re something that is not natural. Then it turns into strict murder rituals and freemason ethics, but he wasn’t a church going citizen and he was really working for the miraculous actions of black magic.

How could he hide this magic, he was planning to have a ritual some how when Demar 1 left. He wanted to go out but he figured he would go after the ritual. He didn’t care if Demar 1 came home and he wasn’t there. He wanted to do what he wanted. Though he had enough respect as Demar 2 to not do to much to upset his self they had replicated idiosyncrasies.

The morals of the habits led Demar 1 to go visit his daddy’s grave. He went and he felt the strength in his body slowly deteriorating and he could feel the valuable assonance.

This was highly violating and this could become efficacious and that was not good or bad to Demar 2. He felt that he could work with what ever was thrown at him.

How to be in the name and the nature of the never boy –

Close - they looking in his eyes -

He feels that he can do what ever he wanted - boy

Now how be in the name and the nature of the never boy.

He wanted to understand himself more as Demar 2 - without killing another innocent person but his persona was in the invisible source at least to some people.

Now that Misty would soon get that call that she had been waiting on and she would soon find out that he never needed what she needed to take away from him. They had already talked: Him Demar one and Him Demar 2 - and from the outcome of their talk, someone may be willing to kill Misty if she gets in the way.

So Demar 1 and Alicia goes to an all you can eat buffet and they have a nice little talk. All Alicia could think of was her obsession with him. She fantasized about flashing cameras, rewinding, and playing the recordings again, she really wished she wasn’t there with him.

 She would rather him die rather than to have any other girl have him. She didn’t want Demar too come in-between what she wanted for her and her recordings of Demar. The sick bitch wanted recordings over the actual human, what a sick bitch!

However, the date continued and the remorse question he asked her was. “How could you do it, how could you just let every body down at Frost Studios?”  Alicia was not sure what he meant – she stated. “I didn’t let anyone down, some of you people is just barking up the wrong tree.”  Said Alicia – “What do you mean some of you?  Said Demar.

“ It’s a lot of people at Frost Studios that just don’t understand what it means to bond with some one and me being the head @ Frost Studios, is something that I don’t know if want continue.” Said Alicia.

“So is that why you fired me and closed the movie down?” 

“I didn’t fire you, in order to get fired, you would’ve had to do something wrong and that’s not what you did.”

The date went on for about two hours. They ate, then they went sight seeing in the days of the monologue; they would just see and talk about what they seen.

Alicia being his supervisor was nice. He never felt that she would stalk him or keep to many private files on his life but Alicia was the beast who would turn into the problem. Beast meaning that all humans and animals are beast according to some bibles in the world – oh yea that and the fact that she is crazy.

The third trinity of Alicia was becoming more vivid, she did actually have three persons in her. The rates are indulged into the grams of lust, trust, fear and hate.

Alicia and Demar departed they were both happy to be going their separate ways. The next thing that Demar 1 was going to do was going to be shocking. He was driving down the street then he ran into a wall on purpose. He wakes up at the hospital confused because he had blanked out for a while, he could not believe what it was that was facing him.

The doctors told him that he lost control of the vehicle, if only they new this was a suicide attempt – or he could be making a diversion toward Demar 2.

 He figured that if Demar 2 found out about this episode that he’d kill himself in some kind of fake fictional way that could’ve been true but in reality, it was and wasn’t.

 He wanted to make Demar two feel sad about what happened and with that he would kill or hurt any one for Demar one. You ask and you may receive. It’s just not, what was going to help - so Demar 1 decided to call Demar 2 at the house – Demar 2 answered and Demar 1 said. “I’m in the hospital; I was in a car wreck I lost control of my vehicle.

 Demar two said. “Don’t lie to me I just had a feeling that you wanted to run into the wall on purpose. Demar one said. “Why would I want to do that?”  “Because you wanted to prove something to me and I’m different than you think. I don’t know what you wanted to prove but I’m not mad, I’m just glad that you’re all right.”Said Demar two.

And the plight situation was elevated to un'plight and they would find out sooner or later that separation was going to be graphic.

Very deadly and horrendous and that pacific belief would have everyone mad.

Now that Demar 1 was in the hospital bed he felt uneasy about the nurses, they appeared to be ghouls in the night.

His mind blinked in and blinked out - he was surrendering to his new anosmatic behavior.

What he decided from thus day forth was to be more like Demar 2 and try to prove to Demar 2 that everything that he did was right.

He was so concluded to the logic that he rushed out of the hospital quick.

He was alright, he just didn’t have his car in a certain way so he called Demar 2  and asked him to come and get him from the hospital. When Demar 2 came - he told him to drive over to Misty, where they will discuss and tell the secret that they have been hiding all along. The secret of all secrete to some aspect. They drove and drove until they made it to Misty’s building. They watched the streets and everyone seamed so innocent on the streets before they made it to Misty.


Meanwhile Alicia was at Demars house and she had all her gear and gadgets waiting so dalais – she swarmed threw the air and the suppression was gesticulate – she placed cameras in the living room the bedroom and the bathrooms.

The cameras was little circle dots with adhesive tape on the back of them. They were cordless and wireless and had ranges on them that pick up miles and miles away. It was unbelievable to her that Demar would ever find the cameras – she was obsessed she wanted to watch and record him for the rest of her days.

She completed what she did and got the hell out of there, it was such a hard trail to follow.

Alicia went to work and she stayed their until 6 o’clock in the evening. They were busy making sure their television shows stayed on the air. She was making sure that everyone did what he or she was supposed to.

In reality, she had a lot on her mind she was a sick twisted person and she deserved to be put to justice. She noticed how that it was that she had to buy more advertising spots from someone that she just didn’t like.

She tried to be the polite one but she ended up – denying the reality facts on what she wanted to do was sneak into Demar’s life. She just liked the chocolate brother more than she needed too and in ways that she shouldn’t had believed. It was in her - to accept what she was going to have to do – was get closer to him in ways that he should’ve never found out.

She would be what messed his life up more, but was who Demar trusted in the begging. She was not aware of the things that she did to him was wrong, it was so desiccated that she was overwhelmed with virtuosity.


Now that Demar 1 and Demar 2 was @ Misty’s they both walked in. Misty said. “So what do we have here, two fugitives on the wrong property running from the law?”

Demar 1 stated. “I came here to have a talk with you.” They then walked to a secluded room where they talked. He told Misty that he wanted to keep the replica for a while then return him.  Somehow, she agreed to allow this to go on.

After all she had broken the law by doing the scientific studies, to see if she could control humans from replicated DNA; the project didn’t work to her but some how it was control because Demar one didn’t even realize that he was getting controlled; real prospectus and they were trying now, to be more like the replica.

They told Misty with a threat: “if you come in-between us wrong we’ll kill you.” - Misty Said. “ There’s no need for this kind’ve talking, I’m still with you guys and allowing this, don’t forget that I’m the one who can get in trouble also, so don’t keep jumping to bad conclusions.

The air was perfect to Demar 1 and Demar 2 they were out on the streets together when Demar 2 said. “Let’s do something - let me see how much heart you got.”

Demar 2 new Demar 1 was ready - cause he had told him on the ride to Misty’s that he wanted to harm innocent people. So Demar 1 asked him what should we do.

Demar two suggested kidnapping and torture. So they kidnapped a girl and her daughter and take’s them back to they house.

 They sit both of the females down in the living room .The mom was 34 and the daughter was eleven. They were both Caucasian.

They were feared the whole entire time that the two black men kept talking to them.

They took them to the basement in the house where they sodomized the victims. In addition, burned the victims, they needed this thrill of being different it wasn’t what Misty had in mind by allowing them to keep this hidden life.

In reality there was going to be recorded video footage of this Demar 1 and Demar 2 both recorded the abuse, but they was not aware of the recorded video footage that Alicia would’ve had.

She wanted it, she thought everything was good for her - it was what she wanted as she sat there watching the two black men abuse the two girls. It was sickening.

Not to the ones involved in the crime, they abused the women more, then they killed them and took they body off the premises to be dumped in the river; they felt clear of the problem. They were so happy that they committed this crime and it was pitiful.

They were going to be becoming serial killers they were heart less and they realized these heart less endeavors because someone manipulated them by stilling DNA and replicating the human body. This was deep enough for them to be soul struck-in humans and they await the next ritual of killing they can taste it.

Demar one finished the movie called Seduced Logics and it came out at the movie theaters. His celebrity life of making the movie was blind, everthing that the cameras recorded for the movie was blind to the eyes of Demar – he felt the cameras are blind to me – they don’t see the reality that I go threw.

He received a package in the mail and he put the CD into the CD player they mysteriously was watching the recording of, everthing that they had been doing in the last few days.

He new that they had recorded footage on the replica and the real human. Somehow, he didn’t know how, who, ever this was could do this. Demar 2 said. “We have to find out who ever did this and kill them, they are in the way.”

It wasn’t going to be easy trying to find who sent these tapes. Involving the police might could help, but that was the last thing they was going to want to do, was attempt to trace who sent the package threw the mail.

They was trying to get over what they seen, but it appears that there are cameras watching them and that the cameras are blind to.

As Alicia continues her obsession, she soon watched the tape - if she were away she would watch the tapes before she went to bed - if nothing was going on in a scene she would fast-forward the video.

The next day Alicia took her camcorder out to be at the resident of Demar - to follow him. She followed him all day recording his in’s and outs and feeling that everything she did was right.

She was not going to let something come in-between her and her fantasy’s.

That’s when later she made it back home to receive a call from her x boyfriend named Allen who wanted to talk to her, in other words, he wanted to have sex and kick it.

Only if Allen knew that she was into some serious ignored shit that Allen would not approve of.

She invited Allen over; he was a light-skinned man, who wore braids.

Alicia talked to Allen when he came over about her obsession; she told him that she wanted him to help her create her obsession stronger.

He was shook at first then he started watching the videos and admitting that he wanted a part of this somehow.

She talked to Allen and told him if he really loved her, he would do anything for them. Even though they relationship was broke up, it wasn’t because of an argument, it was because they just decided to postpone their relationship because they were confused.

So he accepts his lover’s request.

If he only knew he was the fool to be the accomplice of this situation, they worked out plans and schedules she wanted Allen Waters to be a deliveryman and go get in close on Demar.

Allen agreed to do this and he was so crazy for his wife, they were married and never divorced but they separated apart for a few months and now he’s back in her life.

Allen was an insurance agent and he was into something that was hidden, nobody around him was expecting him to be a killer or a real bad person, but he was defiantly set up to look as if the good person.

Now that Alicia feels that while she is at work, someone else could be doing her dirty work.

Now Demar 1 and 2 were looking for something to get into. They had been out, every since the mourning when Alicia first started following them.

They stopped at Burger king to get something to eat and then they departed. They were so shocked when the police pulled them over and asked them for driver’s license. Demar 1 gave the officer his license; the officer told Demar that they were doing routine checks on certain vehicles.

The officer checked the license data and seen that their were no warrants issued and no tickets un-paid so he let them go. If only the cop new that they had been out committing crimes and the fidelity of the situation was deep.

They drove off feared of what the next cop might do, they thought for a minute that the cop had had all the information that he needed to get them for murder and what ever else that they committed.

The way that they were feared stopped them from creating another crime this day. Demar was not his usual self, so he stopped doing movies a lot, his job of being behind the cameras were blinding.

Not that that would matter - they had Misty out of the picture and they were into the freemason thing.

They were convinced that they were going to kill again, and they were not going to be afraid. So they had to work with what they had they saw something on TV about a girl and her daughter going missing – they was just asking if any body seen or heard anything let the police know.

They didn’t know that the two females were dead but Demar and Demar 2 knew and they were proud of their selves. When they saw the video they were in the mission of being neglected from normal society, they were deprived of there, congeniality, and when the bomb smoked, it really smoked.

They came to a decision. Then when he found out that the harassing tournaments was eradicate. He found the reason of disscoialization to be his property words. How could he elevate an exact exert.

 It’s in his nature to wish and Demar1 and Demar 2 would fully understand the rush of the hail of the creature.

Alicia was on her ethics, it was now her passion to think in dialogue to be this careen and she found that the teal concept was right. She would go out to these two niggas house tonight.

With the Esperance of the location, she was ready to foundate and that date would be the way she accepted – a question - yes a question?  Would she take Allen on the excavenous with her?




 That’s what I was asking my self.

Nevertheless, I think she might.


With the temperaments found with-in, Mrs. Water’s handgun was crazy, not to disincline – but to dislodge - the stun gun that she carried also.

And she was ready for this awesome feat. And the retreat would glide into the passive options of the everlasting breath. She talked to Allen on her cell phone and pertinent to him on his cell phone. And she was at tone at him. And he at tone with her.

They competed with each other’s emotions over the phone.

They wanted to do what ever the other one did more.

It was the reselection of his detection. He accepted the fact that at nine o’clock, he would go to; but what he didn’t realize was a way to exonerate the method martinet of the next game.

Now with the Phillips that was Allen’s last name before it was changed to an unexpected error in his wife’s life.

The real reason why the Phillips was in it was for  the greed, envy, and the any other things that’s “ synomous” you can look at me as foolish  for writing this but the Phillips is the Waters we just changed  they name.


The nightfall came laid out as satin in a gun shoot out. That’s what her - oh yea and that dude two felt about the mission to go fuck over Demar and in the ending Demar 2. The one Alicia and Allen don’t know about.

And on top of that, they have started a new cult operation called kid napping and academy.


For this they may feel that they don’t feel safe with these two situations there: ALICIA AND ALLEN - So right now it’s either right this down for them to accidently not make it to Demar one and Demar 2  - “or” let them make it and Demar 1 and 2 Kills them, or gets away from them.




So now, that Allen and Alicia was there, where they were at and they had to articulate a reason to get away from Demar 1 and Demar 2. If they got out of hand but they wasn’t there to rob them maybe to fuck with them.

But Alicia’s obsession with Demar was coming deeper and she was not even mad!

Now that the worlds was coming more profiling for Demar – I ‘mean – I guess – but what is he gone do when they right out side right now!

Now that Alicia and Allen is creeping to a new window as they peek in and look at Demar one  and Demar 2 _ they wonder and talk about how could it be two of them – the cultivation was becoming indignity.

They kept watching the two.

Then they broke in and they were inside of Demar 1 and Demar 2’s Place. And they didn't know and then when it was wet.

They then finally got to Demar 1 and Demar 2 after watching allot. Then Alicia told Demar – “I’m obsessed with you.” – In some kind, ve low tone- “I’m so in love with you.”  Right then she went right up and kiss Demar one as if Demar 2 wasn’t there.

So Demar 2 said. “Where is my kiss?”  Alicia said. “What are you?”  “I know you want me.” Said Demar 2 serious – there was silence-

Demar one asked. “So why did you just bust up in my shit – I didn’t call you to come, and we didn’t have anything arranged?”

“Well!” Said Allen after his silence spell –“I came here with her to destroy you” - Allen might not have seamed hard – but he was about his business.

“Now give us what we came for which is the clone.” Said Allen

Alicia was feeling like what did he just say “the clone.”

I was supposed to be here because of my obsession- but now Allen wants to change, everthing - to that, we came here for the replica – just because I told him that I didn’t know that Demar had a twin.

Now he wants the replica.

Now Alicia walks over to Allen and she whispers in his ear.

“Fuck the replica - I don’t want the replica, I’m obsessed with Demar.” She said.

Then Allen said. “Well think about it this way at least you will have two of them. Then she asked him. “What are we going to do?”

That’s when Demar was so fed up with all this whispering and coming in, or should I say breaking in out of nowhere.

He said: Demar 1: “Well yall ain’t welcome here and it’s time to go.” Demar two then said right after him – “yea get yall shit and get to going me and him don’t’ want yall here.”  “Unless yall gay or some Lesbians” Said Allen out of nowhere.  – “naw fuck that gay shit.” Said Demar one. “Yea that’s right.” Said Demar 2 as he gave Demar 2 some rock and they were both happy about that.

“Why do we have to make this complicated?” Said Alicia. “We just can’t let any one do what they want and be who they wanted, Now that we can understand the both of you. We have a proposition for you.

It’s called tell the obsession and get away with it.”Said Alicia.

However, Alicia’s real plan was to kill one of them and keep the other. However, this thing was getting out of hand and Demar 1 and 2 was not going to sit around dumb as fuck and let them get away with everything.

So they started switching up there tones and saying crazy things to Alicia and Allen who had broke into their house and found out the secrete.

Demar two ran to another room and was outside in no time it was nothing much that Alicia and Allen could do it was so quick.

Now they would be the worst way and they were going to try to stop Alicia.


Come to find out this was a dream that Demar 1 was having about someone named Alicia and Allen coming over. Even though they were actually plotting on going, over there they would get there and we would see what happened.

Now that Alicia has made up her mind and the aspects was going to damage Demar he would have to come up with something to save his self and Demar 2 if he still cared. Now the reality was getting wiser. In the meantime.


Too be continued


End of short story version



Extravagant measures condemend in sin: written by regardless devon victory:






 (The missing a in literture trademark)


When sin finds out that his girl Tameka was murdered in this urban fiction book. He seeks out to set certain people up to get close and manipulate other people. He get's involved with selling drugs and working at a hospital. He hides the fact that his sexual life is more bisexual than heterosexual... When Marco sins boyfriend- should I just say friend,find out that his cousin is in a deep situation- Marco travels alone and goes to resolve the problem- little did his cousin know that that would be more of the problem in the future.




“So what the fuck you keep worrying about nigga - look nigga you mid - as well forget about that girl. She was only out to hurt you and get you for your mental keys, and any other reality keys she could get. Said Andel.”

“Naw dawg because you know the real scope, and I can tell from a mile away, she trying to play me, like I ain’t get that niggas life keys. We murdered him and she knows.” Said Sin.

“Naw Angie ain’t got anything to do with this, it was probably Amber and they can tell the real scope. Said Andel.”

“However, I do not think Amber knows anything. Stated Sin.” Carmex and Trinidad are all willing to get together and fuck over that nigga, and now that this is the extravagant measure, we will conclude the reality. Stated Andel.”

“On the other hand, we could easily just tell everybody that we were going to the hills, in Texas. Then you know, what’s gone happened. So let us not beat around the bushes.” Stated Steve”

All he wanted was an excursion, an excursion that couldn’t be cooperated.

I seen it in him, all he believed in was crumbling around his existence. I could have sworn he was the nigga I needed but I didn’t know how to tell him, that he couldn’t be the only one. Me being Steve, after I broke up with Evans.

Condemned me into something I would’ve never faith of a less cherished. However, I was so condemned into sin. That I was embarrassed, of the manipulations that he conceived. I was looking for more of a black man than that, I’d imagined.

I could’ve sworn that the cultivation of the mahoganistic table, that was right there in front of me. I wanted it. I wanted the drugs bad. In addition, the cocaine was so beautiful it wasn’t even making me skinny. it was making me crazy and delusional; I loved Marcos black ass and he loved my black ass.

 I wish I would’ve thought about the sins that I’ve committed, before I committed the ultimate sin. The sin that could wash away my everlasting fears. The sin that could not, escape my sonnance.The security that couldn’t break my habits.

Tuesday afternoon: 12:30


I loved the way Amber treated me. She would come over all the time, when I was at work and she episodically changed the epidemics.

I could always see the detention in her; she introduced me to Mr. Depiction and several other things. I admired her. She also introduced me to a street life, a street life that could sucumber redemption.

In addition, I thought I was doing the right thing. “But sometimes when I rubbed my dogs back I would start to feel something so deep and sexual.

I talked very strenuous to Amber about that freaky animal shit, and she was so afraid. I scared the muthafucking shit out of her. She had long brown hair she was light skinned, no facial blemishes and she had a nice body. Matter fact that was the same good characteristics of Marco.


Tuesday afternoon January the 22nd of 2009 @ 1:30 Amber arrives with her girls.


Tuesday afternoon January  the 22nd  @ 1:40 she starts talking to marco:


“You see Marco these bitches here are hoes – prime hoes - and hoes that will do whatever you want them to do. Tell em bitches.”  “We’re all hoes - we’re all slutty hoes.” Remarked ten girls. Marco stated. “Well these are some very nice bitches, and shit you got, but I just didn’t plan on being no pander, but.” –

“But nothing.” stated Amber. As she grasped Marco. Then she said. “When I say something, it’s like some shit, I mean and where it is, some shit where you got to accept”. “But where are all the muthafucking twinks, at bitch.”

“Oh shit.” as Amber started laughing.

“If I would’ve new this was, all about dicks I would’ve brung all dicks. However, hold on one second.”

As Amber walked over to one of the girls that were lined up on the wall. In the back yard of Marcos. Amber spoke. “Ah Shelly - bring that nice ass here. As she stated. “Come with me.” and then she walked back over to where Marco was standing. Then stated. “Ah Shelly show him your piece.” Shelly moved her skirt to the upside.

Shelly was a transsexual female. Afther the girl showed Marco her piece. Amber then told the female, to get back over on the wall.

“You see that there.” Stated Amber. “That is a vigorous hoe, these kind’ve hoes are different from prime hoes. Prime hoes are designed to fuck, make-em feel good and serve them more.

Nevertheless, vigorous hoes are designed to fuck them, rob them, and then never be seen a-gin.” Said Amber.

 I understand you have a decent motive and shit, bringing all of your bitches over here - in yalls little tour bus – but I ain’t no fag ass nigga, And I expect to be honestly re-connecting the passes to the westward. But muthafuckas keep thinking that I got to watch they bitches and the operation that I’ve designed is really based on money.”

As they, could both see Steve coming from the inside of the house, using the back door? “You see my boyfriend Steve, doesn’t really like to Play games and or bite his tongue. So there for the understanding that I have for him is duplicate. Meaning when he says something that - it’s what goes.” Said Marco.

As Steve got closer, with smiles, on his face, moving in toward Amber.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Stated Steve. “Minding my own damn business replied Amber.” As they hugged?

“You see me and my bitches are looking for a nice night, on the town and we want you and Marco to come and get involved in a little perpetuous sin. That kind of sin that could have you spanking your own ass and washing these other hoes dishes.” Stated Amber.

“Oh so you think you got game like that - oh, so it’s like that. I’m always up for a challenged and any challenge, that I have not Accomplished, I master that new challenged.” Stated Steve.

“So where is this event going to be”. Stated Marco.

Amber replied. “Over there on Launder and Able at Club Ever, next week Friday to be exact. We have some dope and shit that we’re going to take from some sucker ass nigga, who beat up one of my girls.

that shits gone be fair - The muthafucka gonna to pay.” Said Amber. “Who is the nigga?” Stated Steve. “Amber said. “ Polo, you know that nigga that work at Mendel’s Bar down town?”

“ Yea I know that nigga.” Stated Steve. Amber said. “Yea that’s the nigga.”

“Anyway, my girls and me got somewhere to be so we can’t stay here chatting all day.” Said Amber.

Marco and Steve was like, all right, we’ll get up later, and we’ll talk about that event, later too.” said Marco. Amber walked off.


Tuesday afternoon January  22nd 2009 @ 2:00 Amber leaves



Tuesday afternoon January 22nd 2009 2:15 In Steves House.


Marco and Steve were now accomplished in the living room. “ You know we need to handle those Certificates.” Stated Steve. “We need to get them to the bank in a safe, deposit box, because the slightest little advertencia could throw everything off.”

“But I don’t really want to be the suspect, so you must go to the bank by yourself.” Stated Steve. To Marco.“ It’s on - I gotta go pick up the guns and other superficial things. But on the real Club Ever ain’t really even, on my mind.” Said Marco.

“ You don’t have to go to Club Ever, if you don’t want too. I can go with-out you and there will be no hard feelings. I really love you and I always will.” Stated Steve.” “All the things that I’ve did in my life seems to back fire. I never decided not to go to that social point, of my next commission, but I did teach myself how not to be mistaken.” Said Steve.”

“ I understand that. It’s just to a certain point where you, don’t have to care, if you gay or if you’re just some lunatic, willing to sexually molest, or connive another human, out of morals said Marco.”

Marco could’ve been in contention of needing a different situation of what the propensity would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, been - the propensity, for actually committing the arson.

However, would the conflagration ever move the strength, which created sin?

Now I would’ve seen the prodigy, if I were Steve, based on all that has happen so far. However, as far as Amber. I would’ve not thought twice about if it was a crime or not, or if I was in a jeopardized situation. You know with all those bitches.

“ Realistically thinking. I don’t mind being by gay people, long as they don’t fuck with me, if I’m not trying to fuck with them.” Sated Steve.

“ I thought before that my world would end or be halted.” Stated Wine “ Now suggestions are unreal. As far as will - I will kill that muthfucka, for what he done too you.” Stated Marco.

As he rendered everything that Marco had just spoke, about that nigga named will.“Well me and will go way back, every since Elementary : Brownville School.

That school was in Texas before I moved to Los Angeles. However, that nigga somehow followed me  to L.A.”

These two niggas didn’t start showing there gay gregariousness, until they were eighteen. And they never played they self as fag’s unless they new, that the other people was on the same shit. Now that they do, they‘re missing certain characteristics : hell gay twisting, dressing like a fag, and feminine trivial. All in all, they was alright people to the people, that they were around, But they were facing reality virtuous, and excepting a exclaniation,of an incubus dwelling, on the surface of a trill.

These were also not the exact people you would say ah he’s a black twink, ah he’s a white twink.

Even though most twinks, are probably considered white : you know the ones that look, younger smaller in height, weight, or what not.Guaranteed to probably be petite and tight in the ass.

Any way this is just the conduction, they needed to handle a few endeavors like, when too be at a certain spot, when to not been seen, How to manipulate minds. All I know is that, I will die by the sin, that has condemned my life and then live in dreams, while I’m dead.


And not care.


On Tuesday January 22nd  6:AM-11:PM


  2009 Steve and Marco went to work,the store,multiple friend’s house,and a basket ball game.


Wensday January 23rd 1:00P.M 2009 Steves thought’s


I’m made out of ceman and sin, so instead of using my name as Steve. I will be called Sin.

“ Ah, Marco you know what, I was just thinking about some real shit, that led me to the jurisdiction, that Steve is not a real enough name for me. Therefore, I could easily be intelligent enough to believe, that I needed a change. So I’m going to start telling people, to call me by my nickname, instead of Steve my name will be Sin.” Stated Sin.

“ That’s legit.” Said Marco. “ That is probably what you needed something different, it’s as if life is whatever you make it, reality or not. Sin is reality and it’s also the fiction reality that destroys, multiple peoples.” Said Marco.

“ When you think about it. It’s all in the hands of the wrong people. So they, just decide, what they feel is the right thing, to feel. But who gives a fuck.” Said Marco. “ Not me.” Stated Sin. “Not me neither. ” Stated Marco.

“ I know, I know when I get the feelings right I’ll capture them.” Stated Sin and or Marco                                                


Marco was in his burban going, over to his friend, named Clemons. And Sin was going to the car wash too clean his Dodge Intrepid.

“Ah what’s up Steve.” Stated Adria. Steve’s mom. “ It’s not Steve mom, it’s Sin. I named myself sin because I realize the down falls and the up and downs in life. Now I’m committed.” Stated sin.”“ Well if that is what you won't, I’ll try to remember - damn yall boys always coming up with rap names and shit.” Stated Adria.

“ I know - but mom I have a big favor, my friend named sell, needs a place to stay for the night, and I don’t want to let Marco know.

So I was wondering could he stay here tonight. Don’t worry mom it’s going to be quiet and ever lastingly slow.” Stated Sin. “So what is it.” Stated Sin?

A silence ransomed threw the air.

“ I guess so, Sin. but don’t think that I’m going to keep allowing this or make a habit out of it.” Stated Adria.

“Ok mom. Thank you very much, I’ll call you when it’s about time, or if plans change ; matter of fact, he doesn’t’ even need to stay the whole night, just like three or four hours.”

as sin kissed his mom on the cheek and bounced. Adria said.  “ stay safe out there Sin.” As she looked out the front door at Sin. He said. “ Alright.” And Adria shut the door.


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3 months before Saturday October 31 2009 halloween @ 8:PM


Wensday January 23rd 2009


“ It’s all in your mind what you believe.” “ I don’t jeopardize myself unrealistically, so it’s your choice, are you, or are you, not down.” Stated Column.

“ Well it’s weighing the situation to the point, when if it need be, I’m going to be down, unless it’s some other skistafrantic muthfucka who needs pain.” Said Zeff.

“ Ok let’s look at this from a different point of view, if we go over there right now, unprotected we’d be all set up. we don’t want to put that on ourselves. We don’t need to be in a backwards position.” Said Column. “All right - its game.”  



3 Months after Saturday October 31 2009 halloween @ 8:PM :


If sin and Marco knew what was creeping around the corner, they would be watching they backs and loading up, the guns for warfare.

However, it would be septic to go against the

corruption that had led both of these men in lieu.

But the real exception would be extraditious.



So now Marco pulls up in the drive way of Clemons and blows his horn.

The music was on a banging rap song from an independent artists: Dubee aka Suger Wolf. Now here comes Clemons rupturing out of the door.

As Marco turned the music down.“ What’s up playboy.” Stated Marco. “ Shit doing the damn thing.” announced Clemons.

“ So what are you getting into tonight. Sin asked me to check with you and see if you wanted to go to Club Ever, because Amber - you know Amber the bitch that tries to make sure that she stays in a situation to pander bitches.” Said Marco.“ Yea I know who she is.” Stated Clemons.

“Well any way, she was trying to get me involved in a situation, to show these hoes the ways of the world. On the real I denighed, the actual captions, that I wanted to help her. In- addition, the bitch offered me some stank ass bitches.

And then when I antagonized her, she had the conception to bring out females with dicks. I was like hell naw! Then she invited me and Sin to Club Ever.

So you know - just be aware, that if you want the position to suicide these bitches, into some freak shows and porn movies,this should be an graphic meal ticket.” Said Marco.

“ Shit'd - well I’m game, I’m going to run some of my other errands and shit, then I’m gone hit you back up. I’m about to hop, in my car right now and handle some shit.” Then at about nine o-clock, that’s when I’ll hit you up.” Said Clemons.

“It’s on - I’m gone talk to sin about this shit and you can call him at nine, because at nine I’ll probably be busy. Moreover, he’ll give you

The run down.”  They hit each other’s rock and then bounced



Sin picked up his razor cell phone and called Evet from his car. She was a mixed breed : white and black, long hair to her back pin pointing, a good condition. She talked as if she had common sense, she wasn’t no childish motherfucker. She was realer than fake. He dilled her number. The phone ranged and she picked up and said.


               “ hello.”


“What’s up I know you should be wore out afther we kicked it all last week, like a muthfucka, but shit'd I got a great issue, that is perpendicular. I got this trifling bitch named, Amber; she’s talking real good and shit. In addition, I need you to ride with me to Club Ever, next Friday.” Said Sin.

“ So what is it that, you want me to do.” Said Evet? “ Well for starters, since yall never met, I want you to get cool with her, and then afther that I want you to play her like a sucker.”

“I can do that.” Said Evet. “ I want you to be cool with her, she has like ten bitches that always sticks together with her. They keep a lot of dope and she got these bitches trained to get paid and fucked.” Said Sin. “So you want me to get trained and fucked.”  Said Evet.

Hell yea, you know like some shit - this could be all over with in about a month. But if it takes longer, I’ll pay you more – on top of that, this bitch gone pay you and keep you with dope, weed, and whatever else, kind’ve dope you want.” Stated Sin

“Is that right.” Stated Evet. “ You aren’t scared are you.” entitled Sin. Evet replied. “ Naw nigga are you scared.” Sin stated. “ Naw baby, I’ve been around, so I know the structure” Said Sin.

“ All right I’m gone give you a little run down on what I’m gone do. I’m gone come off, casual and collective to the point where I want to be her girlfriend.”

“Sin then interjected, but don’t fall in love.” Evet then interjected back. “ Naw, I’m gone treat her like she supposed to be treated like a hoe. And then I’m gone put a bunch of bull shit – don’t get me wrong, I mean good bull shit, into her and her girls heads. I mean all ten of them. Then I’m going to attempt to break them up, and make them go against each other. I’m gone have that bitch Amber thinking that her girls is stealing dope.”

“ That’s great I’ve, heard enough, if I hear any more of this, I’m gone need to read a book called the games of Evet.

I’m about to go to the car wash, then I’m going to hit you back up or come through and get you high, later on.” Said Sin.



 The next day Saturday April 10th:


Sin and Marco went to their neighborhood local gym, to exercise. They was like cool with everybody there. Carla the Secretary. The main people who usually always hook up at the gym on Fridays. Mike, Wine, Alex, Sheila and Ebony.

Even though they were cool with more people these were the main people that they trusted. As Sin was in the weight area, sitting lifting the dumb bells. – one in his left hand – one in his right hand. He was talking to Mike. Mike stated.

“ Why haven’t we been fucking lately”? “Probably because you always chasing your bitch around.” Stated Sin.“ Naw on the real, I always have time for you.” “ Why dont you tell that to that phone that never rings.” Stated Sin.

 As they could see Sheila walking, over from the television area ? Sheila implemented.

“ Ah that was some played out shit, that you did to my girl Trina.”She told - Mike.

“ Naw see, she was asking for it, she called my shit cussing me out, as if I knew what the fuck some nigga ran up in her shit for and stole some shit.” Said Mike.

“ She told me that you put her ass out on the by-way, in the middle of the fucking night.” Said Sheila.

 “ Damn!” Said Sin. as he laughed and grabbed Mikes hand.

Sheila stated. “ That shits not funny.”

“ Yea but on the real, I did that afther she made suggestions, that I had them motherfuckers who rob her house, do the shit. She called me a liar. It was like ten minutes from her house, the bitch needed the exercise.” Said Mike.

“ Well I’m gone tell you like this, you’s a sucker ass nigga and if she ever decides to forgive you, I don’t know if I will.” Said Sheila.

“ Naw girl come the fuck over here and give me a damn hug – she didn’t move as mike moved in to grab her. She was like. “ Naw mike move, get away from me.” Sin stepped in like.

“ Ah, man don’t worry about her, let her go – ah, Sheila don’t leave this fucking gym without me talking to you, before you go.” Stated Sin. “ All right.” Said Sheila. As she moved away.

“ Ah look dog, don’t let her get into your mind and manipulate you. We’ve been cool for a long time and she’s going to come around, we don’t need to break up our friendships together – none of us.” Stated Sin.“ But look Friday gone be that shit, that’s the best thing for our minds to be on right now –


as there convo - - continued.


(Something happened in a different area of the gym :)


“ I can’t believe this, that nigga Mike, over there on some bullshit.” Stated Sheila. “ What’s up, whats the deal.” Stated Marco.

“ Well this all started a month ago, when Ebony brought this gay dude over named Seven. And Mike and Seven got into a fight. In addition, Mike thinks that Ebony brung seven over to set him up.” Said Sheila.

“ I’m aware of that.” Spoke Marco.

“Well any way, them niggas started bitchen and bickering over who did what, at a restaurant some bull shit about who was gone pay for what. All three of them were off in there on some broke shit. They didn’t even need to put that type of shit in the air.” Stated Sheila.

“ On the real they should’ve went into whatever it was that, they needed to handle, instead of keeping it on their conscious. Nobody should just be disrespecting anybody. I ain’t saying that they shouldn’t be cool. I’m just saying, why wait for the fucking sin to catch up. I always been a trill so I usually go ahead and do what needs to be done.” Said Alex.

“ Ok, ok, wait a minute hold up, what about that time you took that dope from me and told me that it was in my best interest.” Said Ebony too Alex.“ It was in your best interest, wherever you were going, there was going to be cops there.” Said Wine.

“ Yea we were really, out to protect you. We didn’t want to see any harm come to you.” Stated Marco.

 “ Yea I did what was right for you.” Said Alex.

“ Any way I never played that nigga Mike - he just thinks everything is a mind game and I don’t want to play no mind games.” Said Ebony.

“Look Sheila I’m gone tell you this, straight reparteeish, get over what that nigga Mike did, and get over that shit, right now. We niggas need to stay cool and Sheila, we really need you in our life.” Said Wine.

“ When push comes to shove, you talk about it and work the shit out.” Said Marco.

“ I understand that, Mike could have stepped out of line, but mike is a man.” Stated Alex.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean.” Stated Sheila. Ebony steps in :

“ It means he, is too pressed on his friend, to give a fuck about reality.” Stated Ebony.


(Back over in the other area)


“ Therefore, we handle that shit on Friday.” Said Sin. “ And it has to be in a hot way.” Said Mike. “ I’m not trying to sit around all bored and shit. I will just say it’s about more than getting high. Stated Sin.”

“ Ok I understand that.” Said Mike. Then Sin and mike started walking over to where Sheila, nem was at.

Soon as they got over there, Mike pulled out his cell phone and called Trina - Sin said what’s up to everybody, in this new area and then he started talking.

Then out of nowhere, it was silence when Mike started waving his hands trying to quiet everybody down, so they could hear what was being stated by him on the phone.

“ Ah is Trina there.” pronounced Mike. “ who is this.” Asked Kim, Trina’s friend. “ This Mike - told Mike. Kim said. “ hold on.”

Mike was intricated to the fact that, Trina usually always answers her own phone. When Trina came to the phone Mike said. “What’s up.” Trina said. “ What do you want. ” Mike was like. “ You know, I’m sorry about putting you out on the by - way, I love you and I want us to still be friends... so in order for you to forgive me I want you to go out to dinner with me tonight.” Said Mike.

“ So how do I know that you’re not up to your same old games and shit.” Said Trina. “Maybe because I gave you my word. Maybe because of what you - Marco and I have been through. Maybe because  I’m a decent black nigga.” There was a slight silence in the air. Then Trina said. "I hate you, you get on my nerves - but I’m going to forgive you this time, but if you fuck up a-gin, I’m gone fuck you up.”

“ All right, I’ll holler back.” Said Mike. And he immediately hung up the phone. You see that every one – you hear that Sheila, she accepted my apology, and we’re going out tonight.

All I wanna know, is do you want to come Sheila. Because you know I should be asking, for your forgiveness also.”

Every one there tried to coach her to be - to except. Marco stated.“ maybe we all should go.”



  3 Hours later:


Marco and Sin had drove separate cars to the gym. Even though they traveled, separate a lot they probably were never going to break up as boyfriends. They had been in a sexual Relationship for a long time.

Expeditious as it could seam, it would be stupid to break up, when they let each other have separate sex partners. The propensity would’ve been dubious. So all of the inquetical sin still prones to be shown in the men’s life.

This still has not exemplified the excitation, of the procure sin, that would’ve been in conception, to the measures without the extradition,of the actual redemption, of sin and situations that were condemned.

Would have ended up prevently showing?

So now with weighing situations like : Sheila, Ebony and Trina. Mixed with Clemon, Evet and sins mother Adria.

 Also fornicating the belief of Amber mixed with the rivals, who were about to be looking for Sin: named Zeff and Column.

Also with the passion found out about Will. Moreover, future people named Smith Watson, Kelly and Ambers sister,Vera. In addition, Ebony’s cousin named Tameka.

Shit is going to be getting deeper and deeper and that’s by their life styles.


4 Hours earlier


“ Why would I commit to the feelings that I’ve never felt. Now you can see the bigger picture.”

“ I understand but why dont you really come and tell me what you feel.”

“ Now I can just imagine how that niggas sin felt and or will feel. When the problems starts catching back up to them.”

“So I’m aware and you can be the victim for drinking a little bit of liquor.”

“So if I decide to choose backwards ways, I have accepted that, I’m willing to die for these sins, or the sins would’ve never happened.”

“I’ve cherished multiple dreams and I don’t necessarily believe in dreams”  “but patching up the closed and transferring it, into talkative measures is not always the best thing.

So if I was me, I would stick with what I believe in.”


Monday day before :


Sin appeared over Evet’s house at about two thirty. “ She was like nigga I thought you were going to call before you came.” Sin was talking like. “ I ended some of my situations, so I can handle this with you.” He told her that he got a call from one of his friends and that they wanted to go out to a restaurant, and that they were going to keep felicity between friends. She accepted his comments.

Then she and he talked, about how they could set up Amber. They commemorated for about thirty minutes - to an hour and ate some Pizza.

They talked then they fucked. He wondered would his boyfriend Marco be mad, when he told him about Evet.

However, he wasn’t even sure if he would tell Marco. However, Marco trusted him.

Sin and Marco met up at their house at about five. They articulated the facts about Will and they decided to have him come over. As far as Amber they, discussed her and she would know what was up, when it was time.

They had four of their friends over. Sitting around playing the Play station video game. Drinking and smoking, these niggas loved weed every day.

Now as they kicked it they appeared to here gun shots from outside. They were all like oh shit.There was Pat, Dell, Arnold, Hess, Sin, and Marco. They was all shocked, then Sin started cussing and saying shit and trying to figure out, who did what and what happened.

He made it to the window and looked out he could see that his car had been shot up. But they were annihilated to the condition that they would find out who did what.

Pat was throwing in the air. “ I can’t believe yall niggas set me up for this.” Sin said. “Nobody set, shit up, you been in and you know how shit is.” Dell then pronounced.

“ Ah I’m about to call up Evan, you know he gone have the inside information on who did what.”

“ I Don’t know if I wannna trust that nigga.” Said Marco.

“ You should trust us.” Sated Hess. “ We’ve been knowing this nigga for years, and he always, comes up with a decent situation.” He wouldn’t fuck us.” Said Hess. The outdoor corridors were feeling phobias; they all looked at each other as if this was the end of the world.                              


Zeff and Column was ridding down the street in a Denali, they had just shot up Sins and Marcos place.

“ They had better start thinking about what the real deal is, the muthafuckas gone pay, I’m just happy we shot there shit up! ” Stated Zeff.

“ Yea those pussy ass niggas got what they deserved.” Said Column.

Zeff and Column road around for a while, talking, until they come to a McDonalds.

They saw some fly ass looking bitch. She had a nice ass, long hair, she was light skinned. And Column just had to holler at her. She was with two of her girlfriends.

Column was like. “ what’s up - what yall getting ready to get into.” Tameka said we about to go get blowed and shit, we kicking off up in the Vandalia courts – cause that’s where it’s happening at.”

However, Column did not know that this girl was one of Marcos and nem friend’s cousins.

What was he supposed to do trade, his gun and shit in for a bitch – on another motherfucker’s team?

“ Ah yall look mighty good, what type of clubs do yall be going to. Me and my man’s and nem over there, sitting at the table, his names is Zeff - and we be getting out.” Said Column.

“ Shit, we usually hit Club Ever up all the time and Yolanda’s, but we never usually see yall up in there.” Spoke Keta.


“ Shited I don’t know why not! we always be popular and we can run shit.” Said Column. It doesn’t look like yall can run shit to me.” Said Taya. As all three girls started laughing.

“ Naw - be foreal, you see this gear; you know damn well I’m looking official; it isn’t my problem that your man got you on lock. ” Said Column.

I give up my pussy like a true, I’m a real hoe, at - least that’s what I’m excepting.” Said Taya.

As Tameka spoke. “ I’ll be right back, I’m finna use the restroom.” Soon as she was in the restroom, she pulled out her cell phone and called her cousin named Ebony.

She said.“ Ebony guess what girl, this nigga Column, you were telling me about – and you said that Sin and Marco had beef with the nigga. That niggas Is up in here trying to give me and my bitches some holler.

He doesn’t even know I’m FAM, I also haven’t even told my friends about these two niggas, and he also got a dude named Zeff with him. What do you want me to do? ” Said Tameka.

“ I tell you what get that niggas, number and shit so you can set - up a date, where, you can go kick it with this nigga. I’m going to call Sin and nem up and tell them, the partial scope, you just handle that shit.” Said Ebony.

“ All right.” Said Tameka. She pissed and then she left the McDonalds restroom.

And appeared back at the McDonalds tables.

“ Ah boy.” Said Tameka. “ Its Column.” Spoke Column.


“ Ok column - here’s my number - call me so we can hook up something for later.” Said Tameka. Column said. “ Your girls ain’t gone be on that hate shit are they.” Naw they cool, don’t worry about them.” Said Tameka.

“ We about to get up out of here and go kick it. You and your boy - got here a little late.

Column said. “ alright.” The girls said. “ bye boy, and started laughing.

Column walked over to the table, where Zeff was sitting. And then he stated… “ I still got my player card. The bitches said they wanted to hook up. So I’m going to call this bitch a little later.”

Fuck that girl man - you should’ve just left that bitch out, what the fuck do you need another girl for.” Said Zeff.

“ Look dawg - I like pussy and its elementary.

No bitch have control over me.” Said Column.

Ebony had called Marcos phone. She told him about what Tameka said.

He was on some shit like damn this nigga don’t know who the fuck he fucking with.

He also told Ebony, about the shooting that just occurred.

 In addition, he was like, we don’t know who did it, but all haters are suspects stated Marco.



Sin called Amber on the phone.

He said.“ Amber it’s something that I must talk to you about – I just need you, not your girls. Therefore, I want you to meet  me somewhere.”

Amber was feeling like damn he must want a piece of my pussy. She said. “ Nigga I will do anything for you, where do you want to meet up at.

” Sin told her. “ at Crandels bar on harmony.” He told amber that he was there now - and that she should come a.s.a.p.

When Amber got there, she was looking around for Sin but she couldn’t find him. Then she found that nigga lanced in the back. She was like. “ damn what, you doing nigga, hiding out or some shit – what the fuck.”  As she sat on the bar stool. Sin stated. “ I mid-as well be, as crazy as the world is.”

Sin bought her some drinks, then there was a moment of silence... “ you know Amber it’s something that I need to get off my chest.” As she looked at sin so sincere like he was about to propose for marriage.

“ Mhmm - how can I say this - I mean like this one girl I know, she’s very jealous of you. She always saying shit about you behind your back. She told me some shit like, that she was gone try to get in your mind and be yo bitch - have your bitches stealing your dope. And all types of shit.

“ Who said that shit sin, quit playing with me, and tell me who the fuck said this shit.”

“ Well listen Amber this bitch is one of my friends.” Said Sin.


“one of your friends.” Spoke Amber.

“ Yea and I don’t want to hurt her, but she just kind’ve fucked up. But I still I don’t want nothing or nobody, to come in-between us.” Stated sin.

“ No fuck that sin, I don’t have to be the bitch out hear fearing shit, I’ve been involved with crazy shit for too many years, and I don’t plan on one bitch ruing anything.”

Who is she sin - just tell me who the fuck - she is.”

As sin was just looking straight ahead, not at Amber and he was shaking his drink left and right. He then spluttered out. “ Its Evet!!!”

Evet as Amber started. “laughing.”


(This in reality was a hate laugh.)


“Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you Sin, how could you do this shit to me Sin.”

 “ I’m sorry.” Stated Sin.

“ You right you are sorry -  gone tell me this shit, this bitch is close to you like your fucking family.” Stated Amber.

“ Why the fuck** how the fuck**man this shit, all I’m saying is stay away from her sin.”

“ Amber naw I can’t do that, this female is different, I mean - shited she don’t scare me or nothing – shited I’m a nigga. It’s more for your safety, but I tell you some real shit, this shit can be fucking easy girl. It’s just like she, gone come at you and want you to be her friend. I mean, let her eat your pussy, let her feel like she got you, Because it might be some insiders with the gift of gab.” Said Sin.

“Ain’t you some shit?” Stated Amber —

“ OK sin -  - all I’m saying is I’m doing this shit for you. I would’ve never been dumb enough to set myself up for fun, but the shit is starting to look like a new hobby.

Mike, Sheila, Marco and Trina. All went to Applebees, the night that Mike had apologized to Trina at May Back gym.

They all talked about the past, the future. They discussed things that were problems and things that weren’t problems.

Sin was cultivated by his next destination he knew that he had to travel there. He had summoned his self there, in the past, now he wants the destiny to be his next base. He was about to be in the histrionic of loud music.

He ran into Evan at the BP gas station on third.

“So what they allowing your ass outside now, I can see how suspect you been since we ain’t been kicking it. but all of a sudden you and your bitch ass friends wanna call me about niggas shooting your shit up.” Said Evan.

“ look Evan dont nobody got time for this shit, you know the scope, so there is no need for me to tell you, about the scope. - Any way Dell was the one who needed to make sure that you knew about this shit, it wasn’t me.

“ So who did this shit?” Asked Sin.

“ Honestly I don’t know, I’m just glad your alright. So what’s up, do you wanna like get a hotel room or something tonight, because I wanna fuck you, so what’s the scope. Said Evan.

Well I can’t be too sure about that right now but I’ll hit you back up and talk to you about that later. But guess what? Ebony Got the real scope on column. He was over there slipping, attempting to date Tameka, we about to be on them sucker fae ass niggas, I was just wondering do you want to contribute.” Said Sin.

Evan was feeling like, my minority should be to look over the selfish morals, that I’ve been on and just except this dude in my life a-gin. Then he felt like what if Marco doesn’t want that.

Trinidad and Carmex was holding up a BP gas station.

Trinidad said. “ Everybody get on the muthafucking flow, all of you muthafuckas not just one of you muthafuckas all of you muthafuckas. I’m gone blow one of yall muthafuckas head off.”

“Ah, bitch said Carmex I hope you got a fucking degree; get to counting my money up hoe.

We gone do this real quick and calm or some shit.

“ Ah you - ah white girl – ah you. over there on the floor – yea you. get up and come here – go over there and grab that bag of money.”

“ Ah black bitch over there at the cash register give this white bitch the bag of money.” Said Trinidad…

She gets the money then Carmex said now follow us. They leave threw the front door running, with the white girl tagging along. Now there outside in front of their two door truck — Carmex said good going white bitch you did a good job. Then afther that he shot the female in the head.

They rode off at extremely high speeds. They knew they was going to be off the main streets and that they were going to get away.

So they planned on holding shit. The beef they had With the owner was nothing. They was just cut throught. They would rob you for nothing…

Later on that night, Trinidad gets a call on the phone. Trinidad says. “What’s up, ah look we know what the real circumference is, and that bigotry shit ain’t looking right to me and my fam.”

Trinidad said who is your fam muthafuckas, I dont know you?”

“ Well we suspect yall now about BP.” Said the man on the phone. Man fuck BP dog. I don’t know what you talking about, but I’m gone find out when I pop your ass said Trinidad.

 Three months before:

 Sin was at a gay club in the VIP section. He was feeling so comfortable. The male dancers were so lascivious. He watched as a group of men in all black, came into the VIP section.

Sin just knew something was not right, but he was like, they in a gay club so, they probably blasting dicks - not guns.

 However, Sin new that he had a few enemies.

 However, he was not tripping. So that nigga named Calvin came over and sat down, the other three men liked bounced off.

Calvin was like. “ Dont you remember me? Sin was like. “ Dog I ain’t got no time for this shit dog - so why dont you get to the point.

As Calvin started rubbing on Sin dick out of nowhere. Steve said kindly. “ Is that suppose to make me remember or something.”

“Calvin said not really, but it was show making me feel good.

Let me make a long story short me and your boyfriend Marco, been fucking for like three months. I know that he hasn’t told you, because I can see that shit in your eyes.” Said Calvin.

“Calvin - so what –

we have that kind’ve, relationship where you can have sex with other people, in other words, if my nigga fucked something then I can fuck somthin.” Said Marco.


“ Therefore, you must be saying that you want to fuck me.” Said Calvin. “ Maybe and maybe not.” Said Sin.

“Well let us get out of here.” Spoke Calvin. “ What about your crew, you came with.” Said Sin. Those niggas is just my friends, they are not going to mind me being gone. So why dont you just say fuck this shit and let’s go.”

 “Well – all right.”

Sin and Calvin went outside. They went to Sins car and then with in no time, Calvin was sucking sins dick.

sin thought it felt so good. It was the shit to him. One of his best nuts. While this sucking was going on -  sins cell phone wrong.

 It was that nigga Marco.

Marco was like. “ What’s up what you doing?” Sin said nothing, just getting my dick sucked in my car, by Calvin, the dude you haven’t told me about.

Then Sin hung up... Calvin took his mouth off his dick, and said. “Why the fuck did you do that.” Right then the phone rang again. Sin picked up the phone and handed the phone to Calvin. Calvin was like.

“ Why don’t you come to where we at, and have this threesome.” “naw fuck that why you go telling Sin. I was going to tell em, so put him back on the phone Calvin.

Calvin was like. “ Here Sin.” by handing him the phone. Sin said.

“ Yea whats up.” Then Marco spoke. “

yea I’ve been fucking, Calvin for a while but we just friends. He on that fronting shit.


That nigga must don’t know how we get down.” Stated Marco “ He must not.” stated Sin.

“ Well all right Marco, I’ll get at you later”. said Sin. Sin rushed Marco off the phone.

“ Ah, look Calvin I feel like being by myself for a minute, but thanks for the dick suck.


Sin was driving down the street so fast, he was mad at his self for what he was about to have to do. He was gone do it and he was not gone give a fuck .

He was going over to Angies spot to check her.

Sin got there. He knocked on the door something rumptious.

Nobody came to the door right off – then afther a minute or two, he saw the porch light come on.

Angie was like. “ What do you want Sin. Sin then said. “ Come out side and take a ride with me.” She said.

“ hold on let me get dressed.”

He said. “ Naw - we just gone be in the car, keep that shit, you got on, on.” She said. “all right — She grabbed her keys off the table and then she came out side.

Sin said. When they got into the car and then started backing up. “ Who have you been talking too lately, about them niggas we killed-cause bitch, I know you been talking to Column and Zeff, about us killing his, Brother Nick - CAUSE they came - shooting up my shit!” “ Come on - please Sin - I haven’t told nobody - shit. I don’t even know shit. ” Said angie.

“ Naw we know what you seen, you was watching from your friend’s apartment I’m not stupid bitch - do you see the sin in me bitch - do you know what I’m about to do to you bitch.”

They rode into a secluded fishing lake, that was closed. Sin said. “ get out of the car you trifling bitch.”

Angie was pleading for her life, begging and asking that Marco please forgive her for what she did. Now they were all ready to forget about what happened.


Then he shot the bitch and put her in the water. Sin new the exact way to kill and not be caught. Now all he did was ride off.

He got back to his house; the house was pretty empty it was now 2:30 A.M. He was like damn. Marco must not be in.

He looked around the house, kind’ve per- twined to the relevant, source.

Now that he could tell, that Marco was in his bed room, asleep. Sin went into the bathroom and got into the shower.

Then Sin woke up Marco. Marco was articulated to the cold air that he felt on his body.

He was watching for the fucking terror, that could’ve passed into the earth now that Marco was woke.

He states. “ I did it. Marco said. “ What the fuck did what - do you know what time it is?”

“Yea it’s about 3:30 - I just got in at about two.

I just killed that bitch Angie. Marco was like, why didn’t you just wait, I would’ve handled that shit with you, there was a better way – but now I see that you don’t give a fuck.” stated Sin.

“ I give a fuck. I just couldn’t take the risk of being found out, not even by you Marco. Well it’s no reality to me except what reality really is.”




Club Ever was deep as ever. Amber had rented Club Ever for the night. They was having a function, to sell these girls to men. For the night and if they had enough money whenever they liked.


Wen. The day before:


One of ambers girls hit Polo with the baton. He was feeling real fucked up.

Another girl came in hitting him over and over, yelling. “ yea we got you bitch ass.”

They was at Polo’s apartment. He was there alone. Amber walked up on polo like. “ Where is the kilos, where the fuck is the kilos.” Said Amber. Polo said. “ fuck you.”

Amber smacked him in the face! The kilos are up stairs.” Spoke Polo. Too amber.

Amber then said. “ yall two bitches watch him, while I go upstairs and check the area.

Amber  went up stair’s. soon as she was up there, she started knocking everything off of the tables and dresser and throwing all types of shit to the floor. She kept looking. One of the girls; down stairs caught Polo, trying to go for his cell phone. They took that shit and patted him down.

Amber came back down stairs. Like, “ I did not see no fucking kilos, where the muthafuck are the got damn kilos.” Screamed Amber.

The kilos are in a trap door, built into the floor you stupid bitch!” Said Polo.

Amber replied yea I got your stupid bitch.”

Amber told her girls to slit his throught. He was feeling real fucked up over there on the floor. And all Amber did was get her dope and leave..

Amber and her two girls went outside and got the water house.

They sprayed the whole intire , inside of the apartment down. They left Polo in a puddle of bloody, water and dirt. They left him stanking.

Amber said come on bitches lets go.



The pressure they didn’t want a-gin was; another man coming beating and fucking with one of their girls. They was so ready for the Stripper Pole. They always found they self stripping and pleasing men which was part of their job.

And they did not want the evidence to be misplaced. Polo was addicted to the Street Prophecy and he always wanted more.

Too bad he had to die because he beat up a girl, who was trying to still out his pockets when he went to the restroom.

Then they killed him later. How fucked up was that.



Clemons was trying to see pass, the episode that was going on at the I.R.S.

He was condemned to pay child support.

His girl named Kary was not the one to fuck with, she killed there, daughter and everything. She shook the baby to death, and sooner or later Clemons and Kary had another child.

He was not going to stay with this crazy bitch. He was pious to the casteration, that was lignighted into that promiscuous cloud.

Clemons was only looking for that money. He wanted that 500 dollars a - day, driving that Ice Cream truck and he knew everybody.

Now that he went and visited Kary. Kary talked and showed resource and repentance. She told Column that she was sorry about what she put him through.


Clemons  was telling her that whatever happened was all in the pass. He said I kind’ve wanted a abortion myself. He passed her a 1000 dollars. And they had sex.

Clemon’s and Kary  was an alright couple, they just thought that, it would be better to separate. But Becky was going to be something different..

It was like Clemons always seems to get the crazy bitches.

And then he has, to do crazy shit, to make sure that everything is all right.

Clemons was quite ready for that Club Ever episode. And he knew exactly what he was going to do. Make a porno movie. But he was not going  to be the sucker who gets set up wrong, if anything somebody else would.

Clemons left Kary and then went to the corner store.

He was talking to some hoods at the corner store. They was telling Clemons that the scope on the streets was, that somebody was looking for Kary, cause she have been putting dirt on the streets.

Clemons was not trying to hear what they said But he figured that the source was going to know what was right.



 “ I can come up with my where- a – bouts.” Stated Clemons to the cops.

“ We have some people, saying that you was the last one seen with Angie Jenkings.”

“ We don’t have any other evidence besides word of mouth.” Said another cop.

“ Well I didn’t even know she was dead, so you must have a misconception; I’m not answering any questions. Stated Clemons.

Clemons was so overwhelmed that he was roasting like a Roasted Nut.

He thought that, by the way his day was going that he was going to be the next on the list to die.

“ So where were you last night or should I say this morning, at one o-clock ? ” Said a cop

“ I was in my bed sleep at my house, and the only thing that can vouch for me is my fucking bed. So don’t start asking me any questions about -who knew where I was.”

“ All I know is somebody knows something and it’s not going to be, so you mid-as well forget about me.” Said the cop.

“ Ok said the cop. But we are watching, so be careful, be very careful.”

Clemons could not believe how he got pulled over. Clemons called his mom.

He was so close to the blessing, that was going to be coming. He made his way home and then he called Sin.Sin gave him the run down about club Ever and everything. Clemons couldn’t wait for Friday.



Sin woke up the next morning and he went to work : at Lake View Hospital. He worked in Environmental Services.

He was like going threw his day so normal. He was just consaplating, what had happened last night with Marco. He was so mad. He could not stop frolicking into his own mind or beliefs.

Marco called sin while he was at work and told him that the police had been questioning him and Clemons. But then he told sin that they were just doing routine questioning. And that they didn’t have any evidence yet. So they was letting me go. They’ll probably be to talk to you to sin.




Evet was so ready, that she showed up to Club Ever before Sin even made it. She stepped up to Amber like. “ What a bitch gotta do to get a job.” Said Evet.

Amber said well that bitch gotta have some class, and a sense of strong sexual ability. The bitch gotta be willing to take it places she might’ve thought It shouldn’t go.

You gotta like suck everybody’s dick. And go straight pro.You gotta obey my wishes and rules, all the rest of that shit is obsolete spoke Amber.”

“ Well I’m trying to become one of your bitches business’ly and personally – I want to taste your pussy.” Spoke Evet.

“ Well a lot of girls want to taste this pussy –

but do you think that you got what it takes to obey my rules.” Said Amber.

“Of course I can get this slutty and managed” Said Evet.

“Well I’m going to need you to come by my house tomorrow, at 11 o-clock A.M. So we can go over the rules and shit.”

 Amber handed her a piece of paper with her address on it. Sin and Marco had just arrived. They were geared to deaf. Amber was like. “ look at yall two polo, south pole, every-thing.

The Jordan’s on sin was banging. They had a song on by Jay-z called money, cash. Hoes. Featuring D.M.X.

So sin asked Amber. “ Have you seen Evet.” She said. “ yea - she seemed so innocent. She’s coming over to my house tomorrow and I’m going to get, her started as one of my girls then.”

“ Look don’t do nothing wrongly to her, just be with her trust me.”

“ Ok – sin – damn.”



Amber went to the stage and she yelled threw the mic :

“Now are yall men ready to get some pussy?” –

“Now are yall men ready to get yall dicks sucked?!”

The crowd chanted as amber looked at a line of bitches on the stage, behind her then looked back straight.

“ We have some nasty, stanky, comfortably trifling bitches, off up in this muthafucka.

Who are ready to go up out of here and kick it. So yall men better get yall muthafucking wallets ready.”

Then Amber started dishing them hoes out.

She made several men come up to the stage in groups, for each girl. She stated the girls - names and then she called - people to the stage. Then she picked and pared each girl up with a dude.

Everybody was so high. They was all watching as they herd music rotating - over Ambers voice. Then the inst. changed to another rap song by Wu-Tang killer bees.

Sin even grabbed him one of Ambers bitche’s.

“ He told the girl that he had - that they wasn’t leaving. That he just wanted to kick it at Club Ever.“ The girl said so what we ain’t gone fuck.”

Sin said. “ not right now.”


            They next day:


The next day Evan called Sin he was talking to him like. “ what happened to the other day.” Sin was like.

“ I got caught up in some shit, my sister from out of town, came through, at the spur of the moment, and she wanted me to show here around the town. She wasn’t going to be a happy camper.” Said Sin. “ If I didn’t go.”

Evans was at the local Boys and Girls club with his son named Trom.

Trom was 13. Evans got his girl pregnant when he was 14.

Now his son was playing basketball, like a true.

Evans said. “ So do you think that we can hook up and do something.

I’m inviting like ten people over to watch a movie and shit and we gone Bar-B-Q. I was wondering do you want to come over.”

Sin asked. “ At about what time.” Evans stated “ about six to twelve. because I gotta get at least four hours of sleep. I gotta to be at work tomorrow at six in the morning.”

Sin said. “ Yea I’ll be threw.”

They departed their conversation - Marco could feel his temperature rising - Marco was at a local park called Montreal Park. He was approached by a man named Smith Watson. Watson said. “ I’m a detective for the government – I know that you know who killed angie Jenkings –


I’m going to help - yall out so yall can stay out of trouble.”

“ Me and your father grew up together, when he got killed. I told him that I was going to handle shit for him.” Stated Watson.

 “ My father died because he was condemned. He was a good person, he was just condemned to sin. I tried to tell Sin, just don’t kill her, but I was too late. I was fucked up in my own mind game and I could not escape.”

“Sin is not going to get in, any trouble.

I have it all arranged to be a cold case,

That’s pretty much the reality of the shit.”“ Do you understand.” Stated Watson.“ Yes I understand.” Stated Sin.



Sin was driving over to Vera’s Beauty Salon to talk to Ambers sister Vera. Vera was a beautician, but she, new a whole lot of drug dealers, and people that keep the jails and prisons going.

Sin was going over there to get the credentials on somebody named Taff.He was about to get, some pounds of drugs from him.

He was so happy - he was about to cash out big time. With this much dope worth thousands. He made it to the salon and talked to Vera.


She told him where the house was and directed him to go there. She told Sin that she was going to call him and tell him that he was on his way.

So Sin spoke and chatted with some of the people there, then he was about ready to go then he left.

Sin couldn’t wait to tell Marco, the scope on Watson. He felt that was so good not having his boyfriend go down for killing Angie.

Clemons was already done - plus he didn’t even know that Marco killed the bitch.

Whenever afther it was that, Tameka and Ebony; set Zeff and column up.

Trinidad and Carmex and nem. Was going over there to their spot, to murder them, and the shit was gone be fair.

Evet went over to Ambers house. Her and Amber was, hitting it off just fine.

She told her the rules and logics and had Evet sign the contract. She signed the contract and was so ready to start. She asked Evet. “ You aren’t going to let me down are you.”

Evet said. “ I don’t plan on it.

Amber said. “alright – you’re ready to start ”



Sin and Marco invited Will over – Will was like. “ Dang I haven’t seen yall in a while.” – but only if Will knew that  he was invited over to these niggas to get slipped some night time mickey mickey.

” Marco, Steve and will chatted for a while. They drank some beer, smoke some weed, and drank some liquor. Then when it was about time for will to go he seemed normal.

But afther riding on the high way for a while he blanked out in his Chevy Caprice..

Then fell from one upper high way and fell to a lower high way. A lot of feet high. He died instantly.

Marco and sin was probably wondering did Will faint or some shit. They slipped em. But they do remember him leaving the house not passed out.

Sin and Marco knew the things that they were doing was not going to save them from the sin.

They knew a street way to survive. They were going to get over a motherfucker or die in this motherfucker.

They tried to reconcile with trust. but the muthafuckas was that plutonic to crasp into that everglade.

Marco was thinking about his mom too much on how she died. Accidently.

Sin new that his days seamed to becoming short .

All he wanted was peace and felicity.

He didn’t, want the condemned tension.

Marco and Sin had sex they rubbed and touched on each other sexually.(yuck yuck yuck) Blowing inside of each other’s ears and ass holes. licking and sucking each other’s dick. Freaking and kissing.

They was so in the passion as the moans and screams came so erotica.




The shit was so good it was burning there fucking body’s of like, fire in a fucking house fire.

As they freaked and touched each other more. as one dick got limp while the other hard dick fucked.Then the limp dick got hard and the hard dick went limp. and the other dude got fucked.

They tossed each other’s salad.


                                          Six months later:


Sin told Marco about what Watson told him at the park. He was holding out, he was just kind’ve scared to tell Marco because Marco to him was starting to seam different.

Then Watson started coming by at low-key times and shit. Like he was trying to be close to some fags and shit.

Sin told Watson like. “ Dawg I don’t like you coming all around me in my hood and shit.” Watson told sin like. “I can have you put in jail.” Sin was like. “ What do you plan on telling them about what you did muthafuck - I know the people at your job ain’t expecting you to be crooked – at- least not yet muthafuck.”

Watson said. “I don’t need to worry about that shit boy - I tell you what I’m gone do – I’m gone slow up on coming threw. I wasn’t even trying to offend you.”

So sin was talking to amber he was telling her that he was trying to hook them up to be girlfriends not really set each other up. He said there was no real beef. He told amber that he had told both girls the same story.

Sin knew how he had these two bitches. It was no doubt in his mind.

So Amber called Evet into her office and sits her down.

Amber said. “ So what’s this I hear about sin telling me you was gone rob my shit, he said that he talked to you and that you agreed.”

Evet said I’m sorry it’s been like six months and I don’t want to fuck over you - I love you.” Said Evet.

Amber said. “ Damn girl slow up, sin said that it was all his fault he was just trying to have us hooked up, and that it would be a different situation, if the scope would be different.” Said Amber. Amber said come here Evet walked her nice ass over there and then her and amber started kissing.

Then they started sucking each others tittys. They were feeling so good. Then they ate each other pussy and they was feeling like oh yes touch me there. Make me feel like a women.

I love the way you lick this lesbian pussy.

Evet feeling so good letting amber cum in her mouth.

They was excepting something so sinfully and wrongly put together that it condemned them to settling down and respecting the game.

They like got married in there fucking mind. They created hustles and crimes together. They went shopping together. They was so ready to beat one of ambers girls up once actually; they did, they put that bitch in the hospital.

And then she was scared to come and tell what happened. Now they were ready for the eradication of the posthumous detraction.

But sin was not liking how the two bitches started leaving him out a little more than he was used too. He wasn’t all the way mad he was just excorticated.

Sin had just bought a new building and he was enjoying that new money he got from all of them drugs he had. He had just bought a new caddilac.

He put pool tables in there video games and he was selling liquor.


Sin felt like every time that they felt normal someone would end up fucking up there non sin-omous games. For sin they was catapulted. Catapulted I say got damn it.

So it was Friday and everybody had came to Campbell and Tenth to sins new club.

It was going down everybody was there. Heather,Stacy,Becky,Smith Watson, Alex.

Marco was telling everybody at their function that he was about to travel, to Las Vegas to be with his cousin Neff.

Neff called Marco threw, cause he was having beef. Marco was on the plane to the niggas shit very quick.

He was not a happy fucking camper but he was a asymmetrical camper- camper – damn – scamper- damn oh my damn- damn-scamper.

So Marco was off up in Vegas. He had got a rental and rode over to Neff’s. He was so shocked by the way that Neff’s house looked.

He was articulated to say. “ This house look mighty good. How did you afford this shit.” Neff said. “ Stock market - M.L.M.  and shit like that, that’s how I’ve been staying in the game.

With one of them list where you send one person, five dollars and you request to be added to their mailing list, we sent like 5,ooo of these and we copped out at a million.

Marco was like damn that sounds like some shit I should do.


Me and sin just bought a nice three floor building we are only using the lower floor. Right now.

But we’re going to expand and put like a strip club in that bitch. You understand me. As Neff and Marco grabbed each other’s hands.

Neff was like.

“ I need to go over here to my girls condo and pick up some paper work that I had left over there.” When they got there and hoped out of Neff’s hummer. It was deep at these Condo Apartments, Private Business Rooms, Conference Rooms, Media Rooms, Swimming Pools, luxury Apartments of four rooms.

Three bathrooms and studio Apartments attached. The kids was just running around so active.

I know my girl over there sexy but you can’t fuck her. They was blasting Gza protools track three in the condos.

Marco called up this girl named suszy that he met earlier in the day and he asked her could he come over. She said yea she was 18 - Marco was 25 he really wanted this tight white pussy oh my!!.

It was a nice little thing. She had a few friends over ,that they kicked it with -  they talked to each other. Then him and her went to the room and had sex. He was asking her?

“ What was she going to do if she never seen him again.” Because he was going back to Georgia and that he was just visiting. Suszy told

Marco. “ that’s cool cause if he came back to Vegas that he can come and visit her anytime.


Then she said. “ besides I know your cousin Neff  - me and him is going to be cool so the outcome is you fucking me again.”

He spent the night over Suszy and was back at Neff’s at 6 - o’clock. Neff was woke. He said that he was just pissing. He was about to go to sleep, he had a piss boner.

He was feeling like fuck the city GA.

I mid as well move to Las Vegas this was his third day here. And this was his most action packed day.

Neff and Marco went on a mission for Cardex the dude who fucked over Neff. They was searching for him then when they found him creeping to his four door caddy.

They crept in there and was telling, what it was gone be - Why you fucking with me and my cousin, we know the scope and you just playing them games and I can tell that you were the one trying to fuck me.” Said Marco.

Neff said. “ I bet you thought it would’ve never happened and you was thinking. That I was going to be there for you - you got me fucked up.” Said Neff.

They had already hit the nigga multiple times and they was also about to shoot up the nigga. They gave that nigga the taser treatment several times. Then they beat his head over and over with a bat.

Then they left that bitch muthafucka- stanky – yanky-lanking.

Afther that Marco spent his last two days in Las Vegas and then went back to Georgia. Marco was now back in Atlanta Georgia.


He was done with that whole Las Vegas thing he was going to try his hardest to forget about that nigga - him and his cousin killed.  He was asking for it. Making Marco travel from Atlanta to Las Vegas.

He was jeopardizing his self simplicity. He was going into that hesent phase of being impious.

So the culprit game was seaming spirited.



All Clemons wanted was a way to escape his past. Now that the Endeavour was on the superialistic factors of the game. They would find out if all the sin was sagacious enough, the latent of the pompous ass.

Tameka called column on the phone and said. “ What’s up” column said. “ Who is this.” she said. “ It’s that nice looking bitch that you met from McDonalds.

Column was like. “ Oh Tameka, damn girl. I didn’t even think you was gone call. He was like. “ so what’s the business.” Tameka said. “ I wanna like get together and  kick it, so you and me can get to know each other better.”

Column was like. “ That’s what I’ve been wanting, from you every since I seen you.

When can I come through.”  Tameka said.

“ I want that to be tonight at about eight.” Column was like. “ Damn girl what’s this like the midnight redez - fucking – vous.”

She Said I guess so, you just bring that big dick on over.” Said Tameka. Column said. “ Alright. Tameka gave column her address and shit and told him to do what it was that was pertained.




So ebony called sin and was asking him like are you ready to handle the shit column on his way - at about eight.

He’s going over to Ebony's and the shit gone be fair. Said Sin. “ You know I’m gone be ready.

We gone come through there first, then me, Trinidad and Carmex is going to go get Zeff and fuck up they spot. Then they gone have to pay the piper.”


Marco was sitting in his car in front of the Minnesota bank when Evan popped open his passenger door and pointed a gun at Marco and said. “ Happy new years muthafucka!”

Then he told Marco to drive somewhere.

When they got to the destination Evan said.

“ I like the way you took sin from me but, shited only if you could’ve took the sin out of my muthafucking body too.”

“Now looking At you.” Said Evan. “Look man it don’t even have to be like this.” Said Marco.

“ Yes ugh the fuck it do.” Said Evans.

Then he shot Marco in the head. Marco was murdered and that was that.

Sometime later Sin was calling Marco’s phone to see if he was ready to go fuck over Zeff and nem. Little did sin know that he was about to be hitting another funeral,

because his old boyfriend just murdered fucking Marco his new boyfriend.

Oh shit they really fucking murdered Marco!

But any way Sin didn’t know.

It seemed like every sense Steve changed his name too Sin everything was really going bad.

So they were around the way about to make something happened they would soon find out what the reality was.

But that injunction would soon be the reason why innocent people were harmed and aggravated. But that was not in the minds of normal people in society.

All I could see was the light coining me so seriously. That light was the next game.

Come to find out before  eight o-clock that Macro had been killed.

The cops found his car somewhere secluded and they let him go.

Then he was mad - the ways of the world was indigent - they was real salty.

Sin and nem went ahead with the murder of Zeff and Column regardless of what had happened.

They died and other muthfuckas kept living on a serious note.



Amber was making a new video for the local television station. A video about modeling and exercising. She was about to be making a new success for the areas of here life. They was all in the next prerogative. They was doing something.


                               (PART ONE)


The fiends would come in and out of Sins spot and they’d get the shit they needed and dipped.

The cops was not worry about that nigga Sin.

Neff decided to move to the GA,to hold down that city afther his cousin Marco died. He got his on shit and kept it cool with Marco’s mom. He was not on the bull shit, trying to figure out who his family really was or why they was not coming through.

He was realer.

Trinidad asked Sin. “ So how do you feel now that you, call yourself staying out of trouble.

Sin said. “ My name is still Sin ain’t much, I could see into - that’s going to harm me.

but these muthafuckas just can’t make and bend me to be something I’m not. It’s just the ways of my nature really needs more than the envelope, that has punctured my wounds.”

Trinidad said. “ damn - it’s always cop sirens going on in this hood its always something hot.”


Now that the world was brighter for that muthafucka named Marco because he was dead. But Sin still kept it cool with his mom he just tries to keep her out of trouble felt Trinidad.

All I gotta do is respect the ways of the world and now that I can see into the best. Now That I could find the right shoe that fits.

Sin quit his job a long time ago when he came into them big stacks. Now it was three years later and Sin had settled down with this girl named Trisha and they had a three year old daughter named Quaya together.

But he was still creeping to the bathroom sometimes playing with his ass hole. They say once a fag always a fag. I think not at-least to getting treating like a bitch ass nigga and other gay shit.

They had great morals and stability the muthafucka was out too suffice the next plutonic breath. All he wanted when Marco died was revenge. but he still could not understand who killed Marco. Neff was on the sentrlity of belief,  he was only in the wounds of what would really happened. Amber and Evet.

Marco could still see the tension in his deaf. He was not in the order of care but he was the next destruction.

The captilization would soon be the reason why sin wanted to call off the wedding.

But when they found out that the wedding will be what was more needed based on the logic that fuck the wedding,the new logic is have the wedding.

The situation was more plutonic – than aggressive sin could not denigh his passion to get revenge but he was looking for more of the real constitution and he was leveraged with lethargy. “ Ah you know them iles are ready to be changed and they are going to be devasted. Said sin. “ What are you talking about.” Said Neff. Well shit I’m talking about the missing pieces that are about to be found out. Said sin. Neff was feeling like I’m still not in reality seeing where this is going, so his fealings were intermitten – but they could intermittenly change. “ I bet that I don’t even know the people who killed marco, I can gurantee that we’re going to find out who is who and when we do it will be all curtains.

Level Seven : Regardless Victory:




“The psychoanalysis states that what has happened here is just right for the fortificated dwell. We permitted only a certain amount of people in here. The recollection of the source is the analytical profound measures – we can’t help him because his mind is warped. Once a mind is warped- then that is when the being starts - to become incrassate. The lake and the water - look at his body, it is right there burning with acid- at least that is what it appears to be.

“The new way that the subjects will be coordinated will be in the homeostasis files. The adjacent profanation is what’s fucking with society; society in this area is really tortures said – Aven. “How do you plan on telling his family what happen to him?”  Said Trent. “His family – far as I’m concerned he has no family - we have special cremation vaults around here. So we take his body, cremate the body, and make it look like he’s been a missing cold case.” Said Aven. “I know what we need - is a cold case of beer.”  Said Trent – “hell yea, with the way shit is going on nobody will be better off. Therefore, these could formulate the reality - but then when the people are found strewed and they think that we could see into the next man’s gamble.   

How farfetched would it be for the cop’s to come and pretend that we’re up to suspicious behavior”?   “ The conglomerate was the decipher that’s permissible to

Conflagration. They just - try to come and mess up everything for us.” - Said Tinisha. They tried and they’ll try again. We have to put a stop to this. Why won’t someone tell me what is going on.” Said Tinisha.

Trent told Tinisha. “ We have everything going just fine, now that the prospectus is not you crying, you should find out what’s real.” It was hot as ever in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

The weather was pretty humid and the deification of surreal and the prologue – “The weapons are the next contradicted fact.” – “contradict you can not contradict Aven, you have to know, they are planning on flying over this area very soon – if you don’t understand the ekistics.” Said Tinisha- The ekistics - what’s that suppose to mean.” Stated – Trent.

They were all huddled inside a canvassed building. They were watching out of the window – they could see people being dragged, car’s being driven by at fast speeds. They could here loud gunshots from the shooting range. They were quite oppolistic - too the reality war’s that were going on in their own area.

  Now that the perdition and the forecasted contraction will be the congested battle. Now that blood and the body that was brung in early surrounded them - was like an immigrant but in reality - if the subject had a passport or not would not matter.

The fact is that this mutherfucker was where he shouldn’t have been and he lost his life for this. The earth was very malignant he could saunter, the apocalypse into the hearted below zero measures.

The wart’s of the soul were being haunted. They felt as if they weren’t normal – the stipulation was in a stigmatism and they were so sure of the interocular innocents.

They were passion; they were getting ready to take the body to a concealed dormitory. They were going to try to put what accidently happened in the past, and they could.

Now that the pressure was so encaustic, the world’s pressure was the real deal and they were known in the passes of being very passive. Now that the yard was filled with, normal activities and they could proclivitize reality.

What would they believe the pestiferous air was very ferocious, the battalion vehicle pulled up and stopped in front of the canvassed building? “What the hell is this?”

Said Trent.  “ It’s the cardinal he’s here to talk to you about the missing person.” Said Aven. “Who told him this?”  Sarcastic as Trent could think of.  “We didn’t need him too find out anything, why have yall choosing these idiotic vowels.” Said Trent.

That’s right when the knocks came so rumptous too the ground. Now that they were looking through the window, they felt that the congested memoirs were about to be real. Now that the incognizant passion was like a panzi trying to escape, they would find out the truth.

The cardinal comes in with his marine type of gear on. He states. “I see what we have here is a bunch noisy ignored people who wouldn’t know what to do if something was reality - so we must come in and make some changes.” Said the Cardinal. “ I don’t think we’re going to need any changes with the way the weather is right now; changes just seem to change they self - and now that you are in the way of the real operation and now that you can try to protect.

Now that you can believe that the relevant source is the conjured up be- rail tossed into reality.” It started raining!

“I know that we have stumbled upon an intruder - and the intruder is being concealed at this canvassed building. So why was you articulating facts –


Well who or what the fuck you’re looking for is not here, so you must’ve herd something from the wrong sources.”  Said Aven.

“ If that’s the case - you won’t mind if we look around. Now that you can try to manipulate our squadron.” said the Cardinal.

We’re not committed to the aversion that is meticulously just so jumping - now that the notions are in the be-casted episode.

 I just might look into one of you fucks as truthful.” Said Trent. “Oh you won’t have too.” Said Aven. “Just let them do a walk through and then they can find the door.” He said passively”

“You know that it’s illegal to think that we wouldn’t be in this together, if push comes to shove – why are you all trying to hide it? I won’t know.

When in need Just - please be aware that we can help out with this whole situation and now that the realm’s see the truth.” 

“I don’t think that help is going to be needed, so you must be not understanding.” Said Tinisha.  “So in other words the vital information is right there on the wall, and I’d take it that you have read everything on this wall and that you realize what is right.” Said the Cardinal.

“ I see – I see- I see exactly what it is   - all the vibes were, saluted too my condition on if you were looking at that wall your self - would you still agree that everything is correct”  Scolded Aven.

“No I wouldn’t.” Said the cardinal grievingly. As he continued on his mission, of searching the canvassed building.

Meanwhile at the dormitory where they had concepted the body.

That they had mysteriously found, thrown from a plane, or ridiculed in some other way.

 As jeopardized; it was so lethargy.

They could not understand what had happened.

If they were in the habitat that they were running from, they would find out that they had heavy mesterfication of bees.

No one liked the reality but the canvassed building kept some so cool. Therefore, they tried to tell Cardinal Adams : that they had everything under control, even if they had to lie to some people. At the building, they were doing more studies on the body and they were sure that the cause of deaf was heat separation of the soul.

They were really in desperate conscript to just turn the body in. They disobeyed the law and played the game to see if the law would constrict a Criminal Canvas.

  The situation was so segacious it was really more than the world’s values.

They were situated, they were perpetrated, and they were not going to allow another agnostic aversion to their normal stability.

Doc Matters said. “ We can really get a decent amount of information from the burned down receptacles that they found. Receptacles of clothes, of pictures, and other personnel belonging.”  “ Have you talked to Trent, Aven or, Tinisha.” Said Carl.

Not yet and I bet they are in the order of being on the way over here. I’ve heard that the cardinal was over there talking to them, so they progressed this body over here to us. Their trying to make a diversion for things that is out of their control.”

Trent and Aven drove all the way to the dormitory, passing by buildings and brinks and stenches’.

They were so concluded to the heat - some out cooking in the heavy dirt, which was so permuted on the ground, around heavy rock formations.

  They could tell from the conversation they was having  that they were going to use this man for something other than what was planned, and he was going to be dead and not have to worry. Now that they drove and drove. They found out that the jeep that they were in was having car troubles, now that they could be in juxtapositions.

They had a serene gamble, of the counteracted precision. The power of the volts that they were messing with in the valve room was becoming more scientific. Now that they were really in there nigger rigging the valves.

They would soon find out that when night came, that the whole entire outside, of their area of over, somehow 500 acres, would be filled with only smoke, and that the chemicals would soon really be coming from the enemy’s - that were there to destroy.

Even though the bungalows were packed, 50 people each bungalow. There were at least 100 bungalows. None of them people ever planned on going to war, but they all had guns and weapons.

This was a Tactical Camp were people came to receive their certificates to teach at Academy’s that give degrees.

They were not in reality doing this for infantry.

What would be seaming as if a game set up on the other side.

In reality, this would be the real thing going on in the muthafucka.

No one was going too except the facts, because they were going to be coherst into the facts.

Once the people found out that, they were really being placed in places that were not right, to there selves. The head sergeants and other high officials, was not ready for what was going to happen even as theirs self’s.

Except the fact that they had all the guns and shit, they needed.

They were quite in equipollence. They were also eradicated to the strength of the magnificent air. The thunder roared Through the ground! every time they shot the cannons.

The valves that they were fucking with were now jettisoned. The valves had brung hundreds of talking SCI- FI Creatures - all ready to take over and destroy.         

  They were three feet tall; with eyes that were hellish red.

Their bodies were like see threw; you could like see the guts and blood ushering threw their bodies.

They were coming too destroy.

Just like a human doesn’t know what they are, going to go threw before they lived on planet earth;

These Creatures would have to work with what they had, just like Maggots that form and start moving simply from food staying in the fridgerater too long.     

  Now that the humans thought that, they could escape. They would soon found out that, what is going on is not human - some thought it was a curse and that they were about to die.

Shited not the fuck if they got there synoptic ass’s out of that muthafucker while the shit was going on.

Shit happens.

In addition - they just happened to be perplexed into this distillery grave, as the magneto gas has surrounded the barriers.

The head workers started calling on the loud speakers:

“Every one stay in your Bungalows and close all windows.” As the sirens went off like smoke detectors.  

 The lights were spinning around the fucking rooms and outside corridors, like it was a devastating manipulation of the lord’s plan, of the world.

Therefore, Trent tried his best to forget about the beer he was drinking. 7 hours had passed since they found the person who was corneal and uprooted to be the resonated Trek.

They were all into some plutonic condolence - Trent said. “Close all the windows quick.”

We already did so what is this. Said Cave”.  “These gases won’t kill you they are just very blinding and there isn’t any telling how long this could be like this” Said Trent.

  “I do not care, what you say it looks s like, it looks like that someone has set off one hundred thousand smoke bombs.  I have to go out there and check on my people.”  Said Cave.

“Ok I have exactly what you need, these inferred fog glasses, these will make the fog and smoke see threw. You can see one hundred percent better than anyone out there.” Said Trent. “Ok so I will be back.” Said Cave.

He ran and he ran.

 He went to each Bungalow.

He started with one.

 Then he moved on to the next one.

And he did this at each one.

What he did was talk and try to encourage all the people to stay calm and just protect their eyes.

Also not to see what was going on.

Moreover, he was acknowledging that tomorrow was going to be a whole another phase.

They were all like complaining and coughing.

Some was dressed in their shorts and T-shirts.

Others were dressed in their khakis with a button up and down casual shirt.

  They were all like wondering or asking questions about why they have been lied to. “This is like crazy.” Said some of the people.

In reality, what they needed to do was Operate up and start moving around; because once these Creatures come; they will found out what the real deal was.

The Creature’s starts to form from water modulation; and valve gasses that have been chemical compounded with gas: deadly: Cobra Venom.

Every single place where there is water.

In addition, these Creatures were eluded.

They were eluded with the love of needing closure.

They start out as little black dot’s to the conception of bed bugs.

Then they grow too three feet over night.

Not in the first night.

 It takes ten days.

 Too, grow full.

So on the eleventh day.

Will be the day they could start moving.

They could also talk.

Some of the Creatures were, more hideous than others. Some shooting galactic gases out of the nos’trills, there strills were very deadly. They can deprive your skin. Your skin could grow back if you used the right antiseptic, which in reality was water.

Even though ever one just did not have water - see they form from this - So it is a double gammy. The bi - rays of the atmosphere were logic, also they couldn’t talk or move or be seen when it came to night; they turn back into the size of black bed bugs. Hard to see.

 Therefore, as everyone ran around there Bungalows trying to figure out why the large masses of gas were outside.

The top masses were now reissuing to the the lower masses.

In addition, by mourning, you would only be able to walk through the smoke masses but you would not be able to see the ground.

The smoke masses started from the ground and stopped about waist high on a person with height at of 6 foot tall.

Therefore, the fog level was at least three feet tall. The Creatures were also three feet tall, so they were not going to be easy to be seen.

The smoke would be so thick that even if you bend down you couldn’t see where you were going.

 Well let’s just thank God that at least you could see straight forward and breathe.

Moreover, they had special “ Ligament Vision Modular’s” that allow you to see through this type of temperature. Just so happened to be a couple cases of 20 Quant: each case.

 They were going to be specifying who would, get the pleasure of wearing the manifested aprons and they were going to need a lot more. They were destined to be the rational one’s not for long. They were so patristic to the wondrous values of the highlighted patristic gamble. I could tell that Trent and Tinisha were the ones who were planning, on the real passes. Nature was more conclude than the material peroration.

Now that it was raining and thundering with the devilistic clauses that they were going to be fucked up recovery.


First part: Six years later


Now that Charles was flying over the fields of a place, he had never been, with several Refugees. He was talking to the Refugees. He stated. “Something is not right with the way the sky’s are, I don’t think it’s safe. One of the Refugees named Comoketa spoke. “Don’t ta be crazy de grounds will la is done foe. And we’d be def out of luck and strut oh to pieces.” “Don’t tra listen to him, he’d not know the mass even if he was de mass.” Said Calib. Just ta listen to me, were going to get ta’ to the states and run there corner stores. We don’t ta care about ta sky’s mass’s, not ta re don’t am.” Said Stigamite.

The only problem is, I’m the only one who speaks clear English, and has full demission of what goes on. So I’m going to land this plane because the education state’s that that’s what I should do.’ Said Charles.

Charles could hear the five Refugees talking in the back as he drove and drove.

 He was so strucking by the masses of the earth that he needed to drop the plane down and get going away from his self.

He wasn’t suspecting anything as SCI- FI as he was going to be into suppression. Then he would understand. They were so not ready for what was going to occur. One or two guns were not enough, and the portaged molecular detention was going to be passed through.

Charles was seeing things that were not there.

He was tripping when he thought that he saw a woman with a hand full of Creatures, that were blowing to pieces each time he saw them.

He was thinking I must be really going through it and now that I am in the ways of my nature, why would this be happening to me.

The Refugee’s were all saying. “What are you doing?” Charles said. “I’m landing.” Ok I tried to warn you.”

“Any way, how much do you really know?” Asked Charles.”  “It’s all in Mythology, that the laws “of ” landing will not be “or” forgiving the laws “ or ” forbidden.” Said Comoketa.

When they landed the plane to the ground it was very blank there. There were mostly trees and pathway’s and they were so confused. Charles and the five Refugee’s walked for a minute, they were in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

They would soon find there some shed’s and other cooperative items. They plane was fuel-efficient.

Not since they landed; all gas had left the plane; like a cigarette lighter that had been taken apart; in which a way that the lighter fluid left immediately. Charles was checking out the plane before they left. He said. “ People we have a problem, the plane is out of fuel.”

Ever one looked around at each other speaking curse’s and being in anger, saying. “ I knew us shant, never stopped oh foe shitta, look at this shitta, you have UN done.

They were so mad just wait into the Creatures came and shoot the diabolic gases on their ass’s.

  They were serene to the Human nature they were more lofters than destroyers. - Because they needed being's energy to live, the creatures don’t receive energy from being’s who don’t breathe. Therefore, when they first attack you lose all energy and cannot walk or talk, even though these episodes ware off after a certain amount of minutes. Then you can move again. Even though water could help, someone out, it’s almost impossible because your mouth becomes sealed after the Creatures attack.

Therefore, you would be pretty thirsty and hungry for a while. Now that they were walking around the grounded land, they all walked together.   

  They tried to stay in order and they was now reading a sign that said: Communication Lodges. They took the path at a hope that they would find somewhere to sleep and they prayed for this.

If they have a few more secluded times, as they could here Birds and Daffodils squawking and yakking. The wind howled at their clothes. The temperatures were tormented and very hypothermia.

They had on coats and other clothing. Even though there was, no Snow on the ground the fidgety air was very very graphic.

It was the ways of the nature to not want to be in this moment.

They spoke to each other about the cold ass air, as they continued walking the trail.

Just so happed it was nightfall - it wasn’t dark but the sky’s masses were becoming darker. In addition, the Creatures were going into hiding for the night.

Even though 6 years ago what ever happened happened.

This old day had killed every one off, or they made it out alive. But whatever it was - they was going to be manipulated by the state, who keep’s the lights and other appliances working ; so that in need. If they ever needed this area for special missions, things of the nature they would be happy. Now that they could pandure, the real reality and they could just wait. They walked and walked. Then that’s when Charles left the Refugee’s alone by them self.

He told them that he needed to go check out some of the other areas of this place. Now that he could go into the Valve Room accidently. He thought that he was working for HVAC. “But” He was going to be summoning some Creatures, who once before somehow killed all of their energy sources. Then they couldn’t live neither. Therefore, areas of this place were so dirty, that all you could do was believe that something was going on very tragic around here. In addition, you would be like why would I want to stay here. Then you’d come to your senses and be like, I’m stuck here!

One of the Refuges was having a talk with their other’s about: going back to the plane - to pick up some personnel things.

They commenced that belief.

Then they waited.

For Charles to come back.

When Charles made it back.

They talked to him about their plan to go to the plane.

The five Refugees, discussed that only two of them would go, the other three would stay with Charles. Comoketa and Ké’ledian was the ones who planned on going. They were in this heated building right now, to be precise the same Canvas Building that Trent, and Tinisha was in six years ago.

Even though they would not know this. They was hearing and or reading read sentences. Logs that were written on the walls. They came to a decision that they were in some kind've Combat War Zone. They were so ready for the battles so they thought.

They were questioning and asking what were they going to eat. At that point, after about an hour they decided to let the two go - gather what they needed. They were unaware of where they were. They was going to be finding out that they were now in A diabolical pervasion.

They searched some more of the Buildings, which were used as Bungalows, in the past. They were so overwhelmed with the slime that they’d seen, in some Of the desk drawers. They asked each other what it was? they concluded that it was slime.

They said : what would slime be doing in these drawers. One said. : “ more like - ta what are we - ta doing her. We should ta get going.” Said Calib.

Charles stated it looks as if you could be leaving crying up to these females. “ I’d take that ta you are tee a certain this –

 “ b'caus” - a ya a white male and I’m a black African.” -  “Well if at - a everything was a that easy." Joked Charles.

They left the Canvassed Building.

It was freezing where the two-Go’er Backers to the plane were.

They was freezing so much that they couldn’t feel their fingers. They were talking to each other about, maybe stilling the Plane and leaving every one where they was at.

Then they would come to reality and realize that they were not going to be accepted. The Plane was struck.

It was obviously so fucked up on itself.

Then they talked about the way that Charles should’ve never landed.

They commenced the belief that they would make the best out of the situation.

They wished that they had went ahead and brung everyone, or found something possible to wheel ever body and everything alone. -  - -

They was in the reality of not gaining the pleasure of killing. Now that they friend the earth. They realize that they were not going to be happy.

Once morning come.

 When they seen what happened six years ago.

That’s where the pressure is at and how the fantasy’s were occluded. This is the property of the next man, who’s dented Trials and Tribulations would be the past.

 Now that they wanted to be back at one of the Buildings they would feel that it was, Somehow just opposite. They were only into the intrepid and felt that it was Gnostic.

The game would never turn.

They looked for things that they would never find- picking items off of the ground, pocketing them, Trying to make sure that they could always find their way back - because the trails were almost hidden because of Labyrinth Gambrel.

They were so entwined to see the funnel of clouds that looked as if they were obtuse - but they looked over that - and was still moving straight forward.

Now that the Animal inside of them - wanted what was needed.

They felt as if that they could not wait to get back to the Plane, they knew that it seemed as if it took longer than it did leaving the Plane. To get back to the Plane.

  Now that they could jeopardize their self and try to stay away.

The stray would be the graphic gamble of Human against Creature. They were so into the vibe and they could compact the devastation of six years ago, even if they knew nothing about it. Therefore, they were all in the order of separation of the soul. I think that they figured that they knew, that they would end up dying in the masses of this new place.

They were trying to forgive Charles.

Charles was back in the other place cooking food ,yea that’s right - what they went to the plane for was needed but not so needed.

They found clothes and shit and they found a lot of other things. Articles, Cameras, Phones, Goggles.

all types of shit that would P.I. S. S off the two: Comoketa, Ké’ledian. But they were not yet restituted to the alloys of Methodical Procession.

The dementia of the Roundelays Gram would be the proliferated conjunction.

The Plane seemed as if they was not there and they were really lost.

The hellish beliefs they would have, when they walked back into the Building, that they had just left from.

 And Then Saw their Friends mouth being stuffed. In addition; seeing their Warm Body’s and smiles; they would be like what is going on. “ You know exactly what is going on.”

“Ya ta’ are eating and are ta’ in dif’ clothes – what ta’ kind a’ shit is this, what a’ kind-a’ fuck'tin’ game is dis’.”

They’d be like : it’s not ta’ dame’ game - we were just looking around and we found shitta’ perhaps shitta’ you were out in the cold looking for.

They would’ve then saw the reality. This was kind’ve crazier than they expected. Now that they were jettisoned, they would jubilate the next game. They would really still be out in the cold at this point. They would found out that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. They were devastated by the conglomerates of who had heart, to try to conjure what was highly Episcopal. Now that the ways of the world fortified the Tales Of Darkness; fortified the Realms: of when Charles was thirteen and that, he always wanted to be someone who studied spiritual activity.

He wanted to be a Scientist Of Parapsychology.

He was definitely in his mind to reciprocate the Realms that he was the stipulator of the yield Pre’Science of his  maneuvers, also he was the stipulator of the habits he displayed. They let the parfocal be. His Mother and Father was working at a Naval Facility, which they just happened to be away from their home a lot.

Charles was going through devastation. On how his Father used to beat him. He was not ritualized to conceptualize the prospects, the prospects led him to murder.

He was so intelligent. High comatose was the resident of the gram. The Laryngitis he had as a baby and his skin diseases that left his body pink with a condition of Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

He was over this disease when he became 18.

His family was numismatic fit. Their dollars was ranging high in Escudos. Their family wasn’t even from the united states; they were from Ireland, not Northern Ireland in the united kingdom- even though they used 999 in united kingdom a lot of times- which is their local emergency number like 911 in the united states. The flags of the  decastyle in his soul was not going to be easy to pacify.

So they tried to purify him.

So his contextual pragmatism of nerves were congenial.

So they were looking threw the Cat Scan of someone who should’ve been dead but lived. He was part of the world that his Mother would soon literate and not the judicature of Behavioral Sciences - at least not in a good way.

She did all she could for Charles Liguim. (lig-gwim)

 He was more into a material miscegenation than a material minority.

Who Charles father and Charles That’s who.

He was reclaiming the derogative of the municipal of life, his now life, that was really his past life. Was seaming as if the logics of diffusion. He was in contempt to the large quantity masses of Insects that he kept in his room.

“He” Sodomy of the dark.

He was the pre’arrangement of the next noxious matters. There would be no more arguing riding down the street. He was more perilous of the pious, terrace of deserve. He was looking threw his Telescope in his room once and he realized things that were so gratuity.

 He was so submitted to the Yellow Fever that his dog had. Errant to the přeštěnice.

He would soon be grudged into the smartest and not really even looked at negative.

The segregation of his emotions were so vivid. He found out that his sister: Carletta Liguim, was the one who was a concession of his reality virtuous. They were Pigmented to not understand the fucking Psychodynamics. They were zealous. And she started telling Charles lies; saying your Mothers not shit, she’s no good, so why she has a good job, fuck her!

The assuage she used was so deterrent. He was contiguous to the legistrative matters. He was pecuniary and they was watching as he went out into the yard and grabbed a Bird and killed it, with his bare hands. Not because of his sister; it was because this happened in front of his Mother, when his sister wasn’t there.

I guess that they forgot about Hunting.

The situation was epileptic.

The bed would come to life in his room, and he would talk to the Spirits and congest that they wanted him to help them out.

Him being in the world would, substitute.

They were so sound.

and now that the prefund of the mound was certificated.

They would commence the afther words and they would be into the red, in the reality the prosperous and the connected activity would be the debt.

And the detective could be reflective to what happened.

And they were in the obtuse.

As he spoke to his Rug. He said. “ how do you, do what you do”? The Rug spoke back. “ We have received our powers from a Higher Source.”

 As - light flashed through the atmosphere, the Rug started glowing as if, this was going to be a magic carpet ride.

But it wouldn’t.

The Rug spoke. “ I want to share something with you.”

Charles said. “ Share something like what.”

“ I want to share with you your true power, with that power, The power is better than seeing me and hearing me.

You can loose and fall victim to a negative curse.

This is already a curse.

It may could be used as good or bad.”

 Prepared the rug.

 Charles feelings were as of if demurrage.

And they were so Tea Kettle to be the next measures. The Rug said. “ We know why you are here, at your Sisters and you are trying to escape what has happened to your body and face. “

As Charles walked over to the mirror. “ Well you’re not normal and you’ll never be! I’ll show you and you’ll obey my wishes, Charles.”

The Rugs voice shattered the fucking air like a muthafucking Mistletoe! The Mistletoe crashed frozen threw the manipulated walls of Charles soul. He was paginating his next ten statements in his mental, before they came.

And now. He said. “ I will not obey you.” Charles thought that everything was sweet, -  it wasn’t - the Isometrics were so surround sound.

The rug diapered then he changed into a Gargoyle.

Who Charles that’s who?

And he thought and thought.

He woke up.

He figured he was in a Dream.

Even if it was.

It would end up being realer to him than a dream in the ending.


Charles was so ready for the next phases of reality. He was so close to behaving in ransom, that he was deciduous of the proclamation, that was so reared to the deaf .

The Stoichiometry was the laked masses, that had him in the friction. He used fiction as the depiction of reality.

He tried to believe that the weather was of the utmost gamble.

He was in suicide of the evidence, that was so ready.

The evidence was everything he’d been through.

He could complete the  words of the passes.

Then when it came to it, he would soon realize that he was still in Mexico with the Refugee’s.


He was having a talk with one of his Teachers when he was in school; the 6th grade. He was so not sure if he should except his words - he wanted him to run the class and be the head of the situation. Now that the pressure was coming from Carden his Science Teacher.

He would see if moving the Magnets from positive or negative would attract or dis-tract. So he found the shreds of Magnet’s and made them move. He had the plus and minus wires hooked up to the Plastic Receptacle  too make the light bulb work in class.

He felt the impious intrigue. He was really coming up with ideas separate, that were conclusively better; like he made a miniature fan that could cool the whole entire room off in 3  seconds, the fan was miniature as a computer mouse.

 That’s very intelligent and somewhat impossible.

He was eradicated, on top of the belief that he was the next one and if the choice was different - it would be opposite and now that the manage was the consensus. The pleasure was in the red area of his Mind.

He wondered how he would feel if he was ever manipulated. He was running high on octose and they wanted that Element Table to be created.

He was the one who was Scientific enough to disappear the Girls hair, in the class. They were bald but they looked alright. He was almost kicked out of school for that.

But what happened, happened out side of the school. They were trying to come up with a way to have him cleared; the Girls from the class. They was scared, like he had special powers; So they tried to make up a game to see if he really could keep everything he’d believe in.

That’s when he realized that the perspicuous gram was the decipher that would control his Hemisphere. He was unaware that the dwell was the animosity that concluded the Program. He kept the Radio playing in his mind.

He even gave the Girls back they hair!

 It was an exact grace of pleasure.

He would see the Globe of the Atmosphere Syncretistic.
Now that the round shaped belief was not prosperous they would sectionize the class as an obliged content.
Then they would start walking into the Mile Of The Degrees that were so Plutonic. They could not register the frenetic thrust that was exert, until they seen the real profanation and the words melted.

Charles was sitting around in his room a lot - where he came up with most dialect of most of his valuable clauses.

 Or should I say idea’s.

He was pileated, he was diplomatic into the forced plan, that would be the next Bereavement.

into the halitosis of the Pragmatic Gamble.

He watched as the Shadows moved back and forth.  They was so close; to just animating what Charles really needed was to escape the past. They was not marveled with the conception of miraculous writing. The tedious prize had just Concealed the Gamut which was in the pointed room: The pointed room was where they kept all the sharp material for making and creating things.

Now that you can Uterus threw the dedicated mission. He told his Mom he needed some New Clothes .

 She was really ready to leave the deification of the vowels of the next measures. Now that she looked into the eyes of the Sparrow. They could conclude that the rates were in the phases of the jeopardize instrument that was grazing.

They thought that he was so innocent.

They would not need to be too  extravagant because the gigantic goose - eagle would be the resonated ground move. The Fellowship would be the detonator of the specific- inoculants – matters – that would be solitude. And that realness was the Liquor that was hot blood, not a consummation of head retention mass’s and that was.

The contraceptive- reparative- adjunct  prohibition, that  was the synoptic capsule that was looking at his Manacle that was left on his heart.

Now that the ricocheted pressure could just let the sanction be dubious.

Come to found out that the drastic measures could be the palpitate.

They could source the heart Stethoscope that would’ve shown that the heart was still active, even if the heart was diabolically inactive. They tried to deceive me and make believe that I was - how do you say it – diabolical. Now that gracious was grated and open so agate.

Now that the worlds were coming closer together. Albino morals of a compendium that was like a null of emotions. The Creatures was in his room ever night. They was like a family who had been infested with Roaches. These creatures was not Roaches, their poaches could, cling – a – lingy , ling. Though this may be humourous,too some. It was not a  real funny Gravit- the Gravity was not prerecognized it was a suppression of the Non orthodox- the Gamma Rays were there. Science Fiction was very high on the authoritive boundary’s. He questioned why with his electromagnetic Crystal Ball? He patched up the whole in the wall of his bedroom that was there.

He could sense that radioactive vials that were going to end up being in Mesoamerica surrounded by lot’s of trees, and Creatures that were 3’ feet tall. They was underground and the plight words stuck in their mind.

The realistically impounded thoughts were going to becoming intermission. His plastic prospection was in the mist, and Charles was going to not agree with his father Michael Liguim. He was looking for Rachel Liguim. The moral’s that were defecated on his heart, were more valuable than the demonstrated clog, that was pertemporal of his mental. His conception was a blend minority of his deception. He was on the mound of the particular. They could patronize the concession and they were in the prosperous. Now that the greedy ranges were in the frisk and the leverage. He was talking to the floor one day and it was showing him visions of places he hadn’t been.

He couldn’t figure out the monstrous beliefs that were so malignant. He thought that he was the mood. Though he was receptacle to the material clauses.

He was found grudged with Quarterly Diabolism. His Mother Rachel walked in on him, and stated. “ It’s time to go to Church.” He was wondering how deep could his life’s Horology commence on a life : TimeLine.

He was remembering things, like he was induced with some kind’ve Syncretistic Game. He was wondering into his prevalent Psalm. The choices were very see threw clear.

They was going to be into this belief, until they let things recuperate. Charles told his Mom that he did not want to go to Church.

He wanted to stay and talk to the floors. And they were setting him up for the electric compound. He was wondering how and why his body was feeling like it was, purpose for reasons other than the reality beliefs.

They could change the motion of the strength of some being’s. Now that their resources’ and foundation was in the jettisoned area.

They were not perpetuated with the invisible sanctions,that some must have thought that they was in - a surreal game. Then when the floors closed in on him, he would wish that they never had done this.

Even though they had taught him great Epistemology. He was still trying to force the Demagogue to be the Pedagogue - he believed into these two subject as these  were a demigod.

Either way, when he kept seeing these Scientific Hallucinations, he would soon be the trenched various and they were lining up the various clauses.

The pace were some repetitious and it was so Regulated into the Science of Regulatory Laws.

The interrogation was frolic and the pressure was fallacious. They could tell the duration of the deranged. They competed with the laws of normality. They stipulated the stipendiary of the Diary that was the blank walls of life.

He was feeling like he was being controlled in life.

He was postulated  to the pallets, that were so strumming. His digestion of what the Rug used to feel.

He worked on his Sentinel belief for that close moment that nothing would stand in his way.

He wanted the thwart pleasure to be the diabolical, grenade. He watched his father and mother talk about the financial papers, that they were working on. He figured that this was boring, so he went outside to one of his friends house.

He walked down the street for some vehicular belief that he would just be suppressed with nothing.

The weather was pretty hot.

He had on a T- shirt and Blue Jean pants. He was percolating. He was very fond of his belief the Rosales, the pretemporal effect was adjunct.

He was marveled with the patriotic seldom.

All he wanted as a Young Dude was to feel normal.

They could see threw the colossus of the tremendous clauses. Now that he wanted the open end, he would see that they would be the best wondrous and they could except the situation.

Charles had a Twin Brother named Carlos.

They wasn’t identical twins, they were so different than each other, even though with a certain amount of makeup, Charles’s brother could look exactly as Charles.

He was the one who wanted to stay into magical things. It was going to be the other way for Charles.

Carlos was in the reconsideration sections as the cold mist air surrounded his conception. He was into the permissible attitude that would conceive his minority.

Before he was ready for the deception, he was ready for the strength.

He was of jubilant blatant and quite fidelity.

He witnessed the trees move from his Friction Machine  that he’d created. He noticed that the parliament was so surrounding in his elastic appearance.

He was listening- they said. “ Come into the woods. He didn’t know what he was up against or what the perpetuous sense would be. He was so critiqued that all he needed was the reticular perception. He said. “ What must I do.”  They said. “ We will show you, if you listen to everything we tell you and follow us.

Charles was feeling frenetic to the possible acquisitions that he’ll need to compete with nature.

They could’ve been trying to get Charles out there in the forest for negativity.


Charles was over this and he was looking for a new job. the petulant cause’s were into the oblivious words, there were monocular grief, all threw his soul.

Really this was his normal way of being, he would look threw the paper.

He would travel and leave his Girl outside and continue to complete, the words of the realm. He was trenched into the real concord.

how could he defeat the weather, he probably couldn’t? So there for he would deal with, whatever it was that was needed.

He wouldn’t contraception, the words confusion, he was into the dilemma and now that they could see. They held back only what was dark and they was the passive air.

This was in the pass before he became an Airplane Pilot  At the National Territory of Refugees. He was textual to the way he had to fly people around, to where they were going . That was devastation so the ways of the world needed to get out of hell.


 Esperance Movement : written by Regardless:

She hit her head so congruously on the dash board of  the black sedan. All she could do was feel vigorated  by the clothes that were mystical sticking to her body. She was "co - lined" to the beef that she was fed up with Alex. But Alex wouldn’t be the main thing that had this white bitch so pissed off.

She unloaded the shots into the figament that was so blurred threw her cirrus. She was propelled too the belief that she was killing an invisible part of her. She was filled with diatonic dictate.

She dictated a past that mark would soon figure out.

All she wanted to do was embrace into an Esperance - but she would soon find out that the law would not be on her side. She hoped back with-in here vehicle and then she started pounding her pretty white hands on the steering wheel. And backed out. With such rabidity! She careened and careened into she found herself in a fucking ditch.

Once upon a time when this wreck occurred, she was trenched into this labyrinth for at least two hours; blacked out. That’s when a motor vehicle operator named Jatiss saw a  evaporated smoke cloud that was lining itself from the black unnoticeable car - to the sky, like a black tornado. This would soon be the black sedan that Amy was in. He rushed to the car in a waving panic. That’s when he tried to touch the door handel that was so burning hot that made him jump back - in his skins ambiguity. He reconciled trust into the maneuvers to reconsider his second attempt to open the car door.

He reached inside and pulled the lady out. He then called the ambulance and told them where he had suspected to find the building. The ambulance came and they took Amy away.

“ Look lady calm down.” Said doctor Evan. “ You were in a serious car accident, you was injured only a little - but you will be needing a new car.” Said doctor Evan. “ I don’t want anything from you – all I want is my life back – I wont my soul back – I won’t my kid back.” Said Amy. Nurse Reddy spoke. “ Where do you remember leaving the kid ? ” “ Was they in the vehicle with you ? ” Said doctor Evan. “ I’m not sure I can remember – all I remember is getting out of my car and killing something.” “ Your not going to be allowed in a normal society if you’re a killer or an activist killer, why did you do it ? ” Said doctor Evan. “ For all I know it could’ve been all some kind of a game where I fuck myself - and can never get back to a normal stability.

Strenuously she thought that she was impelled to except the assonance ; that was a murder that she wasn’t even sure she committed. She suicidaly snitched on her self.

“ What did you do with the corps, where is the body, we need to have this type of information so that in which, we can be in a decent relevancy ? ” Said Evan.” I had arranged myself the belief that I did nothing wrong, then I killed. Then afther I killed, I restituted the corps in the trunk of my car. I figured that it was nothing - sense it was only an animal that I killed. I just couldn’t take it the way that my boyfriend Alex told me that he was a pedophile. I just couldn’t control my self.” Said Amy. “ You know Amy, some people can get in a whole lot of trouble, for killing animals without a legal aspect. We need to have the police investigate this situation, then we’ll move on from there.” Said doctor Evan.

“ I’m sorry doctor Evan. I never ment for anything to go wrong.

Next scean:

“ Where is my mommy.” Spoke Tia.  “ She is working on something to help you and your grandmother out. I’m delighted to keep you here with me, I love my grand baby.” Said Colette.(ca-let) “ but me and her was supposed to go to the Amusement Center today ! she promised. She never makes a promise that she doesn’t keep. If she did she would be a lier.” Demonstrated Tia. “ Don’t you ever speak toward your mother that way again.” Professed Colette. “ But grandma.” Announced Tia.

“ I don’t know what Amy has been teaching you, but you are sure becoming indecisive; this is my house. So you must have some explaing to do missy.” “ My mom doesn’t make me have to explain anything ; so therefore I don’t have to explain anything to you,” battered Tia.

“ If you were more nicer to me everything would be better.” Tia battered even more. The phone rings. Then Colette tells Tia to go upstairs to her room. She did and that’s when Colette answered the phone. With her shoulder length brown hair, her grey skirt.

Unlike her granddaughter who was commencing a two piece pajama suit. Colette was feeling bewildered, when she answered the phone. She said. “ Hello.” “ Mom where have you been I’ve been trying to call you all day. My car was rammed off of the rode. I have been in the Hospital all day. I totaled the Sedan. I’m alright I just have a few scrapes and bruises.” Said Amy.

“ You totaled my Sedan, I can’t believe you, you should’ve been more careful.” Aggravated Colette. “ I was trying - I just couldn’t let my mind keep telling rumors, and I know how that it is that Andel keeps putting tabs on you.” Sold Tia. “ Andel doesn’t put anything on me.” Said Colette. “ Well you just gotta forgive me about the car.” Said Amy to her mom. “ Well – you can consider yourself forgave. Guess what - today me and your daughter had a little confrontation, I think that you need too quit putting things in her head.” Grasped Colette. “ Mom I’m sorry but she controls her on head, on my be-halph I trust her as mature person at ten years old.” Said Amy. “ She is – but she isn’t.” Said Colette. “ I understand mom - you’re tired of her.

Can you do me a favor and bring her to Wendy’s on Vidal and Brute; I wanna buy yall both dinners. My friend Named Calleen is taking me there in like an hour or two.

We plan on being there at exactly six - o - clock.” Said Amy. “ Ok I’ll be there, at least to drop your daughter off. I had her for a full three days without you even calling or showing up. Said Colette. “ I know mom. Thanks for every thing.” Said Amy.

They both departed there gregarious talk. They were both so ovulated too both situations of epilogue moment. They thought that they had had been threw everything all alone.

They didn’t forfeit reality. Even though Amy’s next desiccation was for Amy to give her daughter to A semi stranger.

Who she only really new some how for a day. Too harbor her kid for her - cause she was about to receive 50 count’s of animal cruelty and animal manslaughter.

And ten count’s of child endangerment. And also child indecency.

She should’ve never forced these kids to watch her kill these animals. She asked the police how did they get inside her house to find all of them dead corpse. Her mind was playing a game on her.

They was acting all nonchalant and The police man said. “ Lady what you’ve been doing in your house is illegal.” All this happened before she called her mom and talked to her about bringing Tia to the Wendy’s on Vidal and Brute. “ We don’t just let sicos run around in the world at there own free will.” Said a lady cop. “ I feel your pain Amy - but there are doctors and counselors that can handle people who need help.” Said another lady cop.

The cops had arrested Amy she was on lock and they gave her a 80 thousand dollar bail. Afther the percent deduction. Amy’s friend named calleen came downtown to the local jail, and bailed her friend named Amy out. They wasn’t allowed to  go to Amy’s house. So she was staying with calleen for a while at caleens house.

They drove all the way to the restaurant on Vidal and brute. They commenced seats with-in the restaurant dinning area. With two drinks each. And then they were sitting there waiting for callen before they ordered any food.

Amy and Colette had an confrontation in the parking lot. Colette said. “ I’m not staying to eat, just be glad with the fact that you have your daughter with you.

” Amy then popped back at her mom. “ don’t be like that, just come and meet calleen for the first time. Colette then spoke. “ No thank you.” As she was sitting down in her car and rolling the window up; as she was stating her last statement. As Amy was walking off her mom rolled down her window and said.

“ call me.” When Amy herd her mom’s statement she looked back behind her. And then she could see her mom backing up her Cadillac Seville.

Now as Tia and Amy walked back to the entrance doors of Wendy’s, as Amy was talking and making nice gestures with her daughter cause they had been together in a while. Once they’d received entrance into the  Wendys restaurant Amy’s feeling dropped with supreme petulance.

She had an nautical feeling that callen was missing. Tia asked “ Mommy what’s wrong ? ” Amy then said. “ I’m looking for someone.”

Amy checked all special corners and walls, then she checked all restrooms. She asked workers had they seen her ? And some of the workers stated that they think that they saw her leave threw one of the exit’s.

Amy then grabbed Tia by the arm and went out side. She ravished the parking lot corridors looking for calleens car. Too no avail.

She was so out of it she thought she would for sure forget this animal cruelty thing and skip states.

She stopped outside the restaurant shaking in panic. She leveraged with lethargy.

She was on - unravel - this  - medical  - abscissa. She watched as multiple people removed there self from  different cars and then went into the restaurant afther speaking, to some of them.

She watched as one man removed himself from his truck. His physique was of a strong man that was kind’ve macho. His hair was of a brown tan color that was cut with out heavy length.

His close was as of wranglers pant’s mixed with Abercrombie and Fitch. His boots were aspectual first down boots. When he came closer he spoke as some of the other humans had.

The man stated. “ Hi you doing.” “ Amy spoke alright – my friend just came up missing and I’m trying to find her. If I don’t. I may have to walk home or call a ride or anything. “ How long are you going to be here.

” Said the man. Amy spoke. “ Hell I may never know.” He then stated. “ I ‘m going to use the restroom and then I’ll be right back out – that’s about all I really came her to do.” He then walked off.

Amy was talking to Tia like. “ what are we going to do?” Tia said. “ we can call grandma to come and get us.” Amy stated. “ I don’t think that that will be a good idea. 

Well things aren’t that bad.” Said Tia “ Things may be worser than you believe.” spoke Amy. As they herd the Wendy’s door open. Then out came the man that they was last talking to.

Amy was thinking minority, she had a capsule behavior. “ What’s your name.” Said the man. My name is Amy Volcase and this is my daughter Tia Volcase.

“ Yall two are beautiful my name is Tremond. And I wanted to know how far is your house and do you think that you could trust a person like me to take you where you need to go.

” Said Tremond. She figured that this man would be her cull-de-sack; someone she could go with and never look back on the same exact horror. Then Amy said.

“ It’s something you don’t understand, I just can’t up and leave - right at this moment.”

“ Tremond said why not? ”  There was a moment of silenced and Tremond said. Lets go over to my four door dodge ram. They put Tia in the back seat.

Amy entered from the passenger seat. Tremond entered threw the driver seat. He then stated: I know it’s more to this tell me your story?

She then said lets step outside the vehicle so that Tia couldn’t hear what her and tremond was talking about. It was summer weather out there in Back Wood Florida. Back Wood Florida was a nice city and state. Amy had on a pare of blue jean pants from Regalsburg.

And a short sleeve shirt that was tied in a knot exposing part of her stomach. She was a very attractive brunet. With a complexion that was tanned to perfection. Her hair was a little passed her shoulders. And she had her hair just relaxed. No barrettes no rubber bands. Just pretty hair.

She said. “ I’m In a whole lot of trouble. I’m facing a whole lot of charges of Animal Cruelty, Manslaughter and Child Endangerment.

They don’t necessarily want to take my child, but they could and might would. My mother would already be a good candidate to take over custody of my child, so I’m not asking you to take her and run from the law.

Amy’s feelings were petrified of innocuous fact. That her next extricated statement may make the mans gregariousness, turn into nocuous measure metaphors.

As she held on to the exact air that was so condolence. Standing next to Tremonds truck leaning on it. She had a meticulous body. At least at that moment. She asked Tremond? “ Look at this scenario tremond - he nodded the go ahead.

I have a business that I own we have at least one million assets all together. I wanted you to be the manager - you know the head of my business. While I’m going threw this trial - I also wanted you to watch out for Tia for me. I mean let her stay with you for a while.

I won’t you to take a quarter mill of the money to invest in whatever you like. And take my daughter - treat her as if she’s yours. I know that we just met – even though you seam very familiar. I really need you. I just don’t want you to think that I’m running from the law because I stole this little girl. In reality she’s my own flesh and blood. And I don’t want to see anything wrong happened to her.

 I don’t trust my own family and that fidelity.”

“ Look lady I feel your pain - but you do know that there is another way of handling things and I don’t want too get my self involved in gratuity that I can’t get out of.” Said Tremond. “ Just think about it this way if all else fails you’ll still have the money. This is only like some kind of first degree charge on aiding and abeding and maybe child abduction or kidnapping.

You should be alright and I will testify.”  “ Afther all this is your daughter and  you ‘re her guardian and I was just simply being paid by you to watch over her.” Said Tremond. “ So will you help me out with this situation - will you do what we just talked about ? ” Said Amy. “ You know you could be owing me for the rest of your life." Aggressed Tremond.

" It somtimes be seaming like I may never get out of jail for what I did.

I’m going to end up going to prison.” Said Amy. “ don’t say That.” Said Tremond.

We will be together one way or another.

Then Amy and the stranger started kissing like they had new each other for years. This was weird. but in reality there feelings and emotions felt as if they were doing nothing wrong. And that they were excepting each other with no wrong interference.

Now that they were back inside the truck they seamed as if they had contraceptive idiosyncrasies. They were so alright for each other at the moment. As Tremond handed Tia a sucker that he grabbed from the sunviser above his head. Tia smiled and said. “ thank You.” Tremond asked Amy. “ when is your next court date?”

Amy then replied Monday the 25th it was now Friday the 22nd  and they were going to spend there first weekend together.

Tremond was a single man so he wasn’t too worried about a girl coming to mess up his factorization. He took them both too his home in Auburn Florida. He had A nice two bedroom apartment. Kind’ve messy- though Amy was inside of her self dying to clean the house quickly. “ Oh this place is just so so filty.” Stated Amy. “ Oh I’m kind’ve a hotel to hotel person so I usually never stay at this apartment much. But I’m trying to be more conclusive too myself. And this monovalent texture is going to land me in a decent purgatory.

” How unveiled this situation had become, tremond was only probably going to find out that Mark was on his way and he was a jealous stratigized person. He never makes moves of an unturfed method. He watched his chronological theories, become more contort.

She proliferated a beige condition.

Her daughter was trying to figure on - an epitasis congr-ession,to go outside and there for find some new friends. The door bell rang  at Tremonds. Tremond went and answered the door, he hered the inocular words. “ Who the hell are you and where is my sister?” Said Mark. “ Your sister?” Said Tremond. With such audacity.

He felt that his thoughts were going into an armet class, the caberet  of thoughts were so recesity, He was manipulated. Mark said. “ My sister named Amy.”  With suck hatred, despised in his eyes, and  A very hypothetically "reparteeish" moment. As amy reliferated from the bathroom, her emotions was of sondolence – she was electrified by the mysterious proclamtion, of how her brother could find her.

“ What are you doing here?” Said amy ?

“ I followed you here.” Consoled Mark.

“ You had no right.”  Said Amy

“ What you’re doing with my niece, is not fair. I don’t like it.” Said  Mark.

“ What are you talking about?” Said Amy.

“ I’m talking about you trying to take here from me and callen. Said mark.

“ I’m not trying to take her any where. I’m just staying out of the way because I have a court hearing on Monday.” Mark was all inquetical. He had his pathological belief at she could be a pathological lier, any thing could occur or reoccur. As he picked up Tia after she ran toward him. She said. “ Hi uncle mark.” The he audited. “ Hi sweety.” Then he oven roasted back into amy. “ You know Amy, you better keep your word and stay in the state, because I don’t wanna find out that your’re A lier. Caleen told me every -fucking - thing, so don’t even try too get out of this.” Said Mark.

“ Where is Callen, how did you know I was here ?

Is she mad at me ? ” Said Amy.

“ She abandoned you, so there for, she dosen’t really even give a fuck about you.” Said Tremond.

“ Don’t you see that it is a young girl here don’t you have any decency? ”

The room was feeling like an exclipable sauna. He couldn’t understand the tormented sanction that was about to be making his life a living hell. Who ? mark that’s who. Mark was feeling that this was his bequest and that this was going too be the parlament of him being disinterment. Even though this redezvous could be covert.

“ I’m sorry but the lady said she dosen’t want any one too be there for her - so you must go. And if you don’t like that. Then your gonna have to face the facts that she dosen’t want to be around certain people right now.” Said Tremon.

Well far as I’m concerned I just wanting to let you know how I felt and to tell you that you can’t run forever.’ Said mark. Mark was some how begging for esperance of amy plungeoing out of the house, then melting into his car seat and arms. Then going home and forgetting everthing that had happened. So with that being he some how felt espirited too leave his sister and niece for Dempsy to come and pick them up from the curb on trash day.

Afther mark was gone, Tremond was articulated to pop that repartee satement: is he gonna be a problem, do you feel safe?” Amy expunged. “ He’s not going to be a problem, he’s just a little crazy. But it’s alright having a brother like him. And tia loves him to deaf.” Said Amy.

“ So I would need to take you to your court hearing, and then bring you back.” Said tremond.

“ Damn that’s right.” Spoke Amy

I still gotta go back to my house, too get my car.

When I left my house the other day I was with a friend, and the cops had already deificated  the signs and yellow tape saying I couldn’t go back into my house.

At least I was going to count that as only the enternals of my house. Amy’s imaginatin was caustic, she could impover the slightest tension. She boxed her mind like too boxing kangaroos. Then she came too her senses. She talked to Tremond about her dismast belief. She counter clock wised her belief For that insipid minute. I could tell she didn’t won’t to recrasp court. She was going to completely diverse equonotial. She would get a warrant or slip a trick in a hornets nest. Their was almost no nurosis of explaining,because her excrement's  were feeding strictly on she committed every act of the bible – But she told Tremond about her boyfriend named Alex. Or should I say she ubiquistrated old boyfriend. She was feeling very lascivous  toward the perturb pertinacious changes.

She put on the understanding of Tremond acknowleding the fact that he met her boyfriend Alex. She had sensed herself to have the exact horology on tremonds life. She expected to defeat the defiance but then Tremond poped his next sedative statement.

“ I’ve killed a man before.”  He stated. “ The police were looking for me;that’s because I new I killed not because the cops new that I killed the man. Said Tremond.

Amy then told Tremond.’ We all go threw things, these are some of the strong stipulations that makes us stronger as human beings. I convey the bad partition dosen’t neccesirly have to be passed out. We can make our own decision’s. I repressed the diluted regression. I took heed too the way I just had this car accident. I tried to do everthing to stay on the rode. But I couldn’t.

“ You’ve been going threw it.” Said Tremond.” Yea I know the cops came when my car was turned over in a ditch. They alimentated me on the repetitious belief, but I never wanted too admit that I drove myself off the rode – or that I was forceing kids to watch me do sexual things to animals. Even though it was all in an allegory aspect. I was just not in my right mind.

I couldn’t controll myslef to use a vise or a keen sense. So I repented.

Your deeper than I thought spoke Tremond

“  Yea but I really think we should go on over to your house before it gets to late.

When the three had received entrance of the outside’s of the front of the house. They was some how plotting on a "devilistic" Congression  – she new she shouldve obeyed the law’s of the police order,but she didn't. She just needed to get into the house to get some personnel possesions so she would say, but she was retrospected enough to solicitously contempt the belief of trying to repartee evidence different.

“Damn yall have messed this place up real dilligent.” Said Tremond.” I did nothing matter fact, I never new that it was this tormented.”Said Amy.

They both was fealing very aggressive of the room they had re-serviced their beliefs too be adjudicated but amy was really a "devilistic" person.

She was aligned too prospect Tremond too the belief that she had some drugs hidden in a special hidden wall entrance. There was 15 kilos of crack cocain in their. Amy spoke into her daughters sole with sucu ambigiation she said. "Don’t never tell nobody you seen us three in here, you never seen anything." – her daughter then said. " Alright." They were still searching the corriodors of the house when they felt as if somebody was watching them. They turned the flash lights off as if their was about to be a deadly poltergeist
But in reality it was just an passing vehicle it might've been the cops but she was not going to be thither, so in reality she was a jealous recuperation  of what her mother was.
"I found her,she said that she wasn’t going to do anything with my niece and that I was a sucker and needed to mind my on business." – mark was feeling caleen is an abusive lier she is not in liquate manor – he spoke into Caleens cerebral. " Why did you lie to me." Said Mark?

"I’m not lying she probaly wants too kill her daughter or run away from her problems.I offered her a place to stay here I was just scared at the resturaunt I couldn’t let her keep me into illegal belief."Said Callen. " You didn’t have to leave her abandoned at the resturaunt. As they set at the bar in their city:" Give me a scotch on the rocks." Said Mark. "Oh so is that the only way you know to get over your problems is to induldge yourself in liquor?" Said Callen. " No – this is not the only way - I’m just trying to be normal and keep living my life without the disinclination of worryiing about others peoples life's.

They could here music playing in the background the diatonic of rock music – little did Caleen and Mark know - someone was outside lucratively about to still marks pop face radio and was going to be "promesk" to be "pro’pressed" to be someone nither of them new as Mark seen his car threw the bar windows they was feeling so insidious when they had saw somebody looking like they were breaking into his car. He ran into the outsides ravishing the ground and door exits.

He propelled. " What are you doing, what the hell are you doing in my car?" The 18 year old male turned around and poitned a gun @ Mark and Caleen. He said. " You better get away from me I’m not having a good day!