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Memory's of the 90ty's  (some pics may be Missing)

Garbage Pail kids  ran the world threw the 90'tys Garbage Pail Kids were collecting cards with quotes and funny comedy. Everyone was on this.  Plus kool Aid collectibles that came  with a pack of kool aid - cut and collect. Also Going Basket ball Collect cards - and baseball collecting cards. Easter Egg Hunt and Churches ECt.

The Robot named Toby ran the world in the 90ty's -  Here is a list of some get 90'ty's products. All these products have been had by me and it's in the hundreds
- From  Movies  to shows-  to toys to cars - whatever

What about that good trick of changing Corner Office to Coroners Office. "Plagiarism  citation's are included in some pictures"

90ty's all star
GI Joe and Barbie
Power wheels
The boss ( Rapper)
D.J. Quick(Rapper)
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Etch & Sketch
Walky Talkys from the 90'ty's
Supper soakers-
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
roller blades
Nes Running pad
Electronic race tracks
Toy car's
McDonald happy meal toys of the 90'tys
Huffy Sonic 6 1990's 
Game Boy 
Sega Genesis Hand Held
Sega Genesis
Mr Potato heads
Board Games
Domino Effect On playing cards:
MIni Juke boxes
1990'tys candy
British Knights

Coherst Live 2013 note/Notes

La Gear The original shoes that light when you walk from the 1990'tys - one more time going before the 1,000's on LA Gear.

Catapult: The LA Gear equivalent of Air Jordans, a high-end basketball shoe and training shoe line. The original spokesman for the line was Karl Malone.
PBS : (according to wikipedia on LA GEAR above and below signed; Regardless for Coherst Live 2013)

LA Gear:

Regulator: The inflatable shoe craze of the early 1990s spawned this shoe, L.A. Gear's answer to the Reebok Pump. The shoe featured a large pumping button on the tongue (much larger than the Reebok Pump's was) and a switch on top that deflated the shoe when pushed to the right.

L.A. Lights: was one of L.A. Gear's most successful lines, which came out in 1992. The line of kids LA Lights was launched at Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker at $50 retail by LA Gear national account manager Jim Stroesser working closely with New York based BBC International, who owned the original patent for the light technology. LA Gear was selling over 5 million pairs of Kids "LA Lights" per year in the 1990s despite other brands selling lighted technology in the lower distribution channels. Light technology for kids has been one of the most successful launches in the athletic shoe industry with over a 100 million pairs sold in all distribution channels.

LA Tech - In 1992 L.A. Gear began marketing "Light Gear" CrossRunner shoes with red LED lights in the heels, and once a wearer's heel hit the ground the lights would light up and continue to do so with every step. L.A. Gear went further in 1993 by introducing the Leap Gear line of performance basketball shoes, which would light up when the player would jump off the ground. LA Tech's lighted technology was launched at Foot Locker by LA Gear national account manager Jim Stroesser, and at Champs by account manager Kyle Coburn. The program's success led to an exclusive national television advertising campaign with over 2000 doors at Foot Locker Inc.

Flak: A brand similar to popular Nike and Adidas products during the mid-1990s.

TMNT figure 135x95 The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990s

pogs 135x95 The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990spogs 135x95 The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990sPogs was one of the biggest fad games of the 1990s. Every kid in every school across the country meticulously grew their collection and tried out different slammers to ensure maximum winning. Unfortunately, much like the slap bracelet and Trapper Keeper before it, the Pog proved too cool for school, and was eventually banned in most school districts across the country.

snes1 135x95 The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990s
With the release of the SNES, Nintendo gaming technology doubled to an AMAZING 16-bits. Of course, the number of controller buttons also doubled, and us kids were transfixed in front of the TV screen for good. Classic SNES games included Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter II, Star Fox and F-Zero. It was also the first console to feature a Super Mario Kart game.

The 90s were a big decade for video games. Other consoles that are obviously worth mentioning include the Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64 and Playstation.

Gak 135x95 The 11 most amazing toys of the 1990s
Released in 1992, Nickelodeon sold Gak to millions of kids based purely on the idea that it “made a fart noise when placed into its tube.” While kids loved this idea (and also the squishy feeling of the simulated slime itself), Gak found its way into too many carpeted floors to garner a coveted parental seal of approval. Gak innovations throughout the years include glow-in-the-dark Gak, color-changing Gak and “Smell My Gak” – slime that was scented to smell like pickles, hot dogs and other foul abominations.

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1990'S CANDY

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  1. Images for british knights

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  2. British Knights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    For the British title, see Knight. British Knights is a shoe company founded in 1980 by the Jack Schwartz Shoes Inc, based in New York. Currently British Knights ...


The Topps Chewing Gum Company published over 600 Garbage Pail Kids stickers between 1985 and 1988. Garbage Pail Kids stickers spoofed Cabbage Patch Kids and other dolls, and were famous for their outrageous gags and gross humor. GPK stickers were published in many countries, but they were also banned in many schools. The major GPK artist was John Pound, who created idea sketches, pencil art, color roughs, and final paintings for hundreds of GPKs. Other GPK artists include Tom Bunk, James Warhola, and Jay Lynch. See GPK sites on the Links page for much more detailed information.

In 2003 Topps began publishing new GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. The first series (2003) included new art and previously unpublished art (from the unpublished Series 16). Artists include John Pound, Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch.

Topps has continued publishing "All-New Series" GPKs since then. They have added bonus cards, sketch cards or other novelty inserts, and cards with codes for using interactive features on the Garbage Pail Kids World website. The all new GPK 7th series (ANS7) was published in early 2008, with new art by the GPK artists.


The artwork shown here was the very first Garbage Pail Kid ever made! It was painted by John Pound for Topps' 1985 series of Wacky Packages, but it was never published.

A few days after this painting was completed, Topps asked John Pound to begin creating idea sketches and paintings for a new sticker series, to be called "Garbage Pail Kids".

UNPUBLISHED Garbage Pail Kids

for Series 2

for Series 3 
(revised for Series 5, but rejected again)

for Series 5

Occasionally Garbage Pail Kids paintings were created but were rejected by Topps, and never became stickers. Those shown above were painted by John Pound.

They were eventually published in 2010, in the GPK Flashback series, in the "Lost GPKs" subset (numbers 65, 66, 67).


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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby Robot by New Bright
Toby Robot TM
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Toby TM , Robotron TM , Magatron TM , Robots - This robot is 16" tall, walks and moves it's head and arms, it has On - off push buttons, talking and space sounds, smoking action, removable blazing gun and flashing eyes. TOBY the ROBOT • Walking Talking Robot • New Bright

”Hello .... I Can Talk” , Eyes Flash , Ankles Tilt , Legs Move , Arms Move , Head Turns, 2 wheels on the bottom of each boot , ‘on’/"off" Push Button located on the helmet
Dementions; 14.75” high x 8” wide x 8.5” deep (with an arm extended) , Weighs; 3 pounds , Powerd; 4 ‘C’ type (1.5v) batteries

New Bright Ind. Co. Ltd. 1986 - Made in Hong Kong

Source: Private Hobbist Collector, Internet, My Collection - Updated 08-14-2009

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Geo-Mag Puzzle

Stumbling Blocks

Wood Knot

D Star Puzzle

Sphericon & Pins

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Toy: Mr. Potato Head 
Year Introduced: 1952 
Other Notable Toys Of The Decade: Silly Putty (1950), LEGO Building Sets (1953), Matchbox Cars (1954), Play-Doh (1956), Yahtzee (1956), Frisbee (1957), Hula Hoop (1958), Barbie (1959) 
Forbes Fact 
The original Mr. Pot
ato Head contained only parts--eyes, ears, noses and mouths--parents had to supply children with real potatoes to play with! Eight years later, manufacturer Hasbro decided to include a hard plastic potato "body" with the toy to replace the real spud.

This is the first and original Sega Genesis handheld this was and or is still the shit - color blagh- cause it took over Nintendo Black and white game-boy.
some fucking shit like the first ever handheld color device. I'd have to say i liked the Game Gear better than game boy.
Though both was significant.

Images for game boy 1990

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For the entire Game Boy line of handheld consoles, see Game Boy line.

Game Boy
Gameboy logo.svg
Nintendo Gameboy.jpg
Product familyGame Boy line
TypeHandheld game console
GenerationFourth generation

The Game Boy (ゲームボーイ Gēmu Bōi?), is an 8-bit handheld video game device developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was released in Japan on April 21, 1989, in North America in August 1989, and in Europe on September 28, 1990. It is the first handheld console in the Game Boy line, and wascreated by Gunpei Yokoi and Nintendo Research & Development 1—the same staff who had designed the Game & Watch series as well as several popular games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.[5]

The Game Boy is Nintendo's second handheld system following the Game & Watch series introduced in 1980, and it combined features from both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game & Watch and its B&W.[5] It was originally bundled with the puzzle game Tetris.[6]

Despite many other, technologically superior handheld consoles introduced during its lifetime,[7] the Game Boy was a tremendous success. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color combined have sold 118.69 million units worldwide. Upon its release in the United States, it sold its entire shipment of one million units within weeks.[8]

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