Déjàtri Dreams

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Everyone, that lives on Planet Earth,Lives on the earth threw dreams everyday of normal living is a dream: These writing are occurrences of what happens to humans as they live in the dream world; which is called planet earth.

Dream Years at est. 13-14 years old: where you live the whole day normal - then somewhere in the day preferably night time: you go blank and wake up in another room and such late in the day (unlike Déjàtri dreams where you realize you were in dream after a est 35 seconds; then you appear to wake back up in the same bad you was slept in. (Déjàtri dreams) -

Blank Years:

Threw age of 1-3 are the estimated years that the holy-spirit keeps the human being blind : not able to see they surroundings as a human being 100 percent; even if they eyes are open and they are moving, crying, walking or talking - though the spirit still knows;and the humans around them still knows. No human in the world can remember what happened to them during those blind years.

Déjàtri Dreams (day-zha-try)

Déjàtri Dreams - you may have never heard of Déjàtri dreams, but Déjàtri  dreams are real, they are realer than most people would expect. These dreams usually happens the first time at 16 and or the begging of puberty. If you're reading this, compare this age scenario, too the dream you may have had.

Let me start this deliberation off by explaining what these dreams seam like, for instance this is the exact dream scenario; you go too sleep in the physical world

which is supposed too be earth. Now you go too sleep ‘now when you go to sleep, you should remember the exact room that you had went too sleep in. Now you feel like you've woke up, because the last thing you remember was you going to sleep.

Now when you wake up you feel that you are one hundred percent woke normal. Then all of a sudden while you're walking, you see something out of place, where you had went too sleep at. At this point, you should realize that you're in a dream. Soon as you realize it was a dream, you appear back on the bed waking up the same exact way that you just had. However, you should not feel that you are in a dream anymore...

Now I’m going too explain why, the part of why, these dreams occur and what I feel most humans do not pay attention to. Déjàtri Dreams are really set: too make the human realize the fact that when they go too sleep and wake up in a Déjàtri dream. That they can actually stay in that dejatri and live one hundred percent normal to them and not know, exactly what was out of place....

Alcoholic Déjàtri dreams ( 21-24 years of age  to go threw this : ADD - and must be a alcohol drinker during younger ages of 12,13 and such drinking every day somehow.) and if this is not accomplished then the alcoholic Déjàtri is looked over.

Now let me explain Alcoholic Déjàtri dreams : These dreams have to happened when it’s a possibility for someone you're around too believe that you were drinking. Now this is

The scenario you do your whole day normal as you usually do, "but you do" high.

Now for instance when you go too sleep high, you should feel that you are clothed, not naked right then. Now let me explain something that has more than one scenario, you remember going too sleep in the bed clothed, but you wake up on the floor naked. For some strange reason, when somebody that was at the same house; place where you went too sleep at - tells you that they saw you but naked.

You should be able too realize that they didn’t wake you up; but if they woke you up when you was naked, this was not an alcoholic Déjàtri dream ---- a-d-d's are more common if the person realize that they've masturbated, before they went too sleep. This may be a scenario too see how good the human can remember, if they forgot too put their clothes back on... 

Now it may be depending on if you are fully naked when you masturbated, with they shirt on more for women. You may could wake up with your top shirt on, but the rest of the body naked, but its not just about masturbation...

Somebody could show you pictures: pictures you, showing that you was actually on a bed naked or something as general... Be smarter stay real...